The Times-Standard gets one right

Lonely goatherds have feelings too, you know.

In case you missed it, the Times-Standard had a good editorial last week about some Arcatans who got ornerier than drunk dingoes when a local business proposed using agricultural land for its designated purpose.

Apparently people in Arcata care only about jobs at recycling centers that are subsidized with public funds. Actual businesses that raise tax revenues rather than spend them can pretty much eat shit.

Read on.

Calling all YIMBYs

Recently, two of Humboldt County’s most beloved homegrown companies–Lost Coast Brewery and Cypress Grove–made moves to expand.

Each has met resistance from its potential neighbors. In the case of Cypress Grove, it’s already dropped plans to build a new dairy just outside Arcata’s city limits.

The cheesemaker, now owned by Swiss cooperative Emmi, had been negotiating the purchase of a 23-acre parcel of land near 17th and Q Streets in the Arcata Bottom where it was going to build a barn that would house as many as 1,400 dairy goats. Neighbors called foul, citing concerns over noise and odors.

The fact is, the Cypress Grove project was exactly what that land was set aside for–agricultural use. The folks whose homes overlook the property knew that when they moved in.

Admittedly, the Lost Coast Brewery is a slightly different situation. It will require a zoning change for limited industrial use at the vacant property near Ocean View Cemetery.

Still, we’re left scratching our heads. If we as a community can’t support the expansion of our own local businesses–what can we support? Here we have two local success stories with niche products trying to create more jobs, but apparently, even that’s not good enough.

Humboldt County has lost a lot of jobs over the years. The state is on the brink of financial disaster. Times are tough.

We at the Times-Standard believe both of these projects have local backing, but no one has really come out to say it.

So, we’re putting out a call to all of you Yes In My Backyard folks out there. Let your voices be known.

We could use a few YIMBYs right now.

45 Responses

  1. I’m afraid to ask what kind of “feeling” Larry’s getting from that goat.

  2. Well you know how something gets your goat? That something is Larry Glass.

  3. This is what he does to your goat when he gets it? Someone better get started on the EPD cover-up. I think this also might be against the law.

  4. Was Larry actually on record as being opposed to these two projects?

  5. Was Larry Glass actually on record as being opposed to these projects?

  6. Who knew that goats could be the tools of evil, multi-national corporations? What really got panties knotted over this was that some of the goats were….GASP…..French! I think there have been some Swiss goats trying to sneak in on illegal French Visa’s as well. The Horror!

    Agribusiness is the sole purview of the local, environmentally correct, organically sanctified, proven good karma, patcholi oil wearing, co-op shopping, pot smoking, federally subsidized dirt bags!

  7. Who fucking cares if Larry Glass was “actually on record” for anything. What does it matter? This is absolutely hysterical you lame no-sense-of-humor piece of shit anon 1:20 p.m.. At least Gallegos is breathing easier today now that the spotlight is off of his shameless pot grower ass kissing behavior. I hope the “fundraiser” went well Paul.

  8. If a massive indoor pot grow moved in next door to those NIMBY’s they wouldn’t say a word. Losers.

  9. keep tyson away from that goat

    no females are safe around dave. ask virginia.

  10. Holy shit. The TS? Well I just looked outside and pigs are actually flying.

  11. TS did good. But fearless Kevin one-upped them with this story and called out more than a few for their hypocritical stances (vocal protester Sean Armstrong – former Danco now City of Arcata Economic Development employee – pffttt).

  12. Yeah 2:11? Well no teenage girls are safe around Larry. Just ask………

  13. Yeah, even former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner is disgusted by Larry’s sexting. Hey Corky Cornwell, please take away Larry’s phone. Please. For the community’s sake.

  14. Fearless (foolhardy, actually) Kevin here.

    Anonymous 2:30, Sean works in Community Development.

    Also, the Humboldt Herald agrees with him that Creek Side Homes is/was a good idea:

  15. Hahaha. I meant the Mirror, not Herald. I mean they’re so similar.

  16. Well, you know. We use different fonts.

  17. By the way, Kevin, nowhere did we say Creekside was a good idea. We pointed out that the reason Mark Wheetley gave for refusing to reconsider the project was at least lame and possibly also disingenuous.

