BREAKING: Lovelace, Girard do their jobs

This headline comes straight from the Will Wonders Never Cease Department:

Lovelace, county help Cypress Grove find new dairy site

That the headline isn’t exactly true diminishes our amazement but little. According to the Times-Standard article, District 3 Supervisor Mark Lovelace and Community Disservices Development Director Kirk Girard are helping Cypress Grove look for a new dairy site. Hopefully their uncharacteristic public support of business will persist all the way through to the finding stage of this endeavor. Fingers crossed!

Also from the Times-Standard is a story yesterday about beginning the search for a new EPD chief. Curiously, even inexplicably, our favorite local daily chose to illustrate the article with a photo of former EPD chief Garr Nielsen.

What, exactly, might that be about? Were they trying to depict the last person on earth who might get hired for the job? Or does someone need to break out the Andrea Bocelli cassettes and tell poor, sad Mr. Greenson over there that it is, in fact, time to say goodbye?

Tan triste, amigos!!

8 Responses

  1. I love that song. It would have been great to hear Bonnie Neely and Larry Glass do a duet of it this past November.

  2. Greenson and Nielsen: A love story. Which one is Ryan O’neal?

  3. As a former newsman I have to say Greenson’s bromance with Garr is quite funny. I heard from a very reliable anonymous source that Greenson just sits at his desk crying as he clutches the former Chief’s framed picture to his chest and is inconsolable. Maybe he should get a “recommendation” from Ken Miller and our DA could share his personal stash of medical marijuana with him to see him through this emotional travail.

  4. That photo of Garr Nielsen looks like a mugshot…….just sayin’

  5. Lovelace must have more time now that he can finally stop lobbying to get on the Coastal Commission. “Winning”

  6. I believe the crack T-S graphics department omitted the caption for Nielsen’s photo: “What NOT to look for in a police chief.” Or perhaps it simply lacks a red circle with a slash through it.

  7. Well, Mark and Kirk getting some mileage out of this event, wonder if they were behind the scenes stirring up the nutjobs in the Bottoms? I know, how terrible cynical of me. Let’s ask ourselves: “Selves, just what is in this for Mark and Kirk, politically?” Grandstanding for Goats! Now there is a campagin slogan if I ever heard one!

  8. This just in for headline material:
    Pigs Reportedly Flying to Hell to Go Ice Skating………………….or Even a Blind Squirrel Cracks His Nuts Once in Awhile?

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