Still reeling from the prospect of goats on ag land, progs now face the horror of retail activity in a mall

"I see... working people... AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!!"


32 Responses

  1. Classic. What do you think it is, exactly, that progs have against people with jobs? It’s inexplicable.

  2. LOL! Thanks for the morning laugh!

  3. This is too funny for words – LOVE IT!

  4. Waaaah, the City of Arrrcaata won’t buy this property and let the neeeighbors post “keep out” signs on it!

    In other news, Susan Ornelas has a 3-sided mouth.

  5. Hypocrisy runs deep here boys and girls. The people with the run down houses dont want others to have the ability to have nice things like a job. We should all live in poverty, and we all need to live in a 3rd world environment. Thank you, the city will take care of our needs moving forward.

  6. I don’t know where you get the idea that the goat dairy opponents are “progs,” other than arbitrarily conflating progressives with the opposition to fit your weird narrative. The loudest opponent, Sean Armstrong, was a big backer of the Creek Side Homes subdivision, opposition to which you derided Mark Wheetley for, remember?

    The other prominent opponents were a retired farm couple in their 70s, a local businessman and a number of residents of Bloomfield Acres, all of whose politics are unknown to me and I’m guessing you as well.You, like your liberal equivalent Heraldo, are an anonymous smear blog and unable to do any on-the-ground fact-checking because you would actually have to face the people you so courageously heap scorn on via computer.

    Our liberal elected officials didn’t oppose the project; they were just lackadaisical in seeing it through. Slam ’em for being asleep at the wheel, and for all the hollow expressions of support in the aftermath of their negligence. I know I will. But calling all the Iverson Avenue and other Bloomfield residents “progs” is meaningless.

  7. Coffee all over the keyboard again. Damn this one is funny. Thank you for starting the day off with a smile. Hypocrisy is an understatement. The whole prog trip is bullshit. Smoke and Mirrors.

    They want Humboldt County back to the stoned aged. Over at Hblog they are celebrating closing Jefferson School. Lets see what happens there in the future. I hope many good things, but I doubt it. How will they make the payment. Where is the grant money. Maybe they could run a small herd of goats and sell milk to cheese folks. Cause they don’t have any other plans.

  8. Question: Is the the sound in the link below a goat in heat or a progressive that didn’t get his/her way on something?

  9. And we can only dream to attain the great job security Wallmart has to offer. I see 2 maybe three working people in that photo. Mmmmm… The sweet smell of minimum wage… or is that goat shit.

  10. Mr. DJ, congrats! Now if you could only manage to somehow lay some blame on a local business-person you will have once again completed the usual prog lament of “it’s all (insert Walmart or proper name here)fault!”

    The fact remains that the Arcata Bottoms contingent of flat-earth progressive numb-nuts have demonstrated that “we want what we want when we want” and we don’t give goat shit about anyone else!

    Too bad the Eureka contingent is so busy destroying viable commerical property on the West Side to help out!

  11. Progs would rather I was unemployed than working for a company they don’t like. That’s elitist and condescending. I will probably never set foot in a Walmart as long as I live, but I respect other people enough to understand some people want to shop there and some people need to work there. Good on them.

  12. Jesus Kevin what a pedantic little prick you are. You know more than everyone, don’t you? Have you ever met Carol McFarland? Ever? She describes herself as the chief organizer of the opposition, and how do you think she votes? If what this blog says is wrong all the time, why do you feel the need to constantly mischaracterize it? Your straw man bullshit is just that. Bullshit.

  13. Anonymous, just ignore him. Everyone else does. Were he not printing that half-ass rag of his in psychedelic hippie war paint, I don’t think anyone would know he exists.

  14. I get that but for example he’s repeated the same misrepresentation about that Armstrong guy from Danco about a half-dozen times. I accept that he’s not much of a newspaperman, but you’d think he at least would know how to read.

  15. I’m Kevin Hoover and I know fuck all about everything, y’all. You’re all stupid and I’m not. Look at me, I’ve made a pathetic living writing crap all these years. The way I live with myself is to make shit up and put down anyone cleverer than me, which is most people. My dick is so big! Please watch as I massage it.

  16. Yeah. Ok. I’m gonna go way, way out on a limb here and suggest that probably isn’t the real Kevin Hoover at 5:55. I’ll agree the Hoovester does cling to his misunderstandings with impressive tenacity, but there are worse people to bitch about. Much worse. Besides, I can’t imagine his man-junk is anything to blog about. Just sayin’.

  17. I’m impressed you got WalMart to give you permission to use one of their images and put goats in it.

  18. Hey Bird. I am impressed that you know how to spell your name and know what a goat is.

  19. Can’t use ag land for agricultural purposes, can’t use retail space to sell stuff. Talk to the Planning and Bldg depts – oh I forgot, they only exist for themselves, not us. Don’t change anything in my life because I am stuck in the stoned age. WTF is wrong here? Oh, the folks that moved here recently and know how its done. Block anything that could create a job and things will stay the same. Except things never stay the same. I can smell the marijuana everywhere I go.

  20. Andy, you’re an idiot. By putting goats in it they changed the image enough that no permission is necessary. Have you ever read a book about anything? Shit, you probably could have learned that from TV.

  21. You know what is really funny about this? The latest issue of the Arcata Eye, is awash in verbage regarding the “ag incubator’ that the parcel in question is destined to become. Note: no one and nothing was mentioned in regards to the ‘ag incubator’ and the ‘special nature’ of this particular plot, until an ‘outsider’, with a business plan and long-term prospects looked to be acquiring it… tiresome. The dialog never changes.

    Andy, lay off the X, will you, it is becoming increasing obvious you are not really doing what you are supposed to be doing….

  22. And I thought you all would find some humor in my little post. SoHummer – if you read that in a book you bought, you should get your money back.

  23. You’re all just saying these things to fit your weird narratives.

  24. What I want to know is how you know it’s all progs who hate Walmart. Some of them could be Walmart-hating Republicans and Independents. What about people who hate Walmart and vote Peace and Freedom? You know who you are.

  25. Andy, I find some humor in your coming back here all the time just so everyone can kick your ass some more. Do you enjoy abusive relationships?

  26. (In the event yours was a serious inquiry, Kevin, and not just you being all snarky because we dared mention Arcata and you’re getting your period, we said “progs” because “residents” just wasn’t that funny. Also, because this is not supposed to be news and we can write whatever the fuck we want. We included a photo you didn’t seem to mind, although we’d be willing to wager you’d find more progs fighting Cypress Grove than goats in Walmart. You’d also probably find more progs in Walmart than goats in Walmart, but now we’re just being silly. Hugs, and go get some Midol.)

  27. That’s just more of your weird narrative, bugs.

  28. You so crack me up humbug!!!!!!!

  29. Hoover sucks.

    Ha ha ha

  30. No. Hoover is a cool dude. Sometimes mixed up, sometimes wrong but cool.

  31. Good Morning, make sure and read the smack-down of Linda Foot-stamping tantrum Atkins in the TS today. Bet the editor is having a major flogging over this!

  32. Its the GreenTea Party movement- regulate and marry the state. Foodstamps instead of jobs!

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