Mark Lovelace: Goat-hater or chicken-shit?

What's Mark Lovelace's position on local business growth? Cowering, it appears.

For those who don’t mind to an occasional dose of common sense, Arcata Eye Editor Kevin Hoover’s recent goat farm requiem deserves a read.

One of the more interesting questions it raises pertains to the role Mark Lovelace played–or didn’t play–in the whole Cypress Grove debacle. What is clear is that the District 3 Supervisor brought nothing to the episode that resembled leadership.

As Hoover puts it,

Supervisor Mark Lovelace visited the Gilardoni property and was researching goat waste issues. Yet, for weeks, little was done to allay the concerned neighbors’ worst fears, real or imagined, of their lives and property being ruined. It seems they were on their own, with the loudest, least reasonable voices holding sway.

Even the county process through which the project might have been approved or denied remained murky and in dispute. Why was this fundamental question so shrouded in mystery? A county supervisor interested in open government could and should have made some calls and cleared that basic issue up for his fearful constituents right away.

If we could turn back time, one has to believe that our elected representatives would play a more constructive role in shepherding a possible $3 million agriculture project through an orderly process.

But maybe not. They haven’t done any salvage work for us in the month since the project’s withdrawal.

Neither our mayor or supervisor has asked [Cypress Grove Chevre] to reconsider the cancelation. Basically they’ve offered perfunctory words of support (“hopeful,” “sincere wishes”) and offered to take the company’s phone calls. Impressive.

Impressive indeed.

Read the whole editorial here.


41 Responses

  1. Kevin gets it right more often than not.

  2. Oh dear, the goats are taller…well, that explains a lot. They are probably smarter too.

  3. Yep. OMG. Ag property was going to be used for ag and not pot. I guess in Arcata it is “pot rules and dairy sucks”. Lovelace is an asshat.

  4. There you go again Jo. Using that common sense and nailing it. The goat is smarter, works harder and is honest. All traits that the midget lacks. .

  5. Why are you guys always kissing Hoover’s ass when all he does is bag on you?

  6. The Mrs. Bugs bag on us all the time, and we like them an awful lot.

  7. This isn’t an either/or proposition. He is a chicken-shit goat hater.

  8. Cause we like him 8:07.

  9. Hoover’s smart and he doesn’t drink anyone’s grape kool-aid.

  10. I love you 7:52, 7:54… What cracks me up is all the midget had to do is suggest to the applicant that what they needed to do to appease EVERYONE is to have filed for a conditional use permit.

    MARK knows about those from his experience paid rep for the dark side…and as that district’s stupdivisor er…supervisor he is supposed to HELP get the economy moving forward, right?

    Ass hat indeed….try self-centered egomaniacal megalomaniac.

  11. Two faced double talking amoral asshat if you ask me. He is all for Ag land except if its really used for ag. Then such use must not be supported. He also supports a slate of folks that keep in place policies that have converted our housing into just being places to grow pot. And all those indoor grows have such a little carbon footprint. Asshat indeed.

    So fuck the legal jobs that would have come from the expansion. Hoorah for growing more dope. And while I am at it fuck the taxpayers by making a gift public funds to support the ARC.

    Can the graphics dept come up with a turd head photo of this midget monster?

  12. He’s all for timber, too! While he’s destroying the timber industry and cajoling his now unemployed victims with his crocodile tears… no, his history is what it is, no one paid attention is the problem.”He’s Mr. “Humboldt Watershed Council.” It’s reached the point now where it’s almost too complicated to even explain.

    He really CARES about the General Plan update, too – he’s just a “regular citizen” just like you – right?

  13. Anonymous 9:15
    Can you really be that stupid?
    An area is zoned Agriculture is not a
    license to ignore healthy stewardship
    principles. You sound like a screaming
    And fuck your ‘legal job’ if it destroys a
    neighborhood. Where the hell do you think
    those workers live?

  14. That Kevin has to point out the obvious is sad. Mark is the enemy, period. Of the county, jobs, Arcata, Humboldt, and the state. Hope to God folks figure it out the next time around. King of the asshats.

    Problem now is he is screwed into the system very deeply. Boards, committee’s and groups. He supports all the anti-everything grant driven bullshit that is killing this area.

    Big supporter of Faust and Girard. Ones who are messing up general plan. Why to we pay a guy 117,000 a yr. He has a staff of 60 and they don’t build that many house a year. Whole thing is a mess. Lovelace put Faust on planning commission. Lawyer, ex-member of California Coastal Commission, the worst nightmare in California.

    Wake up!! These folks are peeing on your leg and telling you its raining.

  15. Mark is working hard behind the scene. He doesnt like to take credit for all his hard work publicly.

  16. So Richard, are you saying it should be Mark behind the goat and not Larry?

  17. If Richard is behind the goat, then the damn goat is in trouble. Big trouble.

    Goat fucked trouble.

    Wouldn’t that be a crime?

  18. Oh no, if it’s Richard the goat will have very l i t t l e trouble. V e r y little.

  19. that little cocksucker marky is a true political. Not a word was voice by the little dick butt boy.

  20. Marky knew if he said anything pro or con, it would put him in opinion. Pro goat= more goat butthole for him
    Pro neighborhood= votes

  21. Keep the damn goat away from larry the lecher and Midget the miscreant. The poor goats just wanna be milked and not f’d.

  22. What ever happened to the Marina Center?

    Did the goat eat Home Depot’s lease?

    What gives?

  23. No worries, 8:22…

    There is something in the pipeline that is going to cause a great deal of proggie pain and gnashing of teeth shortly, and there won’t be a damn thing you can do about it.

    It will make Home Depot look like your family neighborhood hardware store in the eyes of the flying heraldos…

  24. I just hope not. That project is beautiful and will make that eyesore great. The sooner the better.

  25. “There is something in the pipeline”
    anonymous 9:01

    Ahh the sweet smell of transparency, when you get it all put together and tied tight, do let us commoners know what the plan is.

  26. I say he’s a chicken-shit.

  27. Nahhhh. Goat hater.

  28. I said chicken shit!

  29. And I said goat hater god damn it!

  30. Chicken shit!


  32. Love him or hate him, you have to admit Mark has worked very hard
    (trying [to no avail] to get on the coastal commission) during his first term.

  33. Ok, ok, let’s just call him Goat-Shit!

  34. why not call him both?

    he wants to push his personal agenda

  35. If they made pot flavored cheese, he’d support it. Until then just call him the Goat-Hating-Chicken-Shit-Monkey-Boy

  36. Did Rob grow horns?

    How appropriate!

  37. I’d say chicken shit as Mark is a goat lover. Just the thought of Larry Glass behind the goat threw him into a jealous rage.

  38. Goat lover? Or goat f’r?

  39. dosn’t seem to be a difference

  40. It’s Arcata after all, just love the one your with, even if it’s a goat. Kind of explains a lot when you think about it.

  41. This should settle it. Its a video of how the midget actually makes decisions.


    Have a great weekend!

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