How did we miss this?

Bill Ayers made a return trip Friday to Northtown Books in Arcata, the same spot a photo was previously taken showing District 3 Supervisor basically melt into a puddle of googly-eyed adoration while shaking the former terrorist’s hand. Was the bromance rekindled last week?

Crap photo by Kevin Hoover. The floating pink hearts are all ours.

31 Responses

  1. There’s no stopping love, humbug.

  2. The good news is that Lovelace has no more loyalty to Bill Ayers than he has to all the people he has met along the way whose hand he shakes and back he stabs both within a few minutes of each other. To be honest, he doesn’t love anyone but himself.

  3. Too bad there isn’t a way to depict the jizz that must have passed between them. I guess hearts will have to suffice.

  4. Mark only wishes he could find something worth bombing.

  5. As Mark is fond of saying,

    Oh the Weather Undergound was frightful
    But Ayers is delightful
    And since there’s no bombs to blow
    Let it go, let it go, let it go.

  6. I think they were talking trash bout the Coastal Commission which just rejected Arcata’s local coastal plan because it sucked. The locals think they know better than the CC. Wow, so Arcata thinks it knows better? Who’d have ever thought that would happen to the “elite” backward prog turds.

  7. Why didn’t you send R0b down to take some photos?

  8. Why don’t you post your insightful comments on a blog written by people who share your obsessive tendencies and borderline personality.

  9. Shit, bugs. You did a story that involved Arcata. How long do you think it will take this time for Kevin Hoover to tell you everything you said and did was wrong?

  10. Ayres was back here to correct Heraldo as to what really happened to Judi Bari. He’s always been pissed Judy and Daryl misread his chapter on “how to not blow your ass up when transporting your own god damn bomb”

  11. Bugs you know that if that pathetic moron wasn’t here all the time, there would be no evidence of his existence. There’s nothing losers hate more than other people’s success.

  12. (I’m talking about the anonymous sad sack with the pent-up sexual tension and fixation on his betters. Not Kevin Hoover, who has his own issues but Arkley envy doesn’t appear to be one of them.)

  13. Anonymous 7:51. Dude. Serious. Get help. You’re pitiful even by ordinary prog standards.

  14. There’s something psycho-sexual going on with that guy. A lot of progs aren’t wrapped very well. Kinda sad.

  15. Is that why he’s always wanting Rob’s picture? What a freak.

  16. Bugs

    Take a second look at the Ayers photograph. The second guy in line, with the pad in his hand, is no other than our own home-grown Arcata Terrorist wanna be Jason Robo. Remember Robo? He was the shit fuck who got on a plane in Boston and stuck signs up stating 9-11 was an inside job up in the restroom then ran off the plane screaming only to be arrested and charged.

  17. “You did a story that involved Arcata. How long do you think it will take this time for Kevin Hoover to tell you everything you said and did was wrong?”

    I’m not really up to that, but there is more to this. By the way, this post constitutes a “story?” It looks like a photo with a misleading cutline to me.

    As I pointed out before, the gentleman in the plaid shirt in the background was part of the Tea Party demonstration prior to Ayers’ talk. He also shook Ayers’ hand, and added that he thought Ayers was a much more reasonable person now that he had taken the time to listen to him (rather than shout “Fuck You” through the front door, as others did). By the way, I shook his hand, too.

    Robo was the only person in attendance who dissented from Ayers’ line, and it was on grounds that his father was on the board of a defense contractor. Since Robo is a conspiracy theorist, that suggested to him that Ayers was some sort of tool.

    Two things:

    This event occurred on the day that the U.S. declared a cessation of combat operations in Iraq. I asked the Tea Party folks outside whether they thought the trillion and al the deaths and maimings were worth it. They all had the same reaction – they looked down at the ground and sort of giggled, or silently looked off into the distance. (That’s just what Mr. Arkley, Sr. did when I asked him about W’s deficit spending one time. It must be a universal and reflexive evasion reaction.)

    At the same time, Ayers refused to straightforwardly renounce the bomb-making hobby that has more or less defined his life and which he appears to be trying to paper over with scholarly tomes. When asked about it, he said his explanation was in one of his earlier books, and to buy it for the response. Fail. I don’t see why he can’t just say something like, “I was young, full of myself and made a horrible mistake for which I am full of regret.” It wouldn’t erase his past, but it would be some gesture of contrition and/or remorse. But maybe he doesn’t regret it, who knows? While he does offer interesting insights into education, it’s hard to take the man seriously with his unrenounced and explosive past hanging over him. Maybe it’s too onerous for him to do mea culpas one at a time whenever the question comes up. I would say tough luck, buddy – you made your bed so you ought to lie in it.

    So, neither tribe is interested in addressing the issues that undermine their premise for so many of us. The sloganeering, cherry picking and confirmation bias is business as usual among the partisan ideologues. Take you and Heraldo for example.

    All that may not fit your narrative, but it happened. I’d only point out that the reality of these things on the ground is much more interesting and subtle than your simpleton formulations. You ought to try participating in some of these events to capture the full picture.

  18. Figures you would spend so many words trying to defend Ayers and ultimately justify your adoration for Lovelace.

  19. Actually Kevin, take you ” The sloganeering, cherry picking and confirmation bias is business as usual among the partisan ideologues. ” Is this not exactly what you just did in your little bleep. Read it again and see, oh its different when you do it cause your a journalist. Fucking hypocrite. Put more time into your paper, God knows it could stand improvement. An of all people you commenting on what makes a story. Get real.

  20. Kevin, what is with all the viritol? The Bugs are here so we can poke fun, laugh and point out some of the more absurd happenings around our little hamlet. Even you must admit that the Magic Midget is on a roll:

    -Planning debacle
    -Goat Gate fiasco
    -Sucking up to terrorist wannabe
    -spending his time chasing a Coastal Commission appointment instead of serving his district
    and all the while humming the party line of the progs,you know that ….”sloganerring, cherry picking…bias….yada,yada,yada. Meanwhile, life in the 3rd district continues to deterioriate into a pot-laced hell.

    That was probably the real reason we have been blessed with the prescence of Mr. Ayers again, looking for some bud.

  21. Oh cripes Kevin, take a breath and get a sense of humor bra. I tuned you out after the fifth sentence. Nope correction, fourth sentence. LIGHTEN UP dude.

  22. Kevin, we wanted to participate in the full event, but we couldn’t get the pink hearts to float like that in the store. Hence the Plan B. Sorry, man.

  23. “Is that why he’s always wanting Rob’s picture?”

    I just want Rob A to get credit for the photos he’s provided to this blog. Give credit where credit’s due already!

  24. Is it just me or has there been a lack of natioanal publicity about Bill and his ……………….. choke, choke …. lovely wife lately?

    Or Michelle for that matter.

    Not that I’m complaining mind you, it just seems that they haven’t been in the press much of late.

    Bill is a piece of shit that should still be in prison.

  25. A picture of Mark adoring a communist, Marxist, terrorist like Ayers should be the only thing necessary to recall someone that is supposed to represent the public in a democratic society. But I guess that Arcata and most of the rest of the 3rd district would fit into the communist socialist category anyway! Agree with Anonymous last night comment at 9:24, “Bill is a piece of shit that should still be in prison.”

  26. Did Rob really take photos that appeared on this blog? Which ones?

  27. Mr. Mr., did you really pretend to be someone else so you could ask yourself a question? Why yes you did. Thanks.


  28. Why not simply answer the question???

  29. Well, at least Mark Lovelace supports LOCAL TERRORIST, not Chinese crap ones from Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy…..

  30. I’ll take that as a yes then?

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