To make stories even less comprehensible, Times-Standard tries using bylines as headlines



16 Responses

  1. This is about the only place I read the TS. Its irrelevant and more often wrong. Or its about pot or some inane prog or prog cause.

  2. T/S is just about worthless. They wouldn’t know a news story if it walked in their front door and surrendered.

  3. 7:42 – and many of them have surrendered, only to not be printed because the staffer progs did not want both sides printed..

  4. I am right and you are wrong

    Got it Sam, thanks

  5. The fact that the T-S’s website is still fucked up many hours later shows how much they have probably outsourced the technical parts of the Online version. It should be an easy fix, but the calls to India about the byline/headline snafu is proving to be more difficult than expected.

    The T-S is in a sad state. If it’s not the indifferent managing editor, it’s the gaggle of inexperienced and ill-managed reporters who are left to flail helplessly while the listless ship continues to circle the drain.

    It’s curious why Media Maven Marcy Burstiner’s favorite mudslinger Thad Greenson hasn’t yet moved on to greener pastures? What’s wrong Thad, no offers for a better gig anywhere up the chain?

  6. Uh, Listless: It’s probably more likely that the people at the T-S don’t read the online version either.

  7. Fucking hysterical. Larry’s trying to cast a spell on the sitting Eureka City Council over the firing of his buddy Garr, but it ain’t working.

  8. Hblog is becoming a political joke. Now Mitch,tra, and PJ are economists. Fuck all those fools. Glass and company are going down the toilet. Progdom comes tumbling down. Atkins has slit her own throat. Cliff may do ok unless someone good runs against him. Rex is a strong candidate, Salzman is shitting his pants that Jimmy is not running and he got caught with his down. I can see the campaign stickers on the parking meters of Chris K standing in a grow, bong in hand. Or maybe Shane on a tricycle with a power ranger helmet.

    Damn its gonna be fun. Salzman on a stick, squirm you son of bitch. People better work hard though cause Dick is a slick dog.

  9. At least we don’t have to put up with the Eureka Reporter any more, right Heraldo?

  10. The Humboldt Herald is not becoming a joke, it is now irrelevant. There is no discussion, just name calling of anyone who doesn’t agree with the current line of thinking which is: nothing should ever happen to create a job in Humboldt county, except, of course, growing that magical herb that can cure anything.
    Just so I can be in on the name calling – – what a bunch of transplanted morons.

  11. Come on Bugs. Making fun of the TS web page is like making fun of Sarah Palin’s down syndrome baby. We can all see it for what it is.

  12. Well there are a few good things about the Sub-Standard (which incidentily, my parents called it that when I was in High School!)
    Good thing #1) Sherman’s Lagoon, can’t get enough of that fat, slob shark, Thornton, the margarita swilling polar bear and of course, the turtle who can’t get a date! #2) Rhymes with Orange, completely funny and completely topical. #3) the complete and utter certainty that at least twice per week, marijuana and/or proggie politics will be glorified in some way. I do appreciate consistancy

  13. Transplanted morons is right, Oldphart. Mitch is a classic example. Thank god people like him move to Humboldt County to teach us local dumb-fucks how to live. Without them I wouldn’t know whether to scratch my watch or wind my ass.

  14. We get it Humbug, you guys did a better job with your website during the ER days. But you also had some serious resources at your fingertips. How much money did R lose throughout it’s brief history? It took some serious hemorrhaging just to compete with us.

    Too bad you had to close the doors. Two dailies made for quite the competitive climate.


  15. FUCK it. Josephine…will you marry me? Please?

  16. Leapin lizards. Yesterday I saw Dave Rosso and Kim Wear together. Seems like they have a shared facial abnormality: Salzman has crawled so far up their ass that his nasty mug has popped out of each of their nose. Crap, that must have hurt. Imagine getting ass F’d from Salzman. Then again, from what I have heard he has such a little prick (dickless I’ve heard) they may have not felt much.

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