From the “When Journalism Actually Grows a Pair Department…”

10 Responses

  1. hahahaha… graphics gets a free 6’er on me.

  2. And how do we collect on this 6er?

  3. I
    must of missed the point – LOL

  4. Has there ever been a point to the Mirror?

  5. Here is a mental image for you:

    Marky-poo in his spandex and ruby slippers, mincing about and warbling ‘it’s my Board and I’ll whine if I want to…..’

    Now, that is enough to cause any self-respecting individual to hit the PBR or other libation of choice!

  6. Oh yes, and Graphics Department: consider this to be a high point of your yearly evaluation!

    I think you are definitly on track for a raise.

  7. I drink PBR to fit in with the real working folk

  8. More moderation!

  9. Did you know that some people think that “Humboldt Herald” is a “News” Blog…….Wow…….What next Heraldo, something about the Kardashians????????

  10. OMFG. Plain Jane is preaching “ethics” over at the HH blog. I am constantly amazed at those progs. Like Neely, Glass, Gallegos, Salzman, Kerrigan, Berg etc have any ethics? (Teenage girls, pot, pot money, drug/money laundering, bars and underage girls, alleys and married women, web of lies, plagiarism).


    Hey let’s see if PJ will tell me to STFU which is her normal response to the truth.

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