Board of Supes to piss off someone Tuesday

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors will either approve a contentious plan to rezone county parcels for more than 1,500 multi-family housing units, or decline to do so and risk delay or forfeiture of some $800,000 in grant funds.

The first option gets the board in trouble with many builders and Community Services Districts,  while the second pisses off the housing advocates.

One way or the other, the decision is like the opposite of Sophie’s Choice–and maybe that’s where the problem here lies: How is it that after all of this time, all of this money, and all of this “community input,” Kirk Girard’s planning team succeeded only in creating another proposal that rends this community in two?

Read the Times-Standard article here.

23 Responses

  1. Builders provide jobs. They should be rewarded with policy decisions that favor their business interests.

  2. Gee, this is a tough choice:
    No growth, no jobs, our kids leave, but grants to sustain the governmental bureaucracy and working idle; OR
    Growth, jobs, property rights and an accurate lot count.
    Bet on the former. It will take another election cycle to get rid of Girard, Werner, Ruth, Cheitin and their ilk and return the government to the taxpayers.

  3. ‘How is it after all this time,all this money….”

    “How is it after all this time,all this money…..”

    Sounds like Dave Tyson and the time and funds he’s wasted.Repeatedly.

  4. All this talk about what Tyson has cost. Document it please. Not guesses and maybe. Direct facts, with exact numbers. Tired of Prog anon’s garbage accusations. Most items involve maybe that only have tenuous connections with lots of speculation.

    Planning department has had 10 years to do plan. Kirk has danced around and not done what was called for by public, supervisors, or the plan.

    Progs have screwed up bad, got voted out by the people. No one will be recalled, reality is the people voted them in for a reason. Linda, Girard, and probably Cliff will be gone by next election cycle.

    GlassBloggers are going wild downing this blog. PJ, tra, anon, ass on e mus, etc. Just can’t get over the fact that people have voted them down. You lost glass, tough shit. Get on with your life. Take all your whiners with you.

  5. It will be interesting to see what happens. The Planning Commission would not vote to recommend the package to the Board because a majority felt that they had insufficient time to review the information and they had difficulty believing the information they were presented. Now the Board has been delivered tons of paper to review in a few days. Ryan said it right this morning in the paper, it is better to do it right than fast.

  6. Is Dave Tyson involved in the rezoning plan, Douchebag 10:29 a.m.? Or does this obsessive focus on people you hate cause you to throw their names into any discussion? Why don’t you grow up and have a two-part thought about something, moron.

  7. Well, here we go again, it will be the TPZ debacle redux. Come to think of it, was not Mr. Girard of the authors of that as well? Seems that the same faces and names are always all over the biggest fuck-ups that cost the most in time and money, wasted time and money.

    Piss off the housing advocates, piss them off bad enough and maybe they will get off their collective butts and actually do the work it takes to make this grand scheme happen….oh wait, my bad, common sense again.

    I wonder just how many of those verbose Housing Advocates are also ‘medical marijuana’ adovcates? I know, lets count the housing that would be avaliable if the ‘unit’ were not being used for ‘local, sustainable agraian heritage’, or what ever flotasm Hank spouts in regards to that.

    Something just really reeks about this whole multi-family zoning crap. The progs can smell government grant money from miles away and here is this chunk of change begging to be swallowed whole and they can’t get it together to secure it?

  8. How about an ordnance outlawing the growing of any kind of commercial crop inside an area zoned residential? To include any marijuana/medicine that is sold or traded for ANY profit?

    Bottom line marijuana is not medicine, 215 is a scam, and dope growers suck *&^&

  9. Even the Hearld knows that the prog power party is nearly over and the noisediatribes that the Herald (Glass, Atkins, Bird, Salzman, Schwartz, etc.) makes is the death rattle before the final passing of their movement. Their socialist/smart growth/urban/ghetto creating model will be gone for good. Humboldt will be free again.

  10. Martha’s gonna be pissed but Josephine can you be my second wife?

  11. Today’s ethics question
    Filing bogus documents in order to obtain money is:
    A) OK as long as it’s just grant money
    B) Not only unethical, but illegal
    C) Not sure, let’s have the planning department ask Bernie Madoff to give us an opinion.

  12. I’ll fight you for her George, OK maybe arm wrestle

  13. Decreasing the TPZ minimum acreage = more rural buildable lots after subdividing = much higher land values for existing TPZ owners

    Any wonder why this is a big deal to the major players?

  14. more rural lots = more lots. who cares if somebody else is making money?

  15. oh, and by the way, i do not believe there is a proposal to decrease tpz minimums. quite the opposite, the planners want to increase it and also merge your parcels if they are adjacent to each other. seems like the “major players” want to just keep the rules the same so their land value does not decrease. in the spirit of the mirror: get your facts straight douche-bag!

  16. More buildable lots should be a big deal to everyone, Anonymous 8:04. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that whole thing about inadequate land element, inadequate housing inventory, inadequate low-income housing component, etc, etc. It turns out that when forced to choose between trees and poor people, the progs’ values are inadequate.

  17. Anon 6:23, are you a complete tool. The planners and the major players are at opposite sides of this situation. What are you using in your bag, alum. Cause your shit for brains. What you believe is subjective garbage. Deal with what is objective reality, fool.

  18. Robert, you might want to make sure a commenter actually disagrees with you before going all Mr. T on his or her shit. Just a suggestion.

  19. The Sup’s stole my college tuition! The Sup’s stole my college tuition!

  20. Sorry got the times wrong. Doing 3 things at once and not paying attention. Guess i should be on Glass blog making those kinds of mistakes. I’m in the corner for a while.

  21. Agenda item continued until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow for decision (?). Girard was asked to come back with some answers and determine if several properties are opting out, therefore making the number of multi family properties lower than what the county needs. Marky blasted the people from Help and realtors saying that in the beginning they wanted 4 times more housing and now they don’t want any. Also stating that “they” have changed their argument to against development since the other side now wants development – meaning that they are just against anything that Healthy Humboldt is for. Make what you want out of that statement but I think he just sprouted some turkey feathers.

  22. Thanks Humboldt Sunshine

  23. Anon @3:26
    “Bottom line marijuana is not medicine, 215 is a scam, and dope growers suck *&^&”

    Beyond stupid.

    In the world of pharmacopoeia
    marijuana is the elder statesman,
    for thousands of years.


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