Imperial Douche Lovelace plots overthrow of Humboldt Mirror

11 Responses

  1. That’s quite some war room Markie. I think I saw that laminate flooring at Pierson’s.

  2. Meanwhile, down at Security National…

  3. Oh look, the Heraldo trolls are here. Charming discourse as usual.

  4. Anon 1:59, go back to Heraldo. You can be entertained by that silly bitch PJ. I’m sure your in complete agreement with the queen of stupid. Go on now and leave the fun to us.

    Could not wait past 2nd comment to make your highly intelligent contribution. Sorry little progressive follower. You have to be a follower cause no one with any brains could believe all that stupid dribble.

  5. What’s the appropriate discourse for such a thought provoking post Anonymous?

  6. I don’t think he could find his penis with a map ….

  7. He doesn’t have a penis. He doesn’t have a vagina either.

  8. Carrumba Bugs!

    How can this be?

    The little prince would endeavor to destroy the very pool that so clearly reflects his oh so narcissistic self. Forgive me for saying so my dear Bugs but, you fully stoke the fires of his tightly twisted craving for attention.

    One of my operatives was in the gallery when the moral center of the third district held court during a lull in his own debutante soirée. On the big screen was reflected a mirror montage of Marky imagery resplendent in his blogesque finery.

    “Who among you…” he demanded, “is so grand yet hath failed to capture the critical notice of the Bugs?” “Only me! I own the Mirror!!!!” he exclaimed.

    From the back of the adoring crowd a shadowy matron slowly wandered out. The visage was that of a once powerful, diminished and strangely sad figure. Her nose was familiar (foreshortening notwithstanding.) “Hmmmpph…” she muttered. “The 12 Marky’s of Christmas? No freaking way! The boy’s got a lot to learn.”

    Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most self serving, opportunistic, politically corrupt manipulator of all?

    Dang Bugs…that’s a hard choice. But, if you lead a horse to water, it just might get wet. Comprende amigo?

    Now about the Christmas special…..

  9. My point exactly 7:59.

    A nose by any other name…….

  10. Bill Ayers probably told him to button his jacket and cinch his belt. Tighten up, Markie.

  11. “His Imperial Douche” indeed! State Grant money to block off yet another chunk of land. Of course it is in his backyard, because, ‘ hey, I’ve got mine, and the rest of you can just suck it!’

    The King of Infill strikes again! I wonder if his good buddy knows wether or not this was a ‘shaded parcel?”

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