Sue Brandenburg poised for fight with former Eureka officials, although “poised” probably isn’t the best word

She’s not called the Wicked Witch of the Westside for nothing.

In a Times-Standard letter to the editor, Sue Brandenburg musters up her two cents and five IQ points  for a confused rant against the eight former Eureka officials who went and had an opinion about something without her say-so.

Not much in the way of high points, really, aside from the assertion that the Save-Garr-Nielsen contingent was able to round up only 200 signatures for their petition–because they weren’t really trying.

Moving on.


Yeah that’s why. Really.

Experience the whole meltdown here.

20 Responses

  1. “Wicked Witch of the Westside” = CLASSIC

  2. Au contrarie le Bugs, “poise” is a perfect word to describe the accouterment without which our dear Susie Q would be unable to exit her abode. I do wonder how much longer the weeping, wailing and rending of garmets is going to last over the departed Chief?

    I also wonder, why, just why, Linda, Sue and the rest of those awesome 200 never considered that ole Garr was actively seeking employment far, far away from Eureka. Could it be he took a long, dispassionate look at his base of support and decided that throwing in with the looney’s was maybe not the best career move? Yes, I know the point is moot.

    Maybe getting all hot and bothered about the EPD takes ones mind off of an impending mortgage payment on a defunct school, the possible arrival of the oh-so-hated Wally World, and the fact that the Westside is still crawling with low-life druggies and poor, dear Sue has no politically correct place to renew her ‘poise’ supplies.

  3. “Could it be he took a long, dispassionate look at his base of support and decided that throwing in with the looney’s was maybe not the best career move?”

    I kinda think you’re right, Josephine – and a certain faction’s attempt to turn this whole thing into another wedge issue seems to be failing. Salzman and crew can only keep people foaming at the mouth for so long before they get tired – and I am sure they are tired of forking over money for the ’cause.’ In solidarity.

    Their attempts to gin up hatred for Dave Tyson seem to have latched onto the “Above The Law” blog investigation – and, incomprehensibly, they want to criticize him for not doing enough, while decrying the fact that he broadened the investigation. You can’t have it both ways.

    And – the controversy over Nielsen’s ‘mysterious’ firing can be solved if Garr will sign over his rights to privacy. He shouldn’t, I wouldn’t, but without that none of their assertions can be proven.

    And slinging around assertions that someone has talked about what happened in closed session amounts to an accusation of wrongdoing. Who is talking? If it is a staffer, they should be fired. If it is one of the elected officials, they should face consequences.

  4. “Help, I’m shrinking, I’m shrinking.” This is what is happening to Salzman and fools. Hopefully its not to late to move on with progress for Humboldt. Sues whole article was devoid of any real meaning. Grasping for straws is how it seemed.

  5. It seems the T-S will print any rant from any uneducated fool.

  6. Eureka got hella gangs with Garr Nielsen’s raggedy ass Portland bullshit policy. Portland got hella gangs with they same bullshit sorry ass pussy shit.

    Watch them new mops up on them motherfucking street signs. Ain’t no bullshit G-ville toy tags up on that shit they claim they set to the fullest. What inna fuck y’all finna do, injunctions? POP? SWAT?

    All that cop shit do is antagonize fools finna do dirt anyway. Y’all could clean up y’all neighborhoods and slap solar panels on your shit and folks would keep on pitching heroin by the $15 bag all day everyday on the corner. Only shit that gone stop drug slang is more jobs so bounce your ideologically blind ass out the way and promote new jobs in Eureka.

  7. “Moving On” was a good show, and the memory of Claude Akins should not be tarred with reference to Garr Nielsen.

  8. “…the Save-Garr-Nielsen contingent was able to round up only 200 signatures for their petition…”
    It’s all about location. Next time, get your signatures in front of a Wal Mart.

  9. What that Sue? Must have been an old picture.

  10. But, but, Linda had maps and a list and shit like that………

  11. Wow Bugs…

    So Sue the B is now taking a stand against the bullies….dang It’s about time somebody put an arm on that crowd. Maybe she could start by showing up at every council meeting, armed with self styled legal advice and talk some sense into all those poor souls still psychically shattered in the absence of the Glass menagerie.

    All that responsibility must be exceedingly stressful for her. Perhaps the proper therapeutic protocol for such things involves a regimen of incurring sufficient negative attention to defuse a manic preoccupation with authority that fails to recognize her brilliance. (linguists will see the symptoms in her reliance on dangling participles and a certain unhealthy reference to what she perceives as diminutive body parts.)

    In his peer acclaimed treatise on ‘The Origins of Dissociative Disorder of Bitchydom (ODDBitch) Syndrome,’ Dr. Conrad Beagel opines in the Law Review of the Lodi Correspondence School of Law and Culinary Arts, as follows, “The ethically challenged are always distrustful. Thus, deep sleaze remorse is its own reward and curiously its own punishment.”

    So there it is Bugs….If you accept Beagel’s theory, then I think it becomes incumbent on Ms B to seek negative attention in the interest of personal validation however devoid of integrity it may be….it defines her.

    In short, in order to become whole, she must decimate all those with whom she disagrees.

    In shorter, to ease her ODDBitch symptoms, she should make a damned fool of herself in public, preferably televised occasions.

    But wait, she’s already thought of that.

    Never mind.

  12. And I come here for a dose of relevance and intelligence? Hmmm…

  13. Glass menagerie…brilliant, and you mean no disrespect to Tennessee Williams. You go Dog!

  14. Thank God Garr Neilsen is gone! The more I learn about him the happier I am he is gone.

    Maybe sue b. can go visit him?

    I wonder what he is doing now? Not saying I care, I just wonder.

  15. ODDbitch syndrome? Hell I pissed myself with that one Dog. Sue and PJ suffer from the same damn mental disorder. Who’d have guessed? Oh yes, anyone who knows those demented losers would have.

  16. Another keyboard down the tube, thanks dog. Very nicely worded. PJ however is also suffering from ODDC___ syndrome. An even more difficult problem as it is almost untreatable.

  17. Ben, you are your old pithy self this morning. Sue is just shaking her little fist in irrelevance at the big bad world. Both she, Atkins and Glass suffer from Prog-derangement syndrome. It is pretty funny though to insist upon doing stupid shit publicly. Sort of like intentionally leaving your fly open and not wearing underwear then being shocked when people laugh at your wee little pecker.

  18. Tell us Linda and Sue, who is on your little list? Now about that map you nave Linda, is my house “marked” as a place NOT to go?

  19. The usual kool aid drinkers over on HH are championing douchebaggie Atkins. What a bunch of twits. Hey Linda, if you wanna hear of folks who not only disagree with you but think you have your head up your ass try listening to the public instead of the same 5 folk over on HH. You are a useless little twit, but over there at least you have your prog-douche buddies.


  20. Sue is not a bad person at heart. She just got addicted to hearing her own voice, and seeing her name in print. Too impressed with herself.

    Maybe she has nothing to do? She needs a cause? And of course needs to see her name in print. Kind of like that moron,, that was soooooo worthless as a deputy DA that he was shown the door by Paul V. Gallegos. After PVG hired him and promoted him to top step!

    What a strange place, Humboldt County. I guess I should rephrase that, such a group of strange people inhabit Humboldt County.

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