What happened to our Internets?

What, are we Amish? No 3G, no wi-fi, no network, no cell phone, no home phone, no Netflix, no texting, no porn, no gaming, no blogging. The way some younger members of the Bug household were banging on you’d think we were having to churn our own butter. Lost Coast Outpost reports our rascally non-redundant fiber optic cable was burned in a fire in Willits. Anyone hear anything different?


13 Responses

  1. That seems to be what it was.

    I’m as bad, or worse, than your kids. Everything was fine for me until the last time I checked e-mail last night around 8:30. Internet seemed to be down then.

    KHSU had a report saying expected time of repair was Monday(!!!). I woke up this morning fully expecting internet to be down and wondered if it was even worth getting out of bed. What else would I do when I’m normally sitting here?

    Fortunately, internet was back up. Whew! Close one.

  2. The North Coast Journal said the people behind the new Walmart in Eureka cut the line. Or was that Walmart in Yreka? Or Eureka, Illinois? Or Eureka Springs, Arkansas? Maybe Walmart is being built inside of a Eureka brand vacuum cleaner. One way or the other, the rookie reporting error is someone else’s fault.

  3. Thank god for satellite TV. Otherwise, my wife and I might have had to talk to each other.

  4. I cannot tell a lie. Native Son and Men Killer cracked me up big. Having to talk to the wife? Whew! Eureka brand vacuum cleaner? Priceless!

  5. I heard the fiber optic line was severed by illegal aliens in retaliation for recent CAMP raids in National forests..or, was it Aliens from space planning on cutting us off from the rest of the world so they could study us?

    You just never know.

  6. Since Al Gore invented the internet, can we blame him for this too?

  7. Yeah, I have heard people blame it on numerous different things. The difficulty is going to be separating fact from opinion as usual. Even on here. Someone at my barber today said it was a communications tower that burned down in Willits. A bunch of people at Costco and Eureka Natural Foods (including the Highboldtage blog) said it was a solar flare. Then there was the article in the Times Standard earlier. Who knows. Apparently American Express cards and US Cellular phones worked throughout this fiasco. Wonder what all this was about.

  8. Maybe but ATT and Verizon were out.

  9. Some one with a US Cellular phone told me today that his wasn’t working but I didn’t try mine last night so don’t know. Heard it was a fire in Ukiah. Did the Walmart store have something to do with this? Probably will get blamed in HumCo.

    Willits is a traffic jam this time of year so don’t like them and Ukiah is too hot this time of year to stop there so don’t like them either.

    Thought it was the Walmart creatures coming through the lines trying to block all the posts against them but then there is Adkins, the redistricting of State and County so that might be the cause or gremlins in my computer or spewed coffee from reading this blog. Thought that could have been the reason for the outage but it actually was . . .

  10. http://www.times-standard.com/localnews/ci_18634230

  11. Who reads the Sub Standard? (Other than to make fun of the writers and “editors”) They get it wrong most of the time, can’t spell and don’t proof read or fact check.

    But they love marijuana.

  12. Nobody reads the Slime Standard. But at least Driscoll doesn’t write for them anymore.

  13. Well you’re very right about the Slime Standard guys. I was just citing some information for your guys. I think it’s funny that they keeping touting their expertise even when headlines like “Corsairs get smoked in Weed” get through the editors.

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