‘Occupy Wall Street’ for Dummies

The victim of class warfare on the right can't remember where he left the sign that reads "Occupy the Large Vacant Space Between My Ears," although the snazzy hat conveys roughly the same idea.

For those of you wondering what this “Occupy Wall Street” thing is all about, look no further than the prolific Richard Salzman, who has stepped away from whatever criminal activities he’s on to now to enlighten us.

He explains in a letter to the North Coast Journal that protesters “are using their First Amendment Rights to fight back at the class war that’s been waged for two generations or more by Wall Street bankers and corporate America against working Americans.”

So yay protesters! Because if you can just get all those bad corporations shut down, there will be a lot fewer working Americans to defend.


44 Responses

  1. Can’t wait for the Occupy Humboldt people to crawl out of the woods, although that might have to wait until the harvest is in.

  2. Salman is a small man looking for another Gallegos Recall. That was his high point and day in the sun. From there, he has become largely irrelevant and has devloved into a drunk psycho obsessed with anything Arkley.

  3. Let’s be very clear – Richard Salzman is the biggest liar that ever walked the face of this planet. The Journal should never print anything with his name on it without providing a hyper-link to their award-winning cover-story on said Mr. “R. Trent” Salzman Web of Lies: Richard Salzman and other e-mail phonies

    #OccupyWallStreet is a well orchestrated activist plan – of that you can rest assured – and Salzman is a tool of one of the biggest of the big money men.

    The really funny part, though, if you think about it, is that last month the “protestors” were in Wisconsin screeching for higher teacher pay. Now they are in Wall Street screeching that teachers shouldn’t be paid at all as they encourage students to “revolt” – defaulting on their student loans.

    It’s all a lie – and he knows it.

    There’a a counter movement though: #OccupyWhiteHouse2012 that should solve this whole sorry mess.

    In Solidarity.

  4. Salzman is a disreputable, dishonest douche.

  5. Thank you Rose for the Tea Bagger prospective

    Rose has at least one thing in common with the protesters


  6. At least now it is clear what Salzman – and Obama – stand for. Reneging on your debt. Cheating the people who loan you money. Anarchy. And destruction.

    Meanwhile the poor protestors struggle to say why they’re there and what it is they are doing exactly, because they have NO IDEA.

    #occupywallstreet: “Stop Listing Demands” We Look Like Complete Imbeciles

    Meanwhile: Sometimes it is not what you see but what you don’t see that tells a lot

    At #occupywallstreet – the ultra anarchists seem to be absent.

    None of the violent protestors like the Black Block and so forth. Code Pink not to be seen, none of the names that might scare the ‘moderates.’

    Somebody had to arrange for them to stay away, at least for now.


  7. right on Ken! Must be a new Ken Miller in Town

    A little snow would be nice this time of year in NYC! Or some temps in the low 40’s with rain.

  8. salzman is just a has been nobody! Just like his butthole buddy Jeff S.

  9. Thank you Rose for the Tea Bagger prospective

    Rose does have one thing in common with the protesters


  10. “Salzman is a tool of one of the biggest of the big money men.”

    Crack me up, who is that big money man, Rose?

    Why is a big money man concerned about simple restrooms on the plaza. When did writing letters nomme de plume warrant front-page liar accusations? Humboldt County’s press is notoriously for shit and Salzman is not to blame.

  11. Salzman is such a leech. A drunk leech. I wonder what little old lady he’s ripping off today? Or maybe he’s trimming buds for chump change. You know he’s calling pot growers “job creators”.

    As for the NCJ, on the rare occasion I flip through that rag I look for who is advertising and then I don’t go to those few businesses.

  12. “Sometimes a spontaneous uprising of disaffected Americans disgusted at the greedy corporate fat cats and ready for a systemic change away from the cold, market-based cruelty of capitalism is not really a spontaneous uprising of disaffected Americans disgusted at the greedy corporate fat cats and ready for a systemic change away from the cold, market-based cruelty of capitalism.”

    “Organizer admits to paying ‘Occupy DC’ protesters”

    “Interviewed in Spanish, the protesters told conflicting stories about how their group was organized. Some said it was organized at their church, and that they were there as volunteers. Others, however, referred to the man from the DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition — the only Caucasian in the group — as their “boss.”

    TheDC asked that organizer whether he was paying the group to attend the protest, and he conceded that some protesters “aren’t” volunteers.

