Conditions prime for bullshit on the North Coast


17 Responses

  1. “Caniving?”

  2. Oops, fixed. Thanks Rose.

  3. O.K. there anonymous troll. Your comments from the numerous Chicago area IPs are growing tiresome. Please go away for good will ya?

  4. Yeah Rose, we never said we were smart. Spell check doesn’t work unless you use it.

  5. I can’t wait to see how Joel Mielke will cartoonize the Mirror in some lame way.

  6. Is that a hairy headed Piranha? No I meant the fish.

  7. Better step up those moderation settings Mr. Mirror

  8. I can’t wait to see Joel actually do something that is talented or funny.

  9. Still bitter over the newspaper wars, are we guys?

    You lost, not get over it already. Maybe you can get the PLF to represent you in another CCC suit?

  10. 8:22 or RS, as long as there is injustice there will be a need for PLF and others like them. Get over it? Never dude. The quest for the truth and fairness will never end!

  11. As long as there is injustice? Wow, maybe you should hire Clark Kent. Can he clean brownfields?

  12. Want to know who “lost” the Newspaper war? The people of Humboldt County, that’s who….The Times Standard is a joke, a very bad joke. The North Coast Journal has become nothing more than a printed extension of The Humboldt Herald……

  13. Yeah, I can clean brownfields. It takes Lovelace and Pierson to Btfo so it can be cleaned. But the progs don’t give a shit about clean up. They want their way and if they can’t get it they want the area to remain blight. 8:22/RS you really are a regressive prick, but you are predictable. Btw, how’s the bon bon?

  14. Home Depot rules! Just ordered online and saved over 400 bucks than buying at Piersons. I also get it delivered for FREE and paid over 1 percent less in taxes.

    Bite me Mark and RS. Now that I know there prices will always be less, delivery free and less taxes I ain’t ever buying anywhere else!

  15. Graphics Dept, you guys are really rockin’ it these days! You definitley are on track for an excellent performance review this year. Hey, is it just me or does that Dorado look kinda like the Bon-Bon? The death grip that Larky has on it brings up a whole new set of issues!

  16. Actually 8:22 we all lost. The TS is a substandard newspaper by any measure. Only way they could improve that paper is with centerfolds of Donna Tam.

  17. Marky was lookin for a dolphin, he heard they are sensual.

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