Will Patty Berg rise from the dead to run for… county supervisor?

The Ice Berg cometh again? Eek.

That’s the new rumor around town, and perhaps we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss it. Berg has demonstrated her post-Assembly ambition previously by making a failed play for insurance commissioner, before trying to shove supposed political ally Pat Wiggins out of the senate seat Berg wanted when Wiggins began showing early signs of dementia.

In neither case was Berg able to drum up the party support necessary to win a position at the state level. But she doesn’t really need that to run for county supervisor. All she needs is a “residence” in a district she thinks she can win.

Anyone have any guesses where that might be?

25 Responses

  1. The crypt-keeper returns. Eek is right.

  2. The Proggies would really resurrect this walking corpse just to make a stand on housing, and oh, yes, evil, evil Wal-Mart. Funny, I would think that our little poopsie would be only too happy to embrace a place where she can buy depends in large quantities and at a bargin price!

    Loved Housing for All and their consistant use of the royal “We”, gotta love a group with such a strong sense of “WE are right” and this is how “WE want things to be.” How do I get to be a WE? I wanna be a “WE!!!”

  3. Patty Berg is a sweetheart

    Can’t wait to hear what ya’ll have to say about her!

  4. Which district is Mr. Bohn going to run?

  5. Bohn is going to live in the district he runs for. Will Berg do the same, or will she pull a Larry Glass and fake it like he did?

  6. A sweetheart? Oh you poor deluded dear. Patty Berg is a ruthless, conniving old bitty who is deservedly trolling for lower office.

  7. If she ran for dog-catcher I’d get PETA involved.

  8. She must be about 150. She’ll have to get the fake smile surgically pinned to her face pretty soon.

  9. Was Brian Mitchell successful in convincing the Supervisors that Bohn’s neighborhood should be kept in the second district?

  10. Patty Berg was not qualified to be supervisor when she was in her prime. She is long past her prime.

    But she does live in the Bohn’s district. Her home has been on Pine Hill for many years now.

  11. Berg:
    “…a bill dealing with something so final and human, so unavoidable and consuming as death itself, is one of those bills you either love or hate. I, of course, love it”

  12. Her policies will go ever well in Cutten, Ferndale, and Scotia.

  13. That’s exactly the point, isn’t it? She lives in the district least likely to elect someone with her politics. She’s allied with the pro-Ridgewood Village contingent, so there goes Cutten. Ferndale and Scotia are obvious. She could carry Petrolia, if she didn’t campaign there, but aside from that she’s probably out of luck. Maybe she should ‘move’ to a district more likely to fall for her bs.

  14. I saw Patty at the hardware store buying a garden hose and a lawn mower. Is she into gardening, or is she going for a one time use of her new implements?

  15. I see Bonny Neely behind this move. Instead of a wolf in sheep’s clothing we have a Neely in Berg’s clothing!

  16. Dear Petty (ahem Patty)- we just got rid of your nasty mean ass BFF Bon Bon. Why the hell would anyone think we would replace the wicked witch of the west with the wicked witch of the east? The progs are flat out delusional if this is really being floated for 2012 and the First District. I get it that they are totally freaking out but…………the death lady? Cutten feels the love. Not.

  17. I can envision the best ads if she does. How about short clips of her with:

    Bill Pierson
    Blue Lake and Bear River R.

    Who else on the list of the county’s biggest idiots have I missed? Feel free to add to the list.

  18. Oh god, I remember listening to her bitch about Arine and his cigars, while she and her whole zoo crew chainsmoked her cigs and threw the butts on the ground.

  19. How about an ad with Gans holding back Arkley as he attempts to assault Patty with a martini glass?

  20. Hey 10:13: how about an ad showing Patty and Salzman shitfaced and trying to do the “monkey” three way with the bon bon?

  21. How about all three bathing in the mobile baptismal pool?

  22. I’m waiting damn it, post my comment already ya tools!

  23. Sorry, anon.r.mous. WordPress is moderation-happy sometimes.

  24. If that happened there wouldn’t be enough chlorine in the world to clean that pool.

  25. Yuk factor. What a rotten woman. If this is the only crap they can come up with then bring Ms kevorkian on. After she loses she won’t get a job anywhere

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