Nielsen supporters hold public forum to discuss ways to blame violent crime increase on Tyson

To all you Glassholes running around town sobbing about how much safer we all are thanks to former Chief Garr Nielsen, might we say--and we mean this in all sincerity--shut the fuck up.

See the full story here.


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  1. I believe you refer to the fine art of blamestorming. That’s when everyone gets together and figures out who they can blame other than themselves.

  2. Crack-up of a city council meeting tonight. The “Glassholes” were way outnumbered by sane people. Larry was not pleased that people dared to disagree with him. You know he struggles with that.

  3. “Left out” is right. The left is out of touch with reality.

  4. Some excerpts from the story, which it’s doubtful you actually read beyond the first few paragraphs that say crime is up:

    While something such as crime increases can be alarming, Josh Meisel, assistant professor of sociology at Humboldt State University, thinks the numbers are not cause for panic.
    ”It’s the tyranny of small numbers,” said Meisel, stating that the overall lower counts can make increases seem like more than they are. He said that while the statistics do show an increase, it shouldn’t be perceived as a “crime wave.”
    ”What the numbers are telling us is not a shift course,” said Meisel…

    Bill Honsal, co-coordinator with the law enforcement training center at College of the Redwoods, thinks the economy is one reason.
    ”With an economic downturn, the crime rate tends overall to increase,” Honsal said.
    Before taking a position with the college, Honsal was the patrol commander and a captain with the Eureka Police Department…
    Honsal attributes some of the problem to addiction.
    ”In my opinion, Eureka has always had a historic problem with alcohol,” said Honsal. He believes that the opening of a detoxification center and increased jobs and job training are essential to turning the crime rates around.
    “You can’t drive downtown with your eyes open and not see the problem,” he said. “A population that is generally unemployed and has issues with substance abuse is going to have crime.”…

    Sgt. Steve Watson from the Problem Oriented Policing force (created by Nielsen) believes that the only solution to the rising crime rates rests upon us all.
    ”The community has to take ownership and responsibility for their problem.”

  5. Oh, please. Every single article now quotes “experts” from HSU in order to provide some kind of cover or something.

    Every time it is like, yeah, yeah, yeah…. and there are some colorful oldtime-y quotes that come to mind. One of them ends with “and try to tell me it’s raining.”

  6. Pecker Head? Now that’s funny!

  7. Dear Gorp,
    Nobody here is panicking. Just pointing out the difference between the la la land of the heraldo/Atkins group and the reality of staticics.

  8. Gorp: Nielsen did not “create” POP. It was an idea created before his time. What he did do was what the council and Tyson instructed him to do: implement the program they had been talking about for a few years (BEFORE Linda, and possibly Larry).

    Let’s not make this man a legend. He did some good things and some things that were not so great. To say he was “stunned” by the firing is ridiculous. Why else, AFTER THE ELECTION, did he spend his time looking for employment elsewhere? Here’s an idea. Maybe when Glass went down he figured he had ridden the wrong horse. Gar Nielsen played politics with the police department. It really was not appropriate for him to become BFF with a member of the city council. By hanging with Glass he hung himself.

    Glass and Atkins are running around on the same fool’s mission they envisioned before the election: get rid of Tyson. I have no idea what has their panties in a bunch, but Glass got kicked to the curb for his negative impact on the community. One wonders if that will also be the fate of Atkins.

    We expect our council members to take care of the business affecting the entire city and its citizens. Obviously, public safety is of prime importance. Just as obvious is the inapproriateness of any council member taking on the roll of cheerleader for the police department or any other department. Even more inappropriate is acting on a personal view not enjoyed by a majority of constituents, i.e. firing the city manager for doing his job.

    Being on the council requires an open mind and the ability to see flaws where they actually exist. We must always keep in mind, the phantom boogey men created by a few citizens who enjoy the cacophony of negative political rhetoric, are not the true measure of anything other than the right we all enjoy to exercise our freedom to speak.

  9. The proggies again manage to make laughingstocks of themselves, this time by ranting and raving about how Nielsen lowered crime in Eureka, as if any one person could have that level of impact. They raised the issue. They told the lie. Sorry, Gorp. We didn’t misunderstand anything. If you don’t want to be ridiculed, tell your buddies they should stop spouting BS..

  10. Greenson needs to wipe off all that “brown” stuff which is always all over his face. Just when you think the TS is worthless they lower the bar even further.


