Grand Jury finds EPD failed to follow own policies in handling ‘report of wrongdoing which may have involved an elected official’

Damn shame we have absolutely no idea what that’s about, isn’t it?

The Grand Jury concluded that although the Eureka Police Department handled the unexplained matter “without following what little protocol their own manual contains,” and that one “member of the EPD” said it “wasn’t that important” for existing protocols to be followed in this case, “nothing was illegally done” by the department.

The same is not said for the elected official.

Ah, vindication, yes? Sometimes it smells an awful lot like teen spirit.

Read the entire 2011 Grand Jury report here.

50 Responses

  1. The department didn’t break the law because THERE ARE NO LAWS governing handling of complaints against one’s cronies. It’s a matter of policy, not law, and the department’s policies weren’t followed. We could probably get more details about this if Garr Nielsen would agree to have his personnel file made public. Then his heartsick friends at the Times-Standard would have to stop saying he was fired “without cause.”

  2. OMG so that really did happen. Progs who elected that piece of shit and then cried over his protector getting sacked have yet another reason to be proud this morning.

  3. I’m laughing my ass off and trying not to puke all at the same time. Eureka politics has that effect on a lot of people.

  4. It didn’t happen, it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen, it didn’t–wait. What?

    It wasn’t illegal, it wasn’t illegal, it wasn’t illegal, it wasn’t illegal….

  5. All you Progs who care so much about transparency in government will want to hold your rallies and sign your petitions to get the details of this matter made public. Right?

  6. The 210 signatures they can round up are really going to tip the scales of justice.

  7. Holy crap, even Bob’s wife must think this is funny.

  8. Pardon my ignorance, but vindication for what, exactly?

  9. LOL

  10. The EPD is vindicated. It didn’t do anything illegal. See? I for one feel much better knowing that…

  11. Yeah duh. EPD: WINNING!

  12. I don’t know about anyone else, but this sort of thing makes me proud to be a Eurekan.

  13. I’d like to see the T-S take this serious matter up with some investigative reporting instead of defending the old police chief like he’s some sort of god.

  14. Whew!

  15. Larry’s moral standing in the city of Eureka: SKY HIGH.

  16. How nice it will be when there is a time in Eureka when conservatives choke on their own ignorance and the cocks of rich conservatives they worship.

  17. How nice it will be when free-market losers find a more productive way to deal with their envy.

    (PS: You misspelled “gloryhole.” That’s an e on the end, not an r. Perhaps in your progressive fit of rage you hit the wrong key.)

  18. They can’t blame EPD or EPD policiy for what King Garr did. King Garr would ignore policy or just send out an email to controvert the policy to justify what he did or please one of his bootlickers.

    Don’t know if “it” really happened but there is a good chance that something not kosher happened. Maybe King Garr would like to give a radio interview about that?

  19. 8:26 has been drinking again. Angry drunk instead of a funny one. Typical prog response.

  20. Again, who or what has been vindicated? Bugs? Anyone?

  21. Be dense Ryan. Whatever. Typical journalist bullshit.

  22. I’ll take that as an “I don’t know.”

  23. I don’t know— because I get my news from the Times

  24. Connect the dots oh mighty journalist man.

  25. “Dots” would be concrete evidence or clear accusations. What we have here are more like specks of projectile feces.

  26. Ryan–please read carefully. The. EPD. Was. Vindicated. I believe that has been said previously. The Grand Jury found that, despite allegations to the contrary, the EPD broke no laws in its mishandling of the case. You good now?

  27. Git off yer duff and investigate my boy. What you have here is what’s called a lead in real news circles. Real reporters follow leads. For fuck’s sake, did Deepthroat have to write the news about Watergage or did a reporter develop it?

  28. Lemmy spell it out Ryan…

    One underage girl…

    One Councilman (now former, as he was booted last november)…

    Alleged Inappropriate behaviour by said councilman…

    Said councilman takes alleged oopsie situation to Garr…

    Garr talks to father of teen…

    Dad, not wanting to mortally embarrass daughter and former councilpotgrower dude’s (alleged) misbehaviour, agrees not to press charges…also, Garr bringing up the whole “he said she said” issue bing hard to prove…


  29. And this was all happening while DaveT was fucking VirginiaB? Where was MattO?

  30. I guess 9:15 pissed in 6:44’s cheerios by restating what happened and what got buried by the fired chief to protect the former council member. If the TS or NCJ won’t do their jobs other people will. Guess some one was pissed enough to bring it before the Grand Jury.

