Local enviros continue to make excellent case for tort reform

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The Times-Standard’s announcement Tuesday that three  so-called environmental groups were extorting sacks of cash suing Disneyland was greeted unenthusiastically by the newspaper’s readers.

“Oh brother. How lame,” said one.

“I guess the grow that was funding their organization got popped,” said another.

The suit, brought in part by the Humboldt-based Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation and the Ecological Rights Foundation, is just the most recent made possible by California’s Proposition 65. Originally intended to hold large corporations accountable for environmental damage, Prop. 65 has instead turned into a cash machine for dozens of inbred orgs that support themselves and each either by filing one suit after another over infractions real and imagined.

In many cases, the hyper-litigious enviros are “protecting” us from conditions that posed no danger to begin with, but  insurance carriers frequently insist on quick settlements rather than pay the legal costs of fighting the nuisance suits.

While many media outlets treated the MEJF news release as though it bore some relation to fact, the Associated Press got it just about right with this opening sentence:

A nonprofit group that has filed dozens of environmental suits against major companies is now accusing Disneyland of exposing children to lead.

The allegation in this case is that high levels of lead have been detected on some railings and windows at the theme park.

One Times-Standard commenter proposed a simple enough solution: “WASH YOUR HANDS and don’t lick the windows!”

But then how would the eco-extorters make a living?


36 Responses

  1. Does the Mateel flow through Anaheim now?

  2. Well you know, Bugs. Buy local, but sue national.

  3. Thanks for driving up costs for all of us, elitist assholes. Same thing as that dispute over Safeway labor. Sid Berg thinks we should pay more for groceries because local union rates are non-competitive. And pay more for recycling, which is also non-competitive locally. And this is supposed to be somehow good for working people?

  4. I can’t even think about tort reform without getting hungry.

  5. Wait. What are we talking about?

  6. In spite of the public nonchalance in regards recent Federal posturing, the cannibis crowd is getting nervous!

    Pretty impressive, front page news about the dastardly deeds at the Magic Kingdom (pretty low to sue Mickey) and then Tricky Dicky and his National Bank propoganda on the My Word. A two-fer of stupidity.

  7. Is it true that most of these environmental groups like Mateel, Northcoast Environmental Center, etc. keep the money they get in settlements? I heard a rumor, while fishing in Orleans the other day, that one of the lawyers who own/run NCEC, lives quite well on the East Coast and is currently building a huge, multi million dollar mansion on the Salmon River.
    How about the lawyer defending the poor woman who drowned her daughter, who just has to fly to her native Chile, at our expense, to research her background?
    Didn’t they want to “kill all the lawyers” even in mid evil times?

  8. Kids licking doorknobs? Well if thats the case then the least of their worries is lead. I am thinking about the germs that will kill them if their parents don’t teach them not to go around licking public doorknobs or the windows of the beauty salon. Sheesh

    Dear William Verrick and the Mateel, NEC, etc. you dumbfucks are right up their with that Singleton creep who finally got run out of town. Here’s a big fuck you to all of you. What did the dope bubble finally burst down in SoHum? Did the feds clean you folks out on a raid. Leave Disneyland alone you asshats.

  9. Kids don’t have to lick brass doorknobs to get contaminated by lead. It gets on their fingers when touching things made of brass with lead in it. Kids notoriously lick their fingers, eat food when they haven’t washed their hands, etc. Adults too. If mom is pregnant, her exposure at rates she can pick up in Disneyland can reduce the baby’s IQ — and it’s hard to be dumb in this world. Little kids’ IQ is lowered by their own direct exposure, one of the main public health issues for kids in the nation. For adults, lead exposure reduces sperm production and harms female ability to reproduce. It is absorbed into bones and is released during stress, like pregnancy and childbirth, or in old age when, as bones deteriorate, lead messes up the immune system. It’s ironic that a place made for kids refuses to protect them from lead even after members of the public, who are represented in this lawsuit, have gone to great expense to investigate and let Disney know about it months ago. Disney deserves to be sued because they have ignored this for so long. The question is Why is Disneyland balking at fixing things to protect kids from lead contamination at their establishment? It would be relatively easy to do. So, why not take action, when no level of lead exposure has ever been found to be safe for kids?

