Lovelace disappointed his Board won’t do his bidding

A quick note on grammar, if we may.

The Lost Coast Outpost reports that District 3 Supervisor Mark Lovelace took to his Facebook page last week to castigate his fellow board members for not voting the way he wants on the controversial multifamily rezoning plan. But Lovelace did so in an odd way–using a grammatical variant of the genitive case to indicate ownership or possession of his fellow supervisors [emphasis ours]:

My Board needs to stop blaming staff for the difficult decision that’s before us. Staff has done everything we’ve asked of them and answered every question. Now we need to make a decision based on the information in front of us and recognize that we own the consequences of that decision. This is what we were elected to do. It’s time for my Board to do its job.

If it really was his Board, as he has said now with nauseating repetition, one might think he’d have no reason to go cry-babying all over the Internets because his fellow supervisors decline to do what he says. Yes, we understand that Lovelace is the current chair of the board, a revolving position that moves to a different district each year. That hardly qualifies him to claim ownership of four other people who were elected the same way he was to represent the voters in their districts.

So FYI, Mark. This is not your Board.

It’s ours.

And we think each supervisor’s vote should reflect the will of his or her constituents, not the dictates of a midget with a God complex.

38 Responses

  1. I was waiting for someone to call him out on that. Who talks like that anymore? What a self-important tool.

  2. It’s his world. We’re just living in it.

  3. In Rob we trust?

  4. Jan– Brilliant, as usual. Another comment filled with such depth and meaning. It’s the kind of analytical thinking that really defines local progressives. Keep up the good work.

  5. You mean, cheerlead Sims, the grammar Nazi didn’t notice this? Or just felt the same way?

  6. Hey. So the midget pulled an Atkins. Shocking? Not.

    Guess he forgot to read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Progs think us so called little people don’t know shit. We are all beholden to them, the self anointed elite for guidance and our daily bread. We should bow down and kiss the midget’s feet?


    Hey Mark, go fuck yourself you arrogant empty twit.

    Just a suggestion.

  7. The problem is now as it always has been: Girard…Bonnie’s little plaything. He needs to be fired.

  8. I am so sick of listening to Mark’s lispy whining in any forum, whether it’s at a board meeting or on a blog. Please Third District voters, elect someone who is a little more willing to play nicely with others.

  9. “My Board”? What an ass.

  10. Jan is so funny. Whatever the issue, Rob’s bad, therefore she must be right. She’s a deep thinker, that one.

  11. Oh my, oh my, I cannot tell a lie. Dearest Jan, pull your head out of your keester and try to get over your Rob fixation. Did the man dump you in a past life or what? Now back on topic. Lovelace is now about as relevant as that idiot Atkins. What I do enjoy is that his napoleon complex is now so very apparent. The midget really is as fruit loops as King George.

  12. If my choices are trust Rob or trust the lunatics who attribute everything wrong in the world to him, sorry, Jan. You lose. But your consolation prize is a referral to a good psychotherapist.

  13. Which you desperately need.

  14. Not that this will repair your blown-out cranial gaskets, but it seems apposite that “my” is used to indicate membership as often as ownership. Viz: my country, my family, my church, my team, etc., etc., etc.

  15. My Hank? Perhaps you should listen to Mark more often in other venues and in conversations with other people/groups. When I said Napoleon, I meant it from actual experience and not that radio interview (which I still haven’t listened to).

    “My Board?” How many times has he said that? Can’t count’em Hank. Ok I get the fact that you are cutting the midget some slack, but really bro, he has so gone out on the Atkins limb referring to the other supes as basically being lazy idiots. The fact of the matter is that Midget-mouth has no balls and is not going to get his way. The political real estate changed while he was scratching his backside (or whatever else was itching)and now he is feeling very much frustrated and alone. What would make him happy is getting his way and that ain’t gonna happen.

    Hell of a funny post Bugs.

  16. “Gentlemen, you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for, I have grown not only gray, but almost blind in the service of my country.”


  17. Oh bite us all. For a man of words you borrow Plain Jane’s favorite rant “STFU?” Did you have a few too many beers this afternoon? Give it a break and sleep it off brother.

    And you can use the word “apposite” but its not very “appropriate”. Just smacks of attitude. Quit the high and mighty crap Hank.

  18. It is just really too bad that Marky-poo does not have such ownership for “his” district. The district where grow houses outnumber avaliable rentals, where the BSN program is GONE! That district that pissed off a business so bad, they took their multi-millions to the 5th district.

    Ah yes, George, darling, you are so very correct about him. And Woe, is US, who are his non-represented, tax-paying constitutents.

