Possible development permit moratorium shocks residents who thought there already was one

With the Planning Commission’s rejection of the county’s low-income rezoning plan, Humboldt County could face a moratorium on the issuance of new development permits.

Brace yourselves!

Thanks to the use of highly sophisticated photo enhancement technology, we are able to give some sense of the dramatic impact a local permit moratorium could have.


26 Responses

  1. I love that the planning department’s punishment for not doing its job is to do even less of its job. Only in Humboldt.

  2. Funny stuff. I truly love the Larry Potter heading.

    Poor Larry, he just can’t get over the fact that he lost the election, that he is a loser.

  3. Hey, that looks like James Faulk behind the counter or maybe Cole Machado. I get those two mixed up.

  4. Go git em’ Uncle Robby, let’s start with Walmart! Cherie’s dream will soon come true!

  5. Keep up, latest thing to put Heraldo in a tizzy is Wal-Mart in Bayshore Mall.

  6. You’re right, Anonymous. Only progs have meaningful dreams. The rest of us a-holes just dream of making money, screwing poor people and subjecting the masses to our diabolical schemes.


  7. Actually, has anyone looked into proggie connections of the lawsuit? The progs behind the lawsuit are well connected to Lovelace. This whole settlement thing could be a set-up to further the Proggie dream of extreme density and no growth out in the rural areas. Girard is being “forced” to comply with the rezone???

  8. Cherie knew better than the voters in 1999

  9. Dear concerned
    Hey, you left out raping the planet and imperialist domination of the world, my two favorite hobbies.

    No more time to blog, have to get back to work (yes I know its Sunday, so what) because the government needs my money.

  10. Walmart will be cool. We won’t need any of these other stupid businesses anymore. We can all get everything at one place in Eureka.

    Of course without all of the other businesses, most of us won’t have jobs but that won’t effect the investor class as they pay their measly 15 percent income tax on dividends while sitting by the pool.

    Hell, they don’t even shop at Walmart. They do expect us average Americans to subsidize their existence though. We average Joes have to make up the tax these bastards refuse to pay. That’s why poor Horatio has to work on Sunday. He should just be happy he has a friggin’ job right? Don’t worry Horatio, you won’t be working Sundays much longer.

  11. Tom, today you are an erudite tool, but a tool nonetheless. At least the ‘investor class’ pay some taxes! EPIC, Baykeeper, Save the Redwoods, all those oh, so pure saving the environment non-profits, make their money in predatory litigation and growing pot and they do not pay one goddamed red cent in taxes!

    You and your proggie buds sit around planning how everyone should live, you being so evolved and all……Horatio and the rest of us poor, dumb slobs work, pay taxes and try to do the honest thing, and most of us DON’t GROW DOPE and then lie about “it’s medicine”.

    Recent events have once again demonstrated that the enviro cause and it’s attendent proponents and propaganda are the most flagrant examples of hypocrisy in this century, thus far. I am sure that the Richardson’s Grove debacle will provide further example of the collected idiocy.

    Bring on Wal-Mart! I will issue a personal invitation to you, Jane the Ignorant Slut, Tra and the rest of those looney’s to meet me for coffee and shopping on opening day! Make sure and find me in the aisle dedicated to items from exploited third-world countries. I already know that I will walk out of there with items for my family and household for about 1/2, maybe even 3/4 of what I would pay from our ‘local purveyors’. Speaking, just who are those ‘locals’ anyway? Target? ACE?

  12. It’s a good thing Tom and his proggie friends fought so hard against the fear-mongering of the Bush administration. What a gaggle of hypocritical buffoons. If you widen a road, the last of the old growth will die! If Walmart comes to town, no one will ever have a job again! I was insulted when Bush did it, and I’m insulted again now. Most people simply aren’t that stupid, Tom. Try another tack.

  13. Josephine rocks again. There I was ready to bugslap that idiot Seaborn and I scroll down to JB who said everything that I was about to smack him with. Jo I just love you.

  14. An now its time to say goodnight, to all you prog tools. Investor class, funny does that mean someone who worked hard, lived on less than what they made and invested the rest. Cause most people I know who have investment income did it this way. Most still work, still live on less than what comes in, invest the difference. Its the American way, you sorry socialist asshats will never get it. Because someone gets ahead does not mean they took something from someone else.

  15. TOM! Stop it! That is complete and utter bullshit and it is beneath you.

    Go to Target. LOOK at what people have in their carts. Tell me – what little local business is in competition with Target/KMart/WalMart…

    From what I see – While the “progressive”regressives are gnashing their teeth, regular people go to KMart and Target, and WalMart for necessities – toothbrushes, toothpaste, diapers, dog food, shampoo, flip flops, towels, sheets, socks, batteries, laundry soap, t-shirts, cheap rugs and curtains, baby clothes, cameras, video games, waste baskets, scarves, watches…. these are, by and large, NOT things that are carried by little boutiques in Old Town.

    Which store in Old Town sells sheets and towels? The Linen Closet? They have high end goods, $300+ sets of sheets. The average person cannot – and does not – pay $300 for a set of sheets, nice as they may be. They don’t buy them and they aren’t given them as gifts.

