Eight former Eureka mayors and councilmembers kick Linda Atkins’ ass

Once in a while, Times-Standard employees put something absolutely riveting in the pages of their newspaper.

Almost never did they write it themselves.

Today’s example of both is a guest opinion piece submitted by former city of Eureka representatives Mike Jones, Jeff Leonard, Virginia Bass, Mary Beth Wolford, Polly Endert, Cherie Arkley, Connie Miller and Nancy Flemming, who call out current Councilwoman Linda Atkins for some of her more colorful contributions to local mythology.

One of our faves:

In a recent North Coast Journal article, Councilwoman Atkins also blamed the city manager for turnover in city department heads. We know many of these department heads personally, so we did something the writer of the NCJ story did not. We called four former city employees and asked why they left. Not one of them said it was because of Tyson. These four did however allude to a former city councilmember who created havoc within the city by acting as if he was dictator — not one of five elected city councilmembers. Misstating the truth is not high on the list of political qualities that voters admire.

Gosh! Now who might that have been?

Read the letter in its entirety here.

16 Responses

  1. Wham bam thank you ma’am.


  2. No no no, it can’t possibly be true if Cherie Arkley is involved. It just can’t!

  3. Fortunately Atkins has plenty of ass to go around.

  4. Not nice, Anonymous. Funny, but not nice.

  5. and too much hole to go around.

    Spank is right !

  6. This is spankalicious for sure.

  7. I wonder why Larry, ur I mean Hearaldo, is not coming to her defense?

    Less than 200 signatures!! What a burn, for LA that is. How can she show her face at the council meetings after all she has said?

    I guess the attorney she said she hired didn’t have much good news for her?!

  8. Spin, spin, spin. Larry blog is shitting its pants. Article is great, reality always wins over spin.

    Atkins is a bitch and not very smart. Mostly venom. After this silly shit, say good-bye. The stuff about folks quitting because of a hole ex-council person is true as I have heard from several of the people first hand.

    Unfortunately, the NCJ has turned into a blog, no real journalism at that rag.

  9. The story read, “…not one of five elected city councilmembers.

    That should be “one of the CURRENT five elected…”. Confused me a bit when I first read it.

  10. All the prog looneys are jumping in at glass blog. Down the road is right, he is way down the road. PJ of course spouts the line. Never an original thought from that bitch.

    Lists shit about writers of article. Down the road, why don’t you list your successes. Beside mouthy blog asshat. Let us hear about how sharp youand what you have done to make this a better place to live.

  11. Everything aside it’s a great article. Too bad if Larry doesn’t like the truth coming out.

  12. Wha ever happened to the Marina Center?

  13. What stands in the way of the Marina Center starting consturction?

    and by the way, Larry Glass is a slimey bottom feeding *&*&^$%^&9 and angry too! Ha ha ha

  14. With Atkins just behind G. L. ASS in the most amount of ass you can stuff in a person, it’s no surprise it took eight people to kick it. Linda, please seek help from the men in white coats before you go Abate.

  15. What happened the recall mentioned on the H blog? Much simpler to do, yet it seems to fizzled. It more likely that the Marina Center will be built, than the four will be recalled.

  16. Larry Glass certainly is a sore loser and kind of gly.

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