  19. Hey Mark, you want affordable housing? Well get rid of all the flipping grow houses and the slumlords that rent them. You don’t think that’s f’d us? Really? Don’t think that’s f’d up who can afford to rent? Really? How many progs are renting grow houses in arcata and raking in megabucks? I can name a whole lot of them.

  20. Hugs Bugs!

    If Mark really wants affordable housing, he should build some on his oversized lot, and Girards McMansion lot, and Faust’s lot by the creek that he pees in. And oh, yes, Jan’s neighborhood (Housing for All’s legal helper) in / near Arcata where there is also room…She found out that the find our lots team suggested the area for low and very low multi-family housing and she blew a head gasket, er …. um, a fit!

    These people care about no one but themselves…. they get money from grants — and credit for ‘management’ of grant dollars.

  21. Hank, do you routinely say or have you said things like: “At my radio station, we…” or “At my weekly newspaper…” Because if you did or do, it might lead someone who didn’t know any better to believe you owned it. And you don’t. When referring to my place of business i say things like: “At the store I work at…” or “At my job, I…”

    Maybe Mark is just using an awkward form of speech and it’s all harmless, but there is the possibility that it’s something more offensive. There is the very real and most likely true possibility that he’s said it enough that he believes the Board of Supervisors is “his board” as the chairman.

    He’s intelligent enough to make the distinction, but doesn’t so we’re left to feel that he chooses to make the claim. The Bugs are just calling him out on it.

    Way to go Bugs.

  22. Give the midget a break. He was wering his ruby slippers with the extra high lifts that day and they always make him a little crankie.

  23. Nah. The midget’s thong is way too tight. So is Hank’s too for that matter. Upon reflection, I don’t think that the Humbug or the graphics dept even wear underwear which is probably why they are such free spirits.

  24. The thought of the Midget Lovelace and Hank Sims in thongs and ruby platform pumps sends me close to poking my eyes out with a pen. My salvation is thinking about the Humbug and Graphics Dept. running around “flopping in the wind.”

  25. Does Hank have a point of some sort, or does he just like to hear himself whine?

  26. Hank has unraveled completely. Sad but predictable.

  27. I wonder what Mark will do without Girard. Hasn’t Mark had his own phone to Kirk for years bought and paid for through Bonnie? His own apartment/office with a shower bought and paid for by us? Now after 12 yrs its a mindblower that he’s pissed away millions with no results? The guy had no experience, talent or competence but got the job as CS director anyway and has been a train wreck since. Anywhere but Humboldt he’d have been gone in two years. But here? Well we are just backwoods.

  28. MY BOARD!!

  29. He was sure an ass today’s BOS meet. He had he head so far up Kirks bung hole all you could see were his high heeled ryby slippers.

  30. You expect me to believe that Rob wasn’t behind the mailer I received warning us that this multifamily rezoning plan will result in halfway houses next to our schools?

    How much money have ya spent on political fliers the pass few years big guy?

  31. Jan, why do you hate other people’s success? It says so much more about you than about any of the targets of your little fixated rants. Please get some help and find things in this world that make you happy.

  32. And love, no one cares what you believe. Really. No one. Unfortunately that probably only adds to your sadness.

  33. Jan, if Kirk had went unchecked we would have had bedlum in old Mac town. Thanks so much for the few who were awake and rang the bell on this one. Stupid is as stupid does. This whole GPU and planning staff are proff of that saying.

  34. RA to Smith: ‘You Will Receive the Sunlight You So Richly Deserve”

    Next week came the anti-Forster-Gill mailers. Pure coincidence, you say?

    Uh huh.


    Thanks Friend!

  35. And yet 756, it turns out that those mailers were right!

    And so, folks like 756 and Jan, attack the messenger, because when it comes to the actual facts, they are dead.wrong.

  36. Jan; the only thing we “expect” from you is that you continue to troll your Arkley fixation crap.

    Kym: here’s a thought. How about your dope growing friends get together and pool all the money y’all evade paying in taxes and keep your post office open. Y’all live an illegal life on the wrong side of the law and want us legal folks to pay for it for you. Newsflash! Use some of that illegal money to drive to “town” or pay UPS or FedEx. (That is if they think they want to drive out into pot country USA. Now deal with that babe.

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  38. Humbug, good story. The same is going on in Manila board
    meetings ‘cept Lovelace is replaced with Fennell, every bit as ugly and destructive to democracy. Is this training a product of John Woolley?
    Lockstep is ugly on the right, uglier on the left.

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