Sixteen (Roman) Candles

Fireworks in hand, Larry still needed to pick up some wine coolers and "Twilight" DVDs before his guests arrived.

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  1. Nielsen better get back here and quick or things might not end well for Scary Larry.

  2. I miss Larry! He was so much fun to poke,.. (fun at)

  3. Ouch!

  4. Guess its hard to launder money with the advent of the Ipod. Game changer. PS
    Women keep your teenage girls away. Far far away!

  5. While daydreaming, was Dave’s number go-to-gal Virginia or Tawnie?

  6. I don’t know but money has it that it is his wife. Now begone asshat. HH misses you

  7. I’m still pissing myself that Nielsen and Atkins engineered what they thought would be a contract extension and instead ended up with Nielsen unemployed and Atkins revealed once and for all to be the most arrogant and obnoxious elected official since Larry Glass.

    Here’s how it happened: After applying to literally dozens of police departments over the past several years and getting no interest at all, Nielsen finally gets some traction in Bend, OR. He realizes that while he’s a long-shot for the job, given the reams of personnel actions in his file, he might be able to use Bend to leverage Eureka into a contract extension. He does this by leaking the Bend story, and working with Atkins to bring discussion of his contract before the council. They discuss it all right, and decide they’re through with that game-playing shit. Out the bastard goes, and Atkins, who still can’t even grasp how badly she was outplayed, runs from media outlet to media outlet braying about the conspiracy.

    In fact, there was a conspiracy. It was led by her and Nielsen. It attempted to use the Bend, OR interviews to strong-arm the city of Eureka into extending the contract of a troubled police chief who did some good things for the city but made many serious and troubling mistakes along the way.

    Glass and Atkins would have you believe that the only people who support Nielsen’s firing are old-school EPD officers who enjoyed getting to shoot people just all the time, and now are irritated that their human target practice has come to an end. That’s just stupid. Many of us supported his hiring, supported some of the work he did in Eureka, and also now support moving forward with a new chief who doesn’t get himself and his city caught up in bullshit all the time by trying to play political games with people who are much smarter than him.

  8. I hope he got atleast a complimentary hummer for the $100,000 he cost the city, not including the insurance match

  9. I think he got many complimentary hummers. That was just part of the problem.

  10. Inside Job, is your middle name Blow?

  11. Josephine Blow isn’t gonna like that….

  12. Glass clearly laid the blame on Tyson, and no one else at the rally. I agree with him, it was clearly Tyson’s doing not “ol skool epd’ not that they weren’t happy.

  13. Larry: “I got these at Pierson’s and, like me, they don’t check ID.”

  14. Carmen’s got it right. That’s exactly how it happened. Atkins and Nielsen conspired to extend Nielsen’s contract, not in the interests of the city but in the interests of Nielsen who didn’t like the uncertainty of having his contract expire only a few years away from a cush peace officer retirement.

    So hey, Garr. How did that work out for you?

  15. Glass is an ass. Adkins, the same. Both could easily be outsmarted by my dog. Poor, poor, poor little progs.

  16. Nielsen had his house on the market for over a year, maybe two. Word on the street is he dropped the price by $70K the week before Atkins special council meeting to extend his contract AND sold it (rumor). Nielsen saw the writing on the wall and I really don’t think his firing was a big surprise to him.

    Larry Glass sure is having a hard time with Nielsen’s termination. Atkins too.

    Those fireworks in the picture with Larry look illegal? Maybe they’re legal in the county.

  17. Given Pacific Legal Foundation’s successful appeal of the CCC jurisdiction case, will we be breaking ground soon?

  18. I sure hope so. That area is blight and I love the design for that project with the trails, restored wetlands and shops. A real jewel for Eureka.

  19. Pretty disgusting bugs…

    Unless you have the goods, you shouldn’t be putting shit like this out there…

    ONTH, if there is some father out there protecting his daughter, as I have heard, then this thing isn’t going anywhere, and you could be facing a suit from LeisureVestLarry.

    Hopefully this means the bugs have heard that dad and daughter have had enough and are ready to squash this sanctimonious pleather-vested POS.

  20. I am far to magnanimus to care “Hank Sims, who could give Linda a run for the money in the arrogant and obnoxious dept”, and to clarify, it is Blowe with an “e.”

    When I want to be really piss-elegant, I put an accent over the “o.”

    Contemplate, what if Larry has a ‘little accident’ with all those incendiaries? Has he pissed off the Fire Department lately as bad as the cops?

  21. LMFAO… guys ROCK!!!!!!

  22. Violent crime up in Eureka. Down in the state. Go figure. Its the wild west.

  23. But how can that be? Eureka had Garr for four years?!?!?!?!?!? More violent crime with Garr? No surprise to me.

  24. Humm, this morning, front page article concerning the uptick in violent crime in Eureka, inside of front page, block letters of continued whinning by the proggies over the dismissed police chief. Love that!

    Our dear, darling drug pushing DA, decrying our lack of adequate treament and blaming drugs and ‘behavioral issues” for the crime rate, never a hint that his dismal ability to actually prosecute violent offenders could be contributing to this!

  25. golly gee whiz, more violent crime in Eureka when Garth was steering the boat?

    imagine that

    oh couse nothing could be Pauls fault, not that he F’d up the DA’s office so bad and still doesn’t have a clue about what to do.

  26. Anyone watch the festivities at tonight’s city council meeting? OMFG, this stuff is better than anything the networks could put on – thank you Humboldt Access!!!

    Outflanked, outmaneuvered, and best of all, OUTNUMBERED, the ditchDave crowd was epically smacked down by calm, reasoned and passionate public comment.

    If anyone heard a high-pitched scream emanating from old arcata road, it was most certainly Bayside Resident Leisure-Vest Larry howling at the sheer inhumanity of it all – that it couldn’t be a one-sided “community” meeting where he could rant and rail and fingerpoint, screaming at those who differ with him politically.

    The woman presented, it must be pointed out, flat out, lied – saying that the remove the CM petition signatures were collected in “only a couple of hours” – uhhhhhh, whadda bout all day yesterday in front of Bayside Resident Leisure-Vest Larry Glass’s Marijuana $$$ laundry operation – oops, I mean the Works?

    Linda, you best do some heavy consulting with YOUR puppet masters over at Heraldoville.

  27. ahhh, the sheer excitement of all this – I missed the caps in the prevpost.

    – the woman presented WHO PRESENTED THE DUMPDAVE PETITION, it must be pointed out, flat out, lied – saying that the remove the CM petition signatures were collected in “only a couple of hours”



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