    Have you heard? Hislop is trying out for the EPD chief position again. Guess his head is thicker and denser than originally thought. Rejected by the Council 5 years ago. Rejected overwhelmingly for Sheriff. Rejected by all save his fellow rejects.


  31. To the Humboldt County press corp a “lead” is called a “press release”…… wash, rinse, repeat……..

  32. You notice how Garr had just faded away? You wonder why that is? Well maybe because with his power gone, Chief Garr does not have the ability to punish those not willing to play ball with him (and Larry) or to reward those that were.

    This is most likely not be the first time Chief Garr came to the aid of Larry, and Larry returned the favor.

  33. Ryan. Ryan. Ryan.

    There wasn’t a Grand Jury investigation over “specks of projectile feces.” So if you want to bury your head in the ol’ sand, go right ahead. This is one of those stories that requires quite a bit of digging and that isn’t something y’all like to do. Too much work and it’s uncomfortable. We get it. Better to troll the blogs to defend your own concrete evidence and make your own accusations.

  34. 6:44, even if VB and DT were doing what you allege, (and they most certainly were not), it would not be illegal. Morally reprehensible, yes.

    If true, they also would not have to register as a sex offenders. If the rumours are true about LG and his underage lolita, registration as a sex offender would be the least of his worries.

  35. My last comment is still awaiting moderation. I must have violated Bugs’ policy of not calling him on his cowardly, baseless bullshit.

  36. If someone has some details they can go to the interim chief, and he can assign the case to someone that is not under the spell of GN.

    If there is smoke, fan the flame. It’s still not too late.

  37. I see where the TS thinks it can get people to pay for on line access. Now, I am willing to be misled, misinformed, and kept in the dark for free, but except for the IRS, I am not going to pay for the privilege. Hasta la vista, baby.

  38. Yeah Ryan, you pose such a threat we’re shaken to our crunchy little exoskeletons whenever we see a comment from you.

    Jan, Ryan, Anonymous, Brian, and anyone else whose comments sometimes get caught in moderation, as has been stated repeatedly in the past, comments seem to be randomly sent to moderation in WordPress. We fish them out when we see them. If it makes you feel better, think we’re targeting you, because that just makes us laugh.

  39. Ryan, what kind of fucking idiot are you? Do you think Grand Jury investigations are launched by reports that everyone did everything right? Pull up your underoos, put on your big person’s thinking cap, and stop thinking your better than everyone who might see the world differently.

  40. When all else fails, big investigative reporter, you could always try reading the first words of the Grand Jury report linked to in the blog:

    “A citizen filed a complaint regarding the possibility of a conflict of interest by the Eureka Police Department (EPD). It questioned the EPD’s handling of a report of wrongdoing, which may have involved an elected official. After a thorough investigation, the Grand Jury found that although there was no conflict of interest, the protocol for investigating a person or case where there is a close relationship between two parties within the structure of government must be better delineated.”

    The EPD was vindicated of conflict of interest in the case. Is it possible that could be any clearer? The only cowardly, baseless bullshit I’m reading are the uninformed comments you’ve posted here.

  41. Maybe someone should have read it aloud to him?

  42. Besides why would he bother reading source documents when he can come on here and call people who did read them names?

  43. Oh please. There’s no way Ryan didn’t know what was in the grand jury report. What is so funny to me about this is that the bugs report the EPD was cleared of something, and Nielsen supporters still freak the fuck out. Maybe they’d like it better if no one ever talked about anything.

  44. Ooh ooh, I can’t wait to read Ryan’s big fat snarky imperious response. Please tell us again how stupid we all are for being able to read plain English.

  45. Okay, I’m done now.

  46. Burnsy? Burnsy? Hello? Where are you? The world awaits your superior intellect.

  47. Ryan’s not as thick as his comments here might suggest. Not at all, actually. He’s a really good writer who I guess like everyone sometimes gets his knickers in a twist. Everyone should lighten up.

  48. Is it cowardly to say the EPD has been vindicated? If that’s the case Linda Atkins is the biggest chicken shit in history.

  49. Evil-doers beware: Ryan Burns WILL hunt you down and swear at you. Take that!

  50. Ryan, seriously you fucking moron. How many times does someone have to provide a straightforward answer to an inane question before you understand it? You might be the dumbest dumbfuck ever to spout his dumbfuckery on a blog. Dumb. Fuck.

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