Special interest group urges supes to ignore special interest groups

"Hypocrisy is a fashionable vice, and all fashionable vices pass for virtue.”

Anti-development special interest group Healthy Humboldt sent a guest opinion piece to the Times-Standard exhorting the board of supervisors to disregard input from special interest groups.

Using similar logic, the authors–Dan Ehresman and the ubiquitous Jen Kalt–argued that removal of the man who has bollixed the General Plan Update for the last 12 years could bollix the General Plan Update.

Encouraged by the letter’s publication, the two decided their well developed sense of dramatic irony would be better employed writing French farce, so they departed at once for the 17th Century.

Okay okay, not really.


28 Responses

  1. I’d say it was the beginning of the end, but that was probably 1998 when Girard was hired. This is much closer to the end of the end.

  2. Snort

  3. Who even takes Kalt serious. The government won’t even use her because her work is so bad. She is a shew bitch, of the hook prog crazy.

  4. If nothing else you guys have proven that perfectly good English degrees need not go to waste. I’ll give you that.

  5. (Speaking of which, Anonymous, what’s a “shew”?)

  6. I feel quotes coming on this morning, just like a flu virus….

    “Idealism is the noble toga that political gentlemen drape over their will to power” Aldous Huxley

    or how about this gem to describe dear Jennifer and her comrades:

    “An idealist is onewho, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup”
    H.L. Mencken

    This sums up the complete lack of logic in the continued blind support of a petty idiot by the looney left. Did I mention that this on-going circle jerk is affecting you average Joe/Josephine, and that there is some major discontent brewing? Major discontent that will express itself at the ballot box instead of pooping on a police car (which we all know is the proper way to express yourself!)

  7. Bugs – you rock!

  8. Good one Bugs.

  9. THe power of stupid must never be taken lightly. Young Dan was a very nice ,wide eyed young man looking for a task to do good when he came to humboldt. Low and behold he was sucked into the paykeeper,NEC, Epic, vortex of kool kharma. Little by little his perspect and open mindedness were sucked away. Garbage in , garbage out. There is of course no excuse for Kalt.

  10. Bwah ha ha ha!

    I love the Bugs!

  11. Prog fuck, sorry to misspell a word. Shrew, like that better. Sorry no English degree for me. That’s a prog trait. Its a form vs function thing. Prog’s are mostly concerned with appearances, folks like me care that things work.

    Anon 4:48 puts it well, Dan used to be an okay kind of fellow. Kalt has be a worthless mean nasty bitch all her days.

  12. I still don’t understand why RA&SN can’t just have Girard removed from the Planning staff

  13. It’s simple. Jimmy has no balls.

  14. It’s not our fault. We are just paralyzed with fear still from Bonnie and Mark’s perceived power. Can’t rock the boat, if you know what we mean. But our time in office is just about up.

  15. What the heck. Try going comando just once.

  16. RA should just send out some more newspaper inserts attacking Jimmy

  17. Troll alert. Troll alert at 8:10. Must be dead over at HH. Right now they are whining about pot raids in Mendo. Poor dumb things.

  18. RA is probably doing something you almost never do anon 8:10. Working and making money.

    Funny part is you call him Jimmy but tell me something he has done for you. Your so fucking stupid, it’s sad.

  19. Well caliboy, today one of his companies went bankrupt

    Speaking of stupid, you might want to reread your post. You posting from the Alibi, Friday happy hour?

    Stupid fuck

  20. Anon 3:15, do you understand what a Chapter 11 is, you stupid fuck. Reorganization.

    How about that he has hundreds of companies that provide hundreds of well paying job.

    What have you done lately shit for brains. How many people do you employ. How many companies do you run. Prog fuck.

    Also I prefer to spend the evening at home. Bars are for lonely folks like PJ and you. Go back to where you came from and do not return.

  21. I feel sorry for the cunt that delivered you caliboy

  22. 9:44 you are a jack ass. you must be ken miller or richard salzman or some other prog wanna be looser. you could not get a job dumbing the wash water that cleans Rob Arkley’s balls. Caliboy you go girl!

  23. Actually she passed away. A very good woman. What is calling someones mother a cunt as an anon. Oh ya, one who has a two digit IQ and small balls.

    At lest I came from a vagina. I’m sure you were birthed from a rectum. This is the cause of your low IQ, anal sphincter clamped on your throat cutting off the oxygen.

    If you look at my post it was at 10 something in the morning. Happy Hour? And you call others stupid. Silly bitch. Go back and play with PJ, George and Richard.

  24. Too bad caliboy, if she had left us a few years earlier, we could have avoided you altogether

  25. AS has been sais before, Ken or RS you are a sad excuse for a so called human.

  26. anon 11:18, you are a good rep for progdom. Suck on,

  27. Oh how utterly civil minded you are caliboy

  28. Once I agree with you 6:11. caliboy is to cool for school/ say that about my moma and let me get hold of you & so damn sad 4 U!

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