    Reality. Vs. Rhetoric.

    Next time someone you know starts and anti-WalMart rant – ask them – what do people BUY at WalMart? Before you whack them upside the head.

    (OK, admittedly, DVD’s might provide some competition for The Works, but honeslty, other than current pop choices, is their selection very deep? NO. Just like Target’s now closed Garden Dept. may have provided SOME competition for Miller Farms, the truth is the selection was limited to a certain type of bedding plants, and really did not serve the people who ARE Miller Farms customers. If anything, it brought new people in to the concept of planting, and they would end up at Millers where there was more selection….same with the DVDs.)

    So knock it off.

    The inaccurately termed “progressives” are in love with their armageddon rhetoric, their scare tactics, and their demons – meanwhile, stores like WalMart, by selling ORDINARY things at prices people can afford, put more money in the pockets of ordinary Americans than all of the glorious welfare programs.

    And, really, Tom, you’re smarter than that.

  16. Now if we could only get some publically traded dining options. Rednecks don’t do farmers markets.

  17. I am waiting for….and encouraging!….any one who would like to do business in this area to open up a MADE IN AMERICA store. I am sure that this is one of the only places I would shop depending on finding the needed items there. Jobs would be created and the economy would, kind of, rebound. (wishful thinking) I sent an email to Arkley stating that his Marina Center might be more inviting if he declared all his entrepreneurs would have made in America items. I really don’t think anyone could find fault, nor could the endeavor fail. But here I am…Pollyanna.

  18. Pollyanna is a racist. Only the KKK would buy made in USA stuff, any good prog knows that. Send your money abroad to our betters.

  19. Made in America is dead. We don’t earn enough on welfare/underemployment to pay for the special use permits, business permits, liability insurance, health inspections, disabilities code requirements, workmens compensation, payroll taxes, state disability and we couldn’t keep up on our sales tax payments. To top it off the union striked and picketed our front door and our union made Ford delivery truck broke down.

  20. Hey Scab, ‘Made in America’ dead?
    You are an idiot. You have probably had a work-life consisting of nothing but dead-end jobs in Eureka and wouldn’t recognize a decent working condition if it handed you a five-day work week.
    Union work goes hand in hand with democracy.
    In America loss of union labor will lead to a certain fascism, and you Scab, represent that face.

  21. Dan the all-american union bigot

    Truth hurts. You are the face of collective fascism.

  22. Made in America is not so dead.
    You might think so reading most of the nation’s editorial pages or watching the endless laments in the news that “nothing is made in America anymore,” and that our manufacturing jobs have vanished to China, Mexico and South Korea. Yet the empirical evidence tells a different story—of a thriving and growing U.S. manufacturing sector, and a country that remains by far the world’s largest manufacturer.


  23. Is American manufacturing dead? You might think so reading most of the nation’s editorial pages or watching the endless laments in the news that “nothing is made in America anymore,” and that our manufacturing jobs have vanished to China, Mexico and South Korea. Yet the empirical evidence tells a different story—of a thriving and growing U.S. manufacturing sector, and a country that remains by far the world’s largest manufacturer.


  24. Remember Costco is a “good” Big Box……………….

  25. The Real Truth About U.S. Manufacturing
    by Sam Williford on March 2, 2011 – 9:06am

    “According to Mark Perry, the real reason, the ‘truth’ as to why America is hemorrhaging jobs, is not because of outsourcing, but because of productivity gains. “We’re merely able to do it with a fraction of the workers needed in the past….the average U.S. factory worker is responsible today for more than $180,000 of annual manufacturing output, triple the $60,000 in 1972.” Whether or not those numbers are inflation-adjusted (which the author fails to mention), the end result is a nonsensical attempt to sweep outsourcing under the rug and contend it’s somehow better to work fewer people harder, with more people unemployed.

    In Perry’s opinion, “That means yesterday’s farmhands and plant workers become today’s computer engineers, medical doctors and financial managers.” The fact of the matter however, is that plant workers are not becoming doctors. Plant workers, as well as Americans entering the work force, and people trying to retire, have been forced into low-skill, low-pay service jobs, if they can find work at all.

    This is yet another shallow and misguided attempt by a major news source to peddle the philosophy of ‘free’ trade that is reducing this nation from a superpower to a colony (as we increasingly import manufactured goods and only export raw materials). It’s high time the media actually dug a little deeper into the numbers, and used cognitive thinking to realize that the chorus of ‘free’ trade we have been inundated with for the past few decades is not the answer to America’s economic woes, but is the cause of the problem.”

  26. It’s not free trade at all because these foreign trading partners are not required to comply with the bazillion regulations we enforce on American businesses. As a result there is an inequity and “giant sucking sound” of capital and jobs going overseas.

    In all fairness and free competition, we have to either eliminate the regulations on American businesses, or charge a comparable import duty on imported goods to pay for the regulation on American business. Or require any imported good manufacturer to comply with the same regulations required on American businesses to sell product domestically.

    It’s really that simple.

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