  18. 2:11, Tyson isn’t necessarily to blame, Virginia just gets what she wants, plain and simple

  19. 6:42 bite me.

  20. Atkins is too ugly to get a goat.

  21. Progs say they want more housing, but there always seems to be something wrong with every proposal. It’s the wrong location, wrong design, wrong developer, wrong time, wrong size, wrong color, wrong street, whatever. There’s always a reason.

  22. Let’s not get in the dirt friends with the flying heraldos. Let’s just say she has piss poor judgment and is a loser. Her “looks” should be not commented on. Its too sexist and petty when you can shred the Woman on substance.

  23. Hey bugs can you fix that for me? I put my email address in the wrong spot. Thank you.

  24. Housing grows on trees, along with money and prog thought errors.

  25. Instead of continually suing and losing to the CCC, why not clean the site per the agreement? Let’s go already!

    Now that HD’s out, who’s going to be the new anchor tenant?

  26. The flying Heraldos are back in the land of paranoia wigging out about Garr’s underwear. Evidently thev’ve never been in a locker room – the communal changing place where the dreaded sight of tighty whities is common. Can’t wait to see what else they come up with next.

  27. Come on, leave Larraldo and his grow-house-groupies alone!

  28. Thants Larryaldo. . .

  29. Now that HD is out, is Cherie going to get her wish for a downtown Walmart?

  30. The Marina Center should change its name to the Marina Center Marijuana Dispensary and see if that gets support from the progs.

  31. Don’t allow any ship with a value attached of more than $400usd to tie up, place a floating hobo barge easement, sue for buckets on strings for septic on any hobo barge, while passing a law to allow free food to anyone who hasn’t bathed in over six months and the plan will pass without crying and gnashing of teeth.
    I noticed Larry’s honda burning oil outside ENF while he idled and chatted on his cell phone. The best part of my ENF trip was seeing Larry walk by the supplement isle with ‘School’s Out For The Summer’ playing in the backround- nearly gave me a flashback from laughing so hard. I did see him stocking up on 100 watt light bulbs which might infer he might not be as green as he claims…..light bulbs + smoking honda = lies.

  32. Its always about other peoples behavior.

  33. Today we have a new $10,000 question. When will LInda Atkins realize that she is making a complete and utter ass of herself and shut the hell up?

  34. “By the way, Kevin, nowhere did we say Creekside was a good idea. We pointed out that the reason Mark Wheetley gave for refusing to reconsider the project was at least lame and possibly also disingenuous.”

    You said that Wheetley had “obstructed” Creek Side Homes. So now you’re saying you faulted Wheetley for voting against a bad project?

    Can you substantiate that Wheetley ever “villainized” Danco?

    Did you read the Creek Side EIR? The economic analysis? The Community Development dept. staff reports? The Planning Commission minutes? The Water Quality reports? The traffic study? The pro and con arguments in the Eye?

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the answer is no. You read a single Times-Standard story, and this was enough to deploy the very clever Douchebaggy Award for this councilmember. I must admit, though, I do envy you for coming up with such edgy and original terminology.

    FYI, the City does have other housing projects in the pipeline, some under construction now. The Creek Side thing was a diseased dog that no one except the developer wanted, and it was sucking tons of energy. There are REAL things to work on, as Wheetley said in so many words.

    “Progs say they want more housing, but there always seems to be something wrong with every proposal. It’s the wrong location, wrong design, wrong developer, wrong time, wrong size, wrong color, wrong street, whatever. There’s always a reason”

    Always… every… Typical blog blather, and incorrect. Among other dealbreakers, Creek Side was a subdivision originally proposed to be built atop toxic waste. It fell to the neighbors to do the due diligence and turn up the presence of DIOXIN there. This and many other damning facts were all in the reports and newspaper stories you didn’t read before charging obstruction and douchbaggery.

    Arcata has created and approved whole subdivisions and housing projects over the last 10 years (Sorensen, Plum Village, Zanzi, Plaza Point). They just have to not suck too hard.