    “Some of them are volunteers. Some of them aren’t,” he explained. “I can’t identify them. I’m not going to get into an identification game.”

    Who is paying Salzman?

  13. Christ almighty Rose, did you not read your previous post?

    “Salzman is a tool of one of the biggest of the big money men.”

    Then, Rose says ” Who is paying Salzman?”

    You have the answer in your first post. Or is that a lie, Rose?

  14. Hey 8:55. Quit using my name asshole. As for the “nomme de plume” bullshit, that dickwad Salzman used other people’s names for fake letters to the editor praising himself. Dick Trent was one. Trent is a little old man and Salzman used Trent’s name. Salzman used the mane of a disabled little old lady too. That’s not a “nomme de plume”. Its a lie and Dicky is a liar as well as an amoral leech.

  15. Crap. That should have been “name” not “mane”. But that typo was pretty funny!

  16. Fridays, brunch with Bernie Sanders- 1480 am, 9-10
    Best in radio. Give it a listen, Rose. On now.

  17. 8:55 is in all probability Salzman. One of the worst things ever happened to Humboldt. Piece of dog shit. Liar, Coward, Traitor, Commie Asshole.

    Richard is on the payroll of one of the various groups that links up through Moveon to Soro’s. He is a community organizer type mid-level
    front man. One of the founders of Local Solutions among other slick groups.

    Pretty much he has gone down hill till now he spends his time on blogs as one of 100 different anons he has invented.

    You know its Salzman because of the unemployed garbage he spouts about Rose. Gosh, she runs a household with a husband who works, 2 kids, plus ones in college. Pays her bills, draw no money from the system and pays her tax’s. Runs a blog in which she expresses her opinion own opinion not that of a master. Raised here locally. Involved with community. One of the original people to start NCJ.

    Ya, Rose is the real deal. Fucking Salzman has real problems that she is everything he is not.

    Oh yea! FucK you Dick.

  18. He used my god damn name too for one of his stupid letters praising himself. What an Asshat.

  19. Have you guys talked to any of the Occupy Humboldt people? I think we both know the answer to that. It’s a grassroots response to the titans of finance and their extra-special ways. FoxNews wants you to think they are anti-capitalist. It just isn’t so.

    OH and the other iterations of the Occupy movement elsewhere will have the exact same bell curve of zealots-regular folks-hangers-on as every other political agglomeration. They have to be one-dimensionalized to serve your narrative, but it’s not the reality.

    Whether they know it or not, the OH protesters share some common values with the kindly Tea Party folks I met – regular people who are tired of the top-down corruption. Not that the two tribes would ever dream of identifying common interests and joining forces on any level. But if they were serious, they would.

    Another thing both have in common is that the corrupt establishment is glomming onto their movements. The rotten GOP establishment has seized the Tea Party and living it up with gala events, lavish hotel rooms and huge speaker fees for conservative superstars – exactly the opposite of what it’s suppose to be about. On the prog side, the poisonous, cynical likes of Salzman are descending on the Occupy movement.

    It’s a terrible, terrible shame that the honest concerns of all these people can’t be considered without distortions and mockery. I wonder what it will take to get us all to get serious and work with each other. Some huge natural disaster I suppose.

  20. Kevin, you do not work with sub-humans like Salzman. They are zealots, unable to do anything but spread garbage.

  21. Jesus! Christ! Kevin, has Kim Starr been blow’n you for buds? Most of these droids can’t even hold up the signs. Lert alone tell you what the”F” they mean. Give it a rest and get a girl or boy friend.

  22. ……and yet another gathering of the great unwashed and greatly affected. As I was driving home from my job ( I know, I know so mundane, boring, unenlightened, but you know that ‘food on the table ‘thing) I was accosted at three different stop lights by people who bore a starteling resemblence to the individuals currently begging for the media to expose them. One wanted cigarettes, one wanted drugs and I could not for the life of me understand the inebriated mumblings of the thrid one. I guess this is what passes for a political statement from our current level of Occupy Humboldt and I sincerely doubt it will change. the only seperation between the individuals in New York or DC and Humboldt are better script writers and the only sober ones there get interviewed. Salzman needs to get busy on the local level because we are really slacking……….

    What ever happened to “think globally and act locally”, my goodness Richard, have you no pride?

  23. None what so ever.

  24. Marina Center now?

    Where are we at Randy? Let’s go already!

