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  1. As long as it pisses you off Rob, I’ll be opposing the Richerson’s Grove project. No other reason. Just you.

  2. Damn you guys crack me up.

  3. Effing brilliant. Coffee spew at CHEVRE IT UP tag!

  4. Me too.

  5. Me too.Can we get me a different avatar?

  6. Sam, you can go to WordPress.com and create your own.

  7. You forgot Bohemian Grove.

  8. The Proggie Priorities
    They do like to air
    most especially when
    they can scream “It’s not fair!”

    For pot they adore
    corporation they abhore
    but for not paying taxes
    that, they will whore!

    couldn’t drege up any applicable John Donne

  9. Proggies, EPIC and the like are against legal enterprises because they cannot control them. This county has gone mad with pot. The growers, a major economic and political force now, kill off anything that would weaken their hold on the county. The madness will end the day pot is legalized and we wake up that day and realize we don’t have an economy.
    The enviros flip out over a minor highway project but not a peep on how grower’s activities are systematically killing off watersheds. The road cutting, clearing of land, diesel spills, use of fertilizers and pesticides all go unexamined, uncommented on by the eco-freaks. Hypocrisy remains the proggies/enviros defining characteristic.

  10. And, 7:20, re: Richardson’s Grove. they managed to find a judge stupid enough to fall for all their fatalistic gobbledegook/

    And now it looks like they are amping up an attack on Green Diamond. The coffers must be running low, time for more threats and extortion money. The EPIC pot bust must have cut into them a little more than we know.

  11. 7:20 nailed it. I am sick of the hypocrites. EPIC included. How many other EPIC folk are growing dope? Just loved the fieldbrook bust where the office manager was busted with 500 lbs of processed and packaged pot, hundreds of plants and cash. The feds stepped in because our DA can’t prosecute his financial contributors.

  12. How come Rob has never been invited to join the exclusive Bohemian Club?

  13. Anonymous @ 9:46 am, how do you know?

  14. You forgot the most important Arcata grove. Ex mayor Mammorie Groves. Now she can milk my goat any day.

  15. Truck photo courtesy of Caltrans. Yes, we do monitor the blogs. . .

  16. You monitor the blogs? Really? And we thought all you did was set up miles of orange cones along our highways and stand around and do nothing for days on end. Thanks Phil Frisbie Jr. at Caltrans. Yeeehaaw!!!!

  17. whogives*: Those are common misconceptions 🙂

  18. Only some of them are leaning on shovels, others are busy surfing the internet on the taxpayer’s dime.

  19. Sour pusses. What happened to your sense of humor Zing?

  20. My sense of humor? Are you suggesting that a public employee posting at 11:36 AM and 9:06 AM when they should be working is funny? The state is BILLIONS of dollars in debt and I’m being asked to foot the bill for some “public servant” surfing the web. I think some staffing cuts are in order, but then I’m just a sour puss.

  21. Phil Frisbie is a public information officer and webmaster for Caltrans. Excuse him for doing his job.

  22. We might as well, Andy. The entire county has already excused you from doing yours.

  23. Ok Andy, if his job description includes surfing the internet to post on blogs, I won’t hold it against him for doing his job. Since you seem to know all about government jobs, just how many government employees are we paying to spend their working hours checking out the blogs and anything else they find interesting? But hey, I’ll look on the bright side; the more time they spend at the Mirror, the less time they spend at porn sites, heraldo or other useless webpages.

  24. One of the jobs of public relations professionals is to monitor the media, including the blogs. I don’t know why Mirror followers would demonize Caltrans, they are your good guys in this saga. They coulda done the safe thing and not even propose the Richardson Grove project; they were quite aware beforehand how controversial it would be. Local Caltrans Director Charlie Fielders is as fine a person as you will ever meet.

  25. Agreed. Thanks Caltrans and thanks Charlie.

    (P.S. Did we really rip off your photo? Oops!! Hugs!)

  26. Charlie Fielder (typo). Sorry Charlie!

  27. I’m confused. CalTrans is supposed to make decisions based on ‘how controversial’ it might be? They’re not an elected body making arbitrary decisions, are they? Subject to the whims of the activists? aren’t those decisions made at a much higher level – and their job is to DO it?

    That road is being widened in order to save lives, and anyone who gets in the way of that should be arrested – and charged with obstruction. And if any accidents take a life or maim a single person as a result of the delay, those who are obstructing, and the orgs that foster the protestors, should be charged accordingly. The only question is how long the sentence should be. 5 years enough?

    People have been tolerant long enough.

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