Neely for Congress, Gallegos for Assembly, Clendenen for Mayor McCheese?

Humboldt County politics: McFucked as usual.

Congresswoman Neely? Assemblyman Gallegos? Get ready for your election gossip roundup.

Word around town is that Bonnie Neely is itching to get back into the political game following her  ignominious defeat by Virginia Bass in November. But will she try to go from failed county supervisor to First District U.S. Congresswoman? An endorsement from Mike Thompson, who has announced his intention to run in the redrawn Fifith District, would be crucial.

And when Wes Chesbro term-limits out of the first Assembly district, what fresh young face do you think the Dems will put forward to take his place? We’re hearing it’s none other than District Attorney Paul Gallegos, empty-headed tool and possibly the worst thing ever to happen to the administration of justice in Humboldt County.

The good news is, he can’t possibly be a worse assemblyman than DA, and maybe we could then elect someone to the DA’s Office who wants more out of life than a well shined knob. We can hope for that, anyway.

As for Clif Clendenen, he said he would already be the head of McDonaldland except that in the last vote the Hamburglar stole the election.

Okay, not really.

24 Responses

  1. I hope Salzman likes Sacramento.

  2. Let’s see…the voters rejected bon bon when Thompson supported her for Supervisor. Gags? The dope won’t get him far enough and the young girls and local bars? Don’t think so either. But I thought Berg was going to be recycled back to Cheesbro’s seat.

  3. I think Berg is already term-limited out in the Assembly. That and she’s 170 years old and smokes two packs a day.

  4. What about Tyson’s latest philandering episode?

  5. Talk about a well shined knob!

  6. It is hard to believe that Bonnie could get enough support when she got pounded in the last election.

  7. Whats wrong with Tyson getting alittle ass at lunch?

  8. I though it L. Glass with his new school girl…………

  9. Oh my, oh my. The flying Heraldo trolls invade the mirror. Whatsamatter trolls, the same old five people over there getting bored because sane folk won’t read your crap? Quick someone, sing “cry me a river” for 12:43, 1:09, 1:44.(All the same IP?) Poor little fella. His political pedal pushing days are soooooo very over with the bonbon, gags and the apple-puppet. Glass, Atkins and Lovelace either on the bleachers or on the ropes.

    My its a nice day today.

  10. So Glass was seen with a school girl again? That is just sick man. Sick.

  11. You can tell how infrequently the H-bloggers get laid if they think someone–anyone–having a nooner is news. Maybe they can build a campaign around that. Something like “Progs: We don’t get as much as other people.”

  12. Except for in alleys.

  13. Ha ha, that’s right Anonymous. We all remember too well that story.

  14. “Professor” Gallegos Does Sacramento? – So many things come to mind – The Peter Principle – then the question arises, what will he have to pretend to be in order to run for another office? Will he run on weaning us from grants? Mr. Law and Order? Or The Pot Kingpin?

  15. Me thinks that the flying heraldo-hounds have been bug smacked. He/she got awfully quiet. What, pray tell did he/she get offended at?

  16. Heraldo or Larry, whatever, lost his personal chief of police and doesn’t know what else to do.

    PVG as assemblyman? I guess it could happen, voters can be soo f’ing stupid sometimes, It would probably depend on the opposition. If PVG runs against Mr. Potatohead me may have a chance.

  17. I’d say Randy Gans should run for Assembly….although someone would need to provide directions for the lug. (299 is actually faster, RG).

  18. Paul as assemblyman would be an improvement over cheeseball. Now that says a lot in all directions. This district is screwed!

  19. Gags won’t be around long enough if he keeps his his boozin, smokin, and girls up.

  20. Silly whudevah, RandyGans is too busy providing content to this blog, he doesn’t have time for another political campaign

  21. The Heraldo trolls so crack me up. Larry the Loser, Bonnie the Boozer, Pothead Paul, Needle Patty, Catastrophe Cliff. Wow what a freak show of dishonest and despicable douchebags.

    Did you folks here that the feds are coming back to Humboldt as well as Mendo to clean the greenhouses and grow houses?

  22. Laugh out loud at Gallegos if that pleases you. But remember, and I hope this scares hell out of those of us sane people, he is a survivor. Two elections and a Recall. Hair standing up on end yet?

  23. […] to the Humboldt Mirror, with some caution that the Mirror makes an abundance of satirical posts.  But this one isn’t reading like satire, and it references a closed-session BOS agenda item […]

  24. Oh yeah? Well we will just see. I don’t think that the pot trolls in Arcata would help him with that.

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