Epic Board of Supes meeting continues at 11 a.m.

It’s hard to tell at this point whether the Board of Supervisors is making a rezoning decision or a Fellini film. Whatever it is, the action is scheduled to pick up Wednesday morning where it left off last night.

Community Development Disservices Dept. Honcho Kirk Girard

You’re welcome!

For an entertaining synopsis of Tuesday’s events, check out the Times-Standard story here.


9 Responses

  1. I love the Lovelace comment about the Humboldt Association of Realtors having “lost its soul.” The little prick wouldn’t recognize a soul if he had one himself.

  2. Thanks Humboldt Sunshine!

  3. Catching some of this really rather entertaining session over my luncheon…..Mr. Girard looks like he is 1) constipated 2) whipped, well and truly whipped

    Has destiny finally caught up with The Community Disservices Dept? One can only hope. The magic midget just looks stupid, which is not a new look for him, at all.

    Doesn’t look good for any sort of resolution today either.

  4. I just heard Girard say “That would leave us with 16 units, if our math is correct.” I can assure you of one thing….his math is not “correct.”

  5. So – if they declare a moratorium, time to furlough or close the Building/Planning Department. Three months? How much will that save us?

  6. Such short notice! But I have to work! blah blah blah

  7. I’m curious – in the days before being able to post the agendas and packets online – how far in advance were these things prepared and made available to the public? Were they prepared two weeks in advance, so that they could be mailed to the public? Posted in newspapers?

    Why are they NOW only prepared and released at 5:00 pm on the Friday prior to the meeting? If they could be prepared two weeks + in advance, and posted so that the public (and the Board members) had more time to study and respond to items.

    This system, with it coming out late on a friday, with offices closed over the weekend, and on the occasional Monday holiday, gives the public little or no time to become aware, informed, or make plans to attend.

    And it really doesn’t give the Board members any leeway either.

    Why not change that?

  8. Why not indeed, Rose. Ever heard of BULLSHIT BINGO? It’s a hoot, and can and SHOULD be played by all in attendance at any and all meetings (public or private) that Planning Staff, County Counsel or the Supervisors are involved in! First one to say Bingo outloud gets a free beer. Easy to play – just listen for the following terms (and many more) and when you get 5 in a row (across, up or down, or on the diagonal) – you WIN!

    “Transparency” “Charettes” “in cooperation with” “not warranted” “proper notice” “guilty until proven innocent” “shaded parcels” “ad hoc committee” “we don’t see the need” “quite frankly” “meaningful dialogue” “meeting” “Public outreach” “change that comma to a period; no one will ever know what that statute really says in its entirety, and we won’t tell” “I don’t care what the law says! Find a way to do what I want!”

    Bless Helen Edwards (MCSD Board President) for having her say on Tuesday, and then returning on Wednesday to ask the Board “Did you not hear what I said????” because Kirk Girard contorted her testimony beyond belief on his interpretation of her reasoning in not being supportive of his M.O. The recent MCSD Board Meeting where Girard did a presentation to the Board was fun to watch…They know reptiles when they see ’em.

  9. M.O. is a term for the Housing Element, the Multi-family rezone plan, the general plan rewrite and any and all chapters, sections within the proposed ‘new’ plan. Guess it would be too easy to choose Alternative D with the additions and changes that are statutorily required and call it good…might keep growth in check, save the environment, save the county er.. US money and the pontifications of Carolyn Ruth and Wendy Chaitan’s endless search for justification of their very existence: to file needless, costly and malicious lawsuits! You go girls! — no I mean PLEASE, really GO —- AWAY —— anywhere but here.

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