Happy Bastille Day!

Please join us as we celebrate this important day commemorating the day the French did, you know. Something.


9 Responses

  1. He’s such a cute little thing, isn’t he? I just want to take him home and feed him to my ducks. Vive la France!

  2. Mark is way more intimidating than Napoleon. Napoleon only had a horse; Mark drives a Miata. GANGSTA!

  3. That outfit really does fit him well. But why are Mark’s fingers so plastic like?

  4. Humm, so the Magic Midget does not even drive an American made car…so much for local. Bet you would find some good ol’ Con-Agra in the cabinets at Chez Lovelace.

    I do think that the uniform brings a certain gravitas to his overall mileau, non? The oversize waistcoat gives him something to do with his hand instead of stroking higher ups, Salzman or who ever else happens to be around.

  5. What an ass.

  6. We’ve put a wang on Neelie’s face once, but somehow this graphic makes us smile so much more than that.

  7. A frenchmen(women) might say you are merci – less. LOL !

  8. I didn’t know men drove Miata’s?

  9. It’s one of the few cars where he can see over the steering wheel without a stack of phonebooks.

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