  25. Kevin. You gotta get out of Arcata more. Try jumping in a privat plane and flying southboud down 101. It now looks like the centra valley except that its pot. Clear cuts of timber for marijuana production. Look at your own town and then think. The OH’rs have a problem with the corrupt establishment? They should start this change at home. The corruption here Kevin. The establishment and corruption here with all the free loading growers who don’t pay a dime in taxes on what they make. The ones that destroy our land and take our water. For christ sakes even our dip shit DA.

    The OH folks are hypocrites.

  26. Corrupt corporate establishment? Try the corrupt pot growers. If they want to start with corruption and greed then start in Humboldt Kevin.

  27. I get it. Occupy Humboldt thinking (without brain cells) globally all the while supporting greedy pot growers fucking us locally. Destroying our natural resources, raping the land, destroying our housing and neighborhoods and not paying their fair share of taxes. I am just so impressed Kevin. Let’s just ignore the 500 lb gorilla in the living room.

  28. Word up Georgie! Loved the piece in the Sub today. If the Feds need someone to point out commerical grows occupying what should be low-income housing I will be happy to help!

    Hey! I wonder if Mr. Girard and the Esteemed Mr. Lovelace will gain some political grandstanding out of this? Neither one misses an opportunity to practice standing, running, and jumping hypocrisy.

  29. So people are acting like they are on the “Plaza”. How progressive. Dirty. Unwashed. Gross.

  30. Once you realize that the Tea Party and “Occupy” are two sides of the same coin, you may actually begin to understand that the 1% are turning this country into a third world country where a small percentage of wealthy people hold onto control and let the middle class decline. Go ahead and support the 1% and think that you will one day be part of that class. Meanwhile they laugh all the way to the bank and are happy to have your support. Divide and conquer is as old as humanity and the Mirror plays right into this age old plan. The Mirror can now support the low wage middle class assistant manager jobs without benefits while the rich celebrate.

  31. Shut the fuck up Salzman!

  32. RS is the think/speak man. Gets his $$$$ and walking orders from Soros then tells us rubes how stupid we are. Hey, RS we ain’t buying your BS!

  33. Kevin, what are the “honest concerns” of these people? One protester was asked by Michael Medved what her injury would be if someone in the private sector started a business, resulting in employment for the community and profit for the company. Her response after a super long pause to allow her jerking knee to fully ignite was, ” We would all be injured because that business would not be required to share the profits with all of us.”

    Sounds like anti-capitalism to me. I think the “occupy anything” mentality is about the usual stuff: “The thing that’s keeping me from getting where I want to go is the wealthy, yeah, that’s it, the wealthy are making me poor”……BS to be sure since the wealthy employ many Americans, but, to those who would rather sit around pointing a finger at people they envy instead of trying to get somewhere on their own, it’s the perfect scapegoat for avoiding personal responsibility…..AND, avoiding personal responsibility is pretty much the entire problem, not Wall Street and banks who loaned poor people money to buy a home they knew they couldn’t afford. At some point in time, the “american dream” became an entitlement for some and not something we accomplished through hard work. Those who seek entitlement are “occupying Wallstreet”. If you buy into the theory of 1% owning the wealth and power, you should be careful what you wish for. Russia fell for that and they are still tryig to dig out of the grave they created for themselves by thinking “leveling the playing field” would be more than allowing the militant to step in and take over all their freedom and wealth.

  34. What is the history between RA & Salzman?

  35. Each employer supports not only themselves, but supports each employee in entirety – including providing for them to buy a car, buy groceries, buy a house, make their payments, feel and clothe themselves and their kids. It also often includes health insurance. It includes unemployment insurance. It includes Social Security, and often pensions.

    How can any thinking, educated person really be in favor of this madness? You want the government to provide everything? Do you have any idea how that plays in the real world?

  36. I saw Rahm and Nancy P. priase the lazy dirty F*&^%’s today !

  37. Thanks for the link Rose. That shit in Atlanta was seriously creepy. Wow.

  38. OWS = Lazy college graduates. They’ve moved on from sleeping in the trees to the streets.

    Tea Party = Rich stay at home Moms with nothing better to do with their time. (Rose)

  39. OWS = Lazy college graduates. They’ve moved on from sleeping in the trees to the streets.

    Tea Party = Rich stay at home Moms with nothing better to do with their time. (Rose)

    They all need to STFU and get jobs

  40. StFu? How plain jane of you 5:09.

  41. Umm, OWS, etc protests against cooperations, etc, and yet uses products of corporations to get their word out.

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