Pierson bestie to step down from Coastal Commission

Peter Douglas, the polarizing executive director of the California Coastal Commission and frequent Bill Pierson lunch date, announced he will retire at the end of November.

Read the San Francisco Chronicle article here.

It's our party and we'll cry if we want to.

31 Responses

  1. There is nothing to see here, keep moving……….

  2. Humm…so first Sara Wan gets the heave-ho (not a bad thing mind) and Peter Douglas is hanging it up, who knew the lead guitarist for U2 had this much power.

    I mean, come on, this is all about those houses that he and his cronies want to build on 5 ‘seperate’ parcels, as 5 ‘seperate’ projects. Money talks, and I guess Bill Pierson and Paykeeper just can’t compete with the coin avaliable to a rock star.

  3. I don’t think he’s quitting because of the Edge. He’s dying from lung cancer.

  4. Hey Petey: Don’t let the door hit your corrupt sorry ass on the way out. Maybe you, Neely and Han can form a band a do a remake of “Cry Me A River”? Or “Mustang Sally”? Or “My Bonnie Cried Over The River”? Or maybe “Pete is a Fucktard for Sale to the Highest Bidder”?

  5. Rob Arkley is quite the photographer. Can we please see the rest of his photos from that afternoon?

  6. Jan, love, Is it your contention that Peter Douglas was not meeting frequently with Bill Pierson, or simply that he got caught doing so by someone you don’t like? You’ll need evidence to argue the former and logic to explain the latter, and to date you haven’t mustered one iota of either.

  7. Let me weigh in.. cancer is a horrible. So is Douglas and his cronies. A power hungry ass. I am sorry for him and sorry for his family and thankful he won’t be fucking over his enemies.

  8. Bill. Stick it dude. My family thinks you are about to get your dues.

  9. 14 ‘thumbs down’, what is this will all the hating? If you really dislike what I have to say why read the post at all?

  10. While I would not wish cancer on anyone, ever … the issue remains and inquiring minds want to know: why does Mr. Douglas have un-permitted, that’s right, un-permitted construction at his Smith River compound? Did he select Del Norte County in hopes that his projects would go un-noticed? Hmmm? Someone in journalism should, as they say, check it out. But they won’t.

  11. Is Peter the sole reason why Security National never put the Marina Center on a following CCC agenda after the meeting 2 years ago in San Francisco? Am I naive in thinking that the CCC will continue on without Peter Douglas? I don’t believe the Coastal Act is going anywhere.

  12. Oh boy, I’m now being moderated! What did it, Mr. Humbug? Do tell!

  13. Because the brilliance of your rhetoric threatens our very existence.


  14. Power corrupts and the CCC and Douglas are both corrupt. Sorry he is sick and that is from the heart but damn happy to see him gone from CCC. Next some limits on this out of control horror.

  15. I don’t know much about Douglas but I still love Josephine

  16. Back off. Josephine is my heart throb.

  17. Jo
    The left is only peace, love and harmony when it comes to their fucked up ideas. They make Hitler look like Ghandi when you don’t bow down before one of their sacred cows like the Coastal Commissar.

  18. Why am I now moderated? Please do tell Humbug!

  19. Via condios Peter,Bonnie and Sally. Zig heil. May you all reap what you sow.

  20. The Coastal Commission will live on despite Peter Douglas’s retirement. Sorry Guys, you’re still fucked unless you agree to do a proper cleanup.

  21. Its not the coastal commish per se that’s bad. Its what the political power mongers that occupy seats on it have done to it. Some are ok, but its those like Douglas Han and the former (thank fucking god for that) Neely.

    Proper clean up? Progs don’t give a damn about cleaning it up. Just stopping it.

  22. Just glad the whale died and now we can get to better things. If the coastal commish can’t save a lost fish then what good are they gonna do to create jobs!!!

  23. Poor Robin, chooses to cheer a man’s fight with cancer over politics. I’ll make sure to visit Pierson’s this week in your honor RA.

  24. Yeah right Arkley obsessive, because the Coastal Commission’s overarching stranglehold on any development in the coastal zone was strictly limited to Rob’s projects. Not. Get a life and go back to Heraldoville.

  25. Hey anonymous 8:53, be sure to overpay for whatever it is you plan on buying at your trip to the big hammer. Yay for no competition!

  26. Peter Douglas is responsibe for the death of that whale. It happened in the coastal zone and he did nothing. Shame.

  27. No Competition?

    Let’s see- I could choose to shop at:

    Shafer’s Ace
    Myrtletown Lumber
    Arcata Lumber
    Sunnybrae Ace
    Fortuna Ace
    Valley Lumber

    Just not enough options for such a small community. Please Home Depot, save us!

  28. Hey, Good ‘Ol Boy Peter Douglas retiring? All is well in God’s world at last..

    How about it Mark, and Cliff?

    Evidence that you can’t always get what you want – but that you always get what you need is right there in front of you to see and avoid. Early retirement has its benefits….

  29. I wish Cliff Clendenan would jump off of one.

  30. Anonymous, none of those places carries the quantity or variety of Pierson’s, as you know. You can hate on us all you want, but some people want to shop at a large, clean, reasonably priced one-stop hardware and building materials store. Some of us like Home Depot, or Lowes, or whatever it is that keeps us from having to pay three times the price of a shower stall or drive to Crescent City to get it. There will always be a place for the niche items and personal touch you can get at Piersons. But Bill is out of his mind on some prices, and I’m not going to continue paying to support his posh, philandering lifestyle.

  31. Ditto Yawn. I shop Ace Hardware and Myrtletown Lumber for most of my needs. When I need more than they offer I go to CC to Home Depot. I won’t give a dime to Bill Pierson.

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