Times-Standard bids farewell to Southern Humboldt with one last laughably sanctimonious editorial

All ye rural residents of Humboldt County, know this: The Times-Standard cares about you. A lot.

No, really!!

That’s why the county’s only local daily newspaper has taken up your cause against those rat bastards from the Postal Service who want to close a handful of your small rural post offices.

Have a look at this impassioned editorial from Saturday’s paper:

These closures are about more than just numbers. The people in the communities of Korbel, Blocksburg, Honeydew, Kneeland, Weott, Phillipsville, Redcrest and Samoa depend on their post offices for more than just mail. They serve as community centers, places to share news and keep in touch. Most of these residents don’t have the option of home delivery. This is their only landline to the outside world, and the mail there brings more than letters and bills — it brings needed supplies. They simply depend on the post office in ways those of us who live in more urban areas do not.

So maybe the Times-Standard is just trying to help by ensuring that in Blocksburg, Honeydew, Weott, Phillipsville, Redcrest and many, many other communities there will be quite a bit less news to share–because the T-S is discontinuing delivery to all of Southern Humboldt effective August 31. So much for landlines to the outside world!

The editorial notes that if the post office in Honeydew is closed, the nearest post office would be 15 miles away in Petrolia. By comparison, after the Times-Standard ends delivery, Honeydew residents would have to travel two or three times that distance to get to the nearest news box.

Not that anyone would. It is, after all, the Times-Standard.

But really. Mediocrity is no excuse for hypocrisy.

Not that the Times-Standard has ever needed an excuse for that before.


26 Responses

  1. It’s Rob Arkley’s fault!

    (I just wanted to be the first to say it.)


  2. The Times Standard just prints whatever mad shit it wants knowing no one takes them seriously anyway.

  3. I’m with Rye Balled on this one. It’s not like we can say they don’t meet our expectations. I don’t think anyone expects anything from them anymore except more stupidity and on that score they never disappoint.

  4. How pompous and crappy can the SubStandard get and when will they kick Dave Rosso to the curb? The PO is a community center? WTF?

  5. But how else are these rural people going to start their winter fires???

  6. “This is their only landline to the outside world, and the mail there brings more than letters and bills — it brings needed supplies”

    What? Are we the wild west? Needed supplies? Since when? Argh!

    I think folks in Samoa etc have a telephone, computer and car. Hey I think they may even have TV. What idiot wrote this lame editorial? (It smacks of Rosso doesn’t it?) What are they smoking? Or drinking? Or both?

  7. Today’s front page yet another exercise in stupid. When did an unattended child falling out of a window become a front page story? Are we so berefit of issue that a toddlers fascination with an EMS rig is riveting journalism?

    If I want inane triviality diguised as local news, I’ll read Sebourn’s blog or the Hearld. I realize that the TS is basically a prog-mouthpiece, but come on guys….standards?

  8. Jo, they don’t have “standards”. They have “substandards”.

  9. Seems like the T-S has lost sight of what a newspaper’s purpose really is (or was): providing news to the people in a community. Not everyone has internet, especially in SoHum, so it is a sorry substitute. I hope it spawns the creation of a new paper in SoHum that isn’t connected to Media News Group.

  10. Post office and Indian Casinos should team up for the rural folks , they could install p.o. boxes at the slots . The Casinos seem to be able to make in rural areas .

  11. Oh yes, and how about the thundering silence in regards the ‘rummage sale’ @ Jefferson School? That mortgage payment looms. The TS has been vocifierous in it’s championing of that particular ‘community effort’ and now, not a word. What gives?

  12. A newspaper just ain’t a newspaper without the daily opinion piece from Peter Hannaford

  13. Who cares about Hanaford 12:43?

    Back on topic. The person/s who wrote that drivel editorial ought to be shit canned for stupidity. I am surprised the editor didn’t find a way to weave pot into it.

  14. I cringe because I didn’t read the article and here I am commenting but given that the Times Standard is now charging for online access I hope you will forgive me….

    I wanted to point out that for many rural folk the post office does bring needed supplies. People order online or by catalog everything from sheets to food and pick up the packages from their post office. It may be easier for urban folk to run down to Sears but for many in the hills it is easier to order and wait than it is to make a two hour round trip to town.

  15. Kym. Shop local and not on the internet. Use fed ex and ups and email. Move to Eureka, Fortuna, etc. The new political correctness says that your rural living is selfish and a drain on the rest of us. At least that’s what lovelace and clendenon tell me.

  16. And the Eureka Reporter went out of business after hemorrhaging cash each day it was in print.

    But hey, Rob got to pick his endorsements! Take that T-S!

  17. My God! You should have heard that ass Lovelace at todays BOS meet. What a tool.

  18. 5:56 you might at least try to hide your troll smell with some cologne.

  19. “…places to share news and keep in touch.” People who hang around the post office to share and touch generally end up on a registry of some sort.
    “They simply depend on the post office in ways those of us who live in more urban areas do not.” Oh, you sophisticated urban denizens are so interesting!

  20. Meanwhile over at the Humboldt Herald we have fundraising announcements and Roseanne reruns. I thought the progs were supposed to be resurgent.

  21. Kym, by “rural folk” do you mean POT GROWERS? And isn’t it true that most of the internet shoping places wont shiip to a PO Box ?!

    I’ve seen UPS and Fed Ex trucks in SoHum before so your argument is full of holes.

    Go back to your roots, have a PO Box in Redway or Garberville and that will give you a reason to come to “town” and socialize!

  22. More importantly, Kym – realize that this shutting down of service is EXACTLY what you can expect if you turn over healthcare to the government. Excuse me, I mean, if you turn over healthcare to “Your Federal Family.” (The “G” word is now verboten, you know.)

    Big Brother is here, and the Post Offices are just being eliminated by the Death Panels. Pure and simple.

  23. The Times-Standard sucks.

  24. Sucks is too good for the TS. Pathetic is about right. Pot crazed is a good term too. Illiterate, brain dead.

  25. The Times Standard must be losing a lot of money. They are leaving Southern Humboldt and have drastically cut the number of readers on their web site.

    Could they be starting the slide to closing their doors?

  26. One can only hope. Its time to clean the crapper so to speak.

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