Sadly, Humboldt does not appear to be occupying Wall Street

We got our hopes up this morning when we saw the following on

Daniel Mintz of MoveOn.Org said he was planning to deliver to Mayor Bloomberg more than 350,000 petitions and signatures he received Thursday from supporters around the nation. “The mayor would do a lot better cleaning up Wall Street than cleaning up the plaza,” he said.

Immediately we wondered–was this our Daniel Mintz, Humboldt County freelance reporter?

Another dream dashed, it appears. Evidently this is a Daniel Mintz from Brooklyn, NY. So much for getting some quality firsthand reporting from the birthplace of democracy.

17 Responses

  1. Never was much doubt what this was about, Geoge Soro’s is funding a socialist revolution in this country. President and many Dem in full support. Hold on for the ride folks.

  2. Ha…ha… Bugs you know I love you! Let’s talk about waving your wanger at the federl government. Ooups, bad idea, here comes the heat. Wish I had a medical marijuana script, but maybe not now as you are all on a list and still too exspensive (oh for the days of $1000 pounds). I’m on a list just for being a di@k for years and not paying my taxes. Good Luck, let me know how that works out for you. Oh to be young and stupid again instead of being old and stupid…Just kidding!

  3. Damn, bugs. Mintz occupying Wall Street would have been almost as much fun as Kerrigan joining the Edwards campaign team. Good times.

  4. Kerrigan? Didn’t he implode on drugs? Last time I saw him on the street he looked like he’s taken up with meth or heroine. I mean he looked seriously drug dragged. And as for Edwards, guess he’s learning what the term Club Fed means.

  5. Be careful Andrew, it’s dangerous to even compare golfing buddies these days. Occupy Humboldt…how ridiculous! Thanks Redwood Capital and North Valley Bank . Really think it’s any different? Look, there are people that have a lot of money and people that don’t. We should be protesting the government. Of the people, buy the people, isn’t that how it goes?

  6. so, are these assclowns protesting that the Obamas gave wall st billllllions? Its not nice to protest a black Presidente. They must be

  7. If #OccupyAllThis doesn’t hit the Professors over the head with a clue bat, nothing will. These guys aren’t protesting for you to get more and higher pay or lower class sizes at any level – they’re planning to renege on their student loans. Your pay, guys. Means your services are worth zero. Which is what you voted for.

    Possible unintended consequences? No more student loans. You have to pay for your education up front and as you go. Good luck with that. Maybe you oughtta start teaching responsibility.

    Mass reneging on mortgages? Maybe no more home loans. Certainly no more easy home loans. Can you afford to pay for your house up front? Good luck with that.

    You’re looking at the Lord Of The Flies brought to life in a mass demonstration of stupidity.

  8. Thanks Rose for the unemployed, tea baggin’, wealthy stay at home blogger perspective

  9. Anon 6:56, what is your problem with Rose and employment. She has accomplished more than you ever will in you sad life. Oh I forgot, Fuck you Richard.

  10. Back at you 6:56 for the inane, pot growing, free loading, close minded response of a prog troll.


  11. 500 million in debt? Title 11? Hey, why not hand it over to the other 99%, let them deal with it, right? Suckers!

    Oh do I love this country, preach on Sister Rose!

  12. Kirk will be out on Tuesday

  13. Maybe we can get Lee Ulansey to replace Girard?

  14. that would b an excellent improvement

  15. I am a proud native of Humboldt, who recently moved back to my motherland, and was at Occupy Wall Street from Oct. 19-26. I will be happy to answer any questions. I normally never comment on this blog, but I think y’all are funny as hell, albeit a tad mean-spirited at times. Anyhoo~ just wanted you to know HumCo WAS there reppin’ it. Feel free to throw your tomatoes now, but if you’d like to enter into a respectful, informative dialogue, I will be more than happy to oblige. Thanks.

  16. Respectful and informative aren’t exactly our strong suits, but in light of your general hotness and the way you just rocked that “Anyhoo,” we’ll give it a shot. So tell us, friend: What did you see at the revolution?

    Mirror peeps–be polite. Or as close to it as you can pretend to get. Thanks.

  17. “General hotness”?! Wha-?! Y’alls is CrAzY. However, feel free to read my ramblings here, yo:

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