What did we miss?

Not much, it seems.

The Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to boot the rezoning decision to next month, and the Humboldt Association of Realtors didn’t lose its soul after all.

Read the Times-Standard’s longer version here.


18 Responses

  1. Meanwhile, over at The Herald, they’re trying to be the next Sunshine for Humboldt. So original they are.

  2. In response to the picture at the top of the blog.
    If you guys could actually get Obama to try the bong, maybe we could get this stupid drug war stopped. Unfortunately Obama is the last person one would expect to have a bong in his hand. He has escalated the drug war at a time when we can least afford it.
    Maybe if congress and the president got high together, they could actually get something done. Oh that’s right, they are getting things done, just read Kym’s blog. Big busts going on in So Hum and Mendocino. Your tax dollars hard at work.

  3. The Sub-Standard has shown itself for the incredibly slanted liberal rag that it is…..describing a supervisor as ‘bemoaning” while praising an indiot beaurocrat for trying to collect information during a meeting that he should have collated MONTHS AGO!

    I am on record as stating the only ‘truth’ to be found in this newspaper is the comics section. Read it, but believe the exact opposite, particularily if you watched the meeting and can actually, *GASP* make up your own mind.

    Oh, and Tom…..fire up your own bong and ‘bemoan’ the fate of individuals who are using a well-intended law to circumvent paying taxes and perverting the environment worse than any STAA truck ever could. You are a tool.

  4. The stupidvisors talk about affordable housing and then want to legitimitize indoor pot grows. I just saw a place in, I know shocking, Arcata that is destroyed from a pot grow. It wasn’t a great house to begin with, but now is unfit to live in. Holes cut in walls for fans, in the floor for drainage, etc. That whole damn street is a pot grow. If you want to grow pot, get a GREENhouse, not a regular house that is ment to be lived in. I have four grow houses in my neighborhood in Mck town and 3 grows in a place I have in Willow Creek. Fuck pot growers. They all seem to come from somewhere else.

  5. Damn it Josephine. You nailed it again. Bitch slapped Sebourn too (I know. Fish in a barrel) but hell I am smitten with you babe.

  6. Apparently the MC is a touchy subject in A-ville

  7. Love it, moderated for saying Marina Center. Add it to the list:

    Rob Arkley
    Randy Gans
    Security National

    What else gets you moderated around here Humbug?

  8. What gets you moderated around here, little friend, is the trollish display of your Arkley fixation no matter what the topic. When the post is about the Marina Center, or Rob Arkley, or Security National, I would anticipate the silliness your comments demonstrate several times each day. But when the post is about a mall and you write about Cherie Arkley or anyone else in sexually explicit terms, I’m going to moderate the comment. Every damn time. Enjoy, and good luck in psychotherapy!!

  9. His cause is just. The end justifies the means. He’s right and you’re wrong, so anything goes. Welcome to the “progressive movement,” and leave your ethics at the door.

  10. Why are you so afraid of the truth Humbug?

  11. Is it that obvious? Truth in general has always terrified me, but the penetrating veracity of your insightful comments–such as “Where’s the Marina Center, Rob?” which you have posted 93 times in the past two months–cuts me to the quick. Your brilliance, alas, is too much for me. Please, friend–just one… last… hug……. before I die………………………………….

  12. Clap boys and girls. Clap to show you believe! Don’t die Bugs, we need you!!

    (clap, clap, clap…..)

  13. LOL

  14. Hey 7:30, pull yer head out and take a look around. The Mirror has the truth or at least a ripping good story far more often than any of the alleged local media.

  15. Bugs…you are the best! Sometimes I try sarcasism. You are so much better. You know after a year of being banned from the “H” (the one that shall not be named – ooups LARRY) I still have it’s blog on my “Favorites Bar” like the empty Jack Daniels bottle in my cupboard.
    Hugs, Dyna

  16. Oops…I think something is wrong… Chech your site, maybe it’s my sight? I ‘ve been wanting to write “right” about the insanity of this place. I’m just not sure where the appropriate forum is…maybe here?
    Quote from NCJ:
    “A new big box retail store would have negative fiscal impacts on surrounding municipal entities (ooh did I just read tities?…sorry I digest…degress whatever, looks like your site just “booted” me). The point being…”,not increase jobs or the quality, significantly harm and potentially bankruprpt existing businesses and reduce the overall quality of life throughout the county”. If that’s not fear mongering and outright total bullshit then I have wasted my 60+ years on this earth. Then I read last week that Sean Armstrong (Danco’s Major Dick?)

  17. I don’t know why I can’t seem to finish a thought or comment here…Anyway, he was part of the group that protested and successfully foiled the attempt by the “Goat Farm” to locate and build an “approved” business in an area that was properlly zoned because it “bordered” a residetnial area. Sorry this is all “BULSGHIT” and you are all BS. Hell, I’m full of shit too and the “Fu@king” government is pulling this SHITE. I’m mad and I’m not going to take it anymore! Where did I hear that? Voices in my head?

  18. OOPS, I apologize to all (most) of you. You are not the problem. The majority of the people are the problem and I’m not one (might be soon) one of them. Sit home, smoke pot, watch TV and collect your government check (I’m waiting for mine). I meant no harm. I had a bad day and I think the government SUCKS!

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