  12. Where’s the Marina Center already?

  13. Right…I’m waiting for my job at Home Depot and a decent Italian dinner at Olive Garden. No Really, I’m not kidding!

  14. Barb – as always – thank you for frank and honest observations. A real person, at last!

  15. I love the logic that Garr needed to be let go because of his association with Larry Glass

  16. Whose logic is that?

  17. Anon 11:43….where was the statement Garr needed to be let go because of his realationship with Larry Glass? The observation was: Garr is a political animal. As we all know, the consequence of making yourself a political target isn’t always rainbows and jellybeans. The question was: how appropriate is it for an elected official to become a special cheerleader and pal of a particular city employee? THAT question was asked and answered when Larry was kicked to the curb (by voters) and Garr started looking for another job after the fact.

  18. Wait… I thought it was Rob Arkleys fault that violent crime has increased!!

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  20. Oh…Oh..Spam bots on the Mirror? What’s next HH infiltraitors?

  21. Is there a difference between HH infiltrators and spam?

  22. It’s worth noting that crime rates are always used for political purposes. Gallegos claimed crime was way down during his tenure, but it turns out that at best it stayed the same. After nielsen was fired the people who didnt like the decision, they grasp at straws and say “crime rates” were down under Garr, which they werent.

    But recent events show that many people who supported Glass believed crime was down in their neighborhoods. Maybe it is or was. If so, it might be because Garr alocated police resources to particular areas instead of others.

    I believe that crime stats are a bunch of bullshit when used to defend any one person or jurisdiction or any DA. But what is certain was that the city of eureka, Dave Tyson or the council said squat about “crime rates” regarding Nielsen.

  23. Just finished pursing the latest issue of the Arcata Eye…Bugs, is there a story here about missing funds, misallocated funds, and funds that were supposed to be granted and weren’t…come on Bugs, inquiring minds and all that. I have quite a bit of respect for Kevin (he was a scrupulous and consistant editor when I was writing for The Eye), you are not going to let me scoop you are you?

    Anyway, back on topic, Garr is Gone, as usual the proggies are in the forefront of breast-beating and lametations and as usual…’full of sound and fury and signifying nothing…”

    Linda still flogging her petition? beats flogging herself I suppose.

  24. 1. Linda flogging herself? Reminds me of that nutjob in the “de Vinci code”. You know the Paul Bettany character. Whacked to the hilt

    2. Gags has misused money for years. The buthcer bill is due. I wonder who he will blame for his misappropriation of cash? Guess battered women and children paid for his boys and toys. But pot rules and fuck the kids, women, etc. That would be au contrair to the ganja.

  25. Oh crap. That should be “butcher” bill.

  26. Hey JB
    I read the story and am left to wonder what they hell is going on in the DA’s office. Plenty of time to go to Pot fundraisers, but can’t even keep track of grant monies. Why was the DA in charge of grant funds for the Sheriff’s office, I would expect these funds to be overseen by the county. Very convienient that these funds were not distributed (or worse misused) to the detriment of the public when it’s very clear the DA is at odds with law enforcement over his practice of letting criminals walk.

  27. Garr did whatever Larry told him to do! Up to and including promote Larry’s buddy to Sargent.

  28. As to the question about the DAs office and money, this is a serious issue and somebody has allotofesplainintodo. Somebody, maybe more than one, is going to be in some real trouble!

  29. Glass and Atkins have had hardons for Tyson ever since he wouldn’t let them muck with planning staff over Marina Center. They want a City Manager who will lie down for their whims. The Nielsen issue is a ploy.

  30. OK, lets get this straight. You are now trying to blame the high level of crime on Garr Nielsen. Well it is obviously the Eureka Police Officer’s fault. This is what their union boss had to say:

    “Seemingly responding to speakers who lauded the changes at EPD under Nielsen’s leadership, Bishop also said it was the “troops that made the difference.”

    ”They were the ones out there day in and day out…,” he said, adding that the officers are committed to continuing to meet, and exceed, the community’s expectations.”

    Since the cops on the beat didn’t like Nielsen getting credit are they willing to step up and take the blame, per this article. I didn’t think so. Hypocrites.

  31. Barb, your post is spot on. Thank you for posting that. It needed to be said.

  32. Too bad Garr’s departure won’t make Suzie Owsley any smarter.

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