Preschool teacher hands Girard his ass

A quick word of advice to (current) Community Development Disservices Director Kirk Girard: Don’t piss off the smart people.

An example thereof is one Hilary Mosher, a woman whose attempt to open a preschool in McKinleyville reads like something from a Kafka novel. Her story, which she tells in a Times-Standard guest op, goes something like this: She asks planning staff if she needs a permit, the planner doesn’t know, asks two other planners, one says yes, one no, the original planner says she trusts the judgment of the one who said no, so Ms. Mosher begins construction.

Easy enough! So let’s just go to the game film and see how that worked out for her:

When I contacted Girard after a “stop work” order was posted on the school gate, and told him that I was following the direction I’d been given by his staff, he said: “If you were a professional, you would’ve gotten that in writing.” Appalled, I said, “I am a professional educator. I pay taxes and should be able to expect that when I contact my government office for crucial information, it will be correct.” Girard retorted, “You know, I could reverse the decision for your penalty fee [he levied thousands in penalties] if I found that my office was at fault … but I won’t because I don’t believe that’s what happened.” Then he said that he had ordered a training for all his junior staff to “avoid the situation from recurring.” I said, “Wait–you don’t believe that it happened, but conducted a training to prevent it from happening again?” and he laughed. It was obvious that he knew I was telling the truth and was enjoying unfairly exerting power over me.

Girard would subsequently say that there were “zones she could set up her facility in without requiring a permit and she did not choose one of those zones.” Mosher says the only problem with that answer is that there are no zones for preschools in Humboldt County.

After spending thousands of dollars, Mosher finally got her permit–along with a condescending reprimand from the Planning Commission for intentionally building outside a zone that didn’t exist.

Yeah. That story’s likely to leave a mark on the ol’ performance eval. So good luck with that, Kirk.

12 Responses

  1. The sad thing about this story is not that it’s true but that it’s so common. Girard has subjected many of us to his underhanded, inconsistent, bullshit way of doing business.

  2. Under the article in the T-S, someone responded that you can’t go too long without finding someone that Mr. Girard has screwed in the county. So having said that, what does Mr. Girard and Bonnie Neely who is, unfortunately, still on the political scene have on Jimmy Smith that keeps him from doing the obvious? Just askin’…

    As long as he remains spineless nothing will change – moving Girard over to economic development department is putting the fox incharge of the hen house, and just moving the puppet master a few fee back from the front of the stage….and as for the theory that they would put the CAO in charge does NOT bring anyone comfort…now there’s a disaster in the making!

  3. Anyone who has been involved in anyway with the current Housing Element can tell you story after story of the Directors lies and bullshit. In the last few years I have attended many meeting where he did his little laugh, dance and slight of hand. He talks out of both sides of his mouth and with a forked tongue. Its time to get rid of him.

  4. Why can’t RA simply have this guy removed?

  5. I thought it was both sides of his ass he was talking out of.

  6. or, shit’n outa both sides of his mouth! this f’er is taking this county down faster than Obama is the country.

  7. I bet Obama could run Community Development.

  8. Aargh moderation! It’s worse than usual and most comments are landing in the spam can. Sorry, friends!! We’re fishing them out as fast as we can!

  9. Girard’s arrogance and ncompetence has hidden behind the skirts of Bonnie for far too long.

    The Supe’s need to gather the stones they have between them and fire Girard. Swiftly. Then look at restructuring all the areas he formerly controlled and take the unwieldy power out of that position before they hire a person to do that job.

    Restructuring will be a big job but it will be required. Also, as Girard leaves so must many who have been facilitated by him. Clean house. Running the county is like running another business. A leadership failure of this magnitude means a complete overhaul of the staff he leaves behind.

  10. Talked negative on Hblog. I’m now in moderation. Piece of shit blog progs can not stand the truth.

    Girard needs to be fired soon so county can get on to rebuild.Lovelace is part of what needs to be removed along with Cliff his literal butt attachment.

  11. The BOS needs to can this asshole. ASAP. The list of bullshit goes on for years. Girards professional performance is troubling. He is afterall, better than the rest of us. Hey, Kirk, fuck you.

  12. The department has many more, yet to be media-ized locally, horror stories with regard to public employment, it’s officials, officers, policy makers/deciders and employees. No doubt that staff is twisted worse than a pretzel with acid salt sprinkled on top. Yet, how dumb can any educator be in dealing with any public agency and not getting in writing what staff does or says. As a student, I suppose they not need to take any tests unless they receive something in writing from the educators. Can’t help but laugh at the educator who may have willfully concocted a “set-up” arrangement when researching the viability of opening a “pre-school”. Again, stupidity created the trail of whining. This kinda reminds me of a white guy who goes into the CHP to get a Mexican National’s vehicle out of impound. The white guy asks the chp officer, “He has a mexican driver’s license, so what is the problem with the moving violation ticket that has been unpaid?”

    Maybe, it is “THE TYPE” of people that exist that cause these problems – both public and private types?????


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