    Humbug, you blew it on that post. Its foundation was negligible. You didn’t do any research before branding Wheetley with a trite term.

    Kind of dumb on your part, since, as you know, Mark W. is being positioned as the anti-Lovelace for Supe next time around. At that point are you going to rescind the Douchebaggy Award and rehab Wheetley?

  35. Dumb is a particular strength of ours, Kevin, but you seem to be working pretty hard at obtuse. We didn’t take a position on the project. Period. We took a position on the dumb reason given for refusing to reconsider it. People can find cause to hate any project, and in Humboldt County doing so seems to be some kind of hobby. Maybe the project was despicable, as you apparently believe. But if Wheetley refused to take another look at it because he was busy reviewing so many other projects, we think it’s worth asking what they were and how many of those were approved.

  36. Bugslapped!

    That’ll leave a Mark

  37. Another good point Josephine

    I wonder which lawyer Atkins hired to learn what her rights were? I’m referring to her statements made on the radio interview. After listening to her interview, and her over the top rant, I question her ablility to act as a rational council person.

    Atkins is pushing the boundries.

    In a nutshell. The city council and the mayor are privy to information and facts that they cannot put out to the public about Nielsens conduct and performance. They are bound by personnel rules. They also want to minimize the possiblility of future litigation.

    Many of this vocal minority or champions for Nielsen may believe what they are saying. I have to believe they are misinformed and misguided. Some are acting as drones for Larry Glass.

    The whole thing about Nielsen having five minutes to strip off his uniform and get out is Larry Glass (Heraldo) making up his “facts” as he goes to suit his own personal agenda. Larry can’t get over being dumped as a city councilman. It is common knowledge to all within the EPD, and outside too, the incestues relationship between larry Glass and Garr Nielsen. And no i don’t mean a sexual relationship.

    Glass openly supported Nielsen, and coverd for him, and Nielsen was Glass’ own little operative, doing his bidding from the position of Chief of Police. Glass got information from Nielsen and was able to do his “scoops” on the Humboldt Hearad blog. Does anyone, including the times standard, wonder how the Humboldt Herald blog put out information a day before anyone else (including the regular media) or within an hour of it occurring??? Glass/Humboldt Herald also planted information on the blog to deflect or spin an issue that was about to come up. It could only be because he had the inside tract.

    It would be interesting if the city would make available all of Nielsen’s cell phone calls and text messages, especially to Glass, and maybe his city email messages also? For that matter some of Nielsen’s emails to his employees! People might be able to get an accurate picture of Nielsen.

    The city manager did what he had to do, as did the city council, with the exception of what’shername. We all should be pleased with the actions of the city council and manager. Remember, Larry, Linda, and the fired chief are the only ones that have been putting out their story. I know there is another side to this story. And I know people would like to know but rules are rules.

    To Glass, get over it. To Atkins, resign your position on the council. To the vocal minority and the citizens in general, sit back and watch. you will be pleased with your police department and come to understand why Nielsen was removed from office.


  38. You guys are funny. As soon as I read the post title I thought, Times Standard gets things right? Than I thought about it and laughed hard. I see a bright future for you guys as graphics editors for the Sub Standard.

  39. Are those nifty fireworks for the PLF Marina Center appeal case? Did we win? If so, get those shovels ready!

  40. Larry was only helping the goat over the fence, really. And he makes $100K a year selling used CD’s ……………. the checks in the mail?!

  41. Yep And the pot’s in the seal a meal

  42. And Larry said “look Ma no hands”!!

    I gotta learn how to photo shop

  43. So do we.

  44. You all should be sympathetic to Larry. He lost his bid for a second council term by a considerable mini landslide and now his own personnal chief of police is gone. Larry has to live with just being a regular everyday nobody, kind of like he has always been. And I don’t think he likes it.

    Maybe Larry can create some local jobs by opening another store in Fortuana? Arcata? Stafford? Zenia? so many options.

  45. Hey bugs
    Where’d you find this picture? Usually the goat is behind Larry.

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