  10. Patty, you are such a zealot. Wrong as well. The problem with these creeps is that they care not for anything but the $$$$$$. Sneeky Pete of paykeeper is a direct spawn of this F’d up crew. Prop 65 money has been the growth industry. Think about a creep like Scott Gresion driving his out of state 4×4, smoking the best buds,drinking the expensive brew pup beers and hob nobing with sneeky Pete all on prop 65 rip off monry. They so love the environment. Right!

  11. Hey Patty–How much cash has your org raked in thanks to Prop. 65 litigation? Ballpark is fine. It’s easily in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but have you hit the big mill yet? And what do you do with the money other than pay some overhead costs and file more lawsuits? Your website shows nothing but one lawsuit after another. Do you understnad that many people don’t consider that environmentalism? They and I consider it opportunism of the worst kind. Why don’t you do me a favor and stop trying to protect me. This world needs someone to protect common sense from you.

  12. If anyone ever wondered why a ticket for Disneyland is up around $100 a day, I think we have an answer. Thanks, Patty and Pete and Fred and the rest of you.

  13. Bill Verrick would suck his own dick if he had one.

  14. (Hey Bill, keep it up old buddy and maybe one of these days someone will notice your existence. Doubtful, but maybe. Keep hope alive, my friend.)

  15. That’s the same prick who posted all that bs about Rodoni within a couple of hours of the collision that killed him. Verrick is one classy guy. He’s a perfect fit for this type of work.

  16. As per the editorial in TS today. FUCK YOU Salzman. You are in fact an asshat piece of shit.

  17. Deep pockets for Disneyland. This group doesn’t give a fuck about anything but money. Hey Patty if this type of crappy litigation is what you think is ok, then you and Verrick should get the fuck out of Humboldt and move to lala land. Here’s a newsflash…you folks suck. You are an embarrassment.

  18. Patty, I am truly disappointed in your thinking. The times I have met and talked with you, you seemed to be smarter than to be in support of this stupidity.

  19. “Maybe the local ballet company will get to start choosing its own principal dancer for a change.”

    Does Verrick have an interest in the local ballet company?

  20. caliboy, you are alway so angry. you should consult with your mother, maybe she can calm you down.

  21. Patty, dear Patty….here is a thought, don’t go to Disney Theme Parks. Oooo, here is another thought, don’t take your children to Disney Theme Parks. As a mother, I will do as I see fit for MY children and that includes (2), count (2) trips to the magic kingdom with sanitizer in hand. Your risk on contracting an A-strain influenza at a public park is higher than your risk of lead poisoning, do your research you moronic twit!

    I would never presume to tell you how to live, do me a big favor and don’t try to tell me how to live….let me make it really, really plain for you and your ilk STFU!

  22. Hey Patty, keep the kids away from pencils. They might lick their hands after writing. Idiot!

  23. Anon, I’m not angry at all. Just bored with idiots. Your really hung up on the mother issue. Do you miss mommies womb. Do you wish to be in the vag again. Oh, its you Richard. Fuck Off.

  24. That is a good point about the pencils. What do you say about that patty? Sue the schools?

  25. Sue the schools next! That’s the Mateel mentality. But, make sure you look the other way from dope growers who clear cut for their grows and who are real criminals. Read the paper this morning and we have folks on bogus student visas growing shit tons of dope and holding shit tons of cash who came rom Bulgaria, Germany and Thailand.

  26. Appalling that someone needs to mention this, but there is no lead in pencils and hasn’t been for thousands of years. Pencil “lead” is graphite. Some of you must be paint chip eaters.

  27. All those trips to Disneyland must be catching up with us.

  28. Then I guess this box of yellow things are A OK. And I guess we ought to ban kids from fishing too since all those sinkers are lead. And god forbid they have a hunter for a dad because of all that “lead buck shot.”


  29. Oh and keep those kids out of church and out of all victorian homes. You know the most common things with lead are stain glass windows and brass (knobs, beds, lights etc). On January 1, 2010, the maximum amount of lead in “lead-free brass” in California was reduced from 4% to 0.25% lead thereby making all other brass baaaaaad. Why go after the local churches, schools and victorian home owners when you have deep pockets Disneyland? Heck Patty why don’t you folks go local and go after every building in Old Town? Oh, forgot, not enough money in it for you.

  30. Seems as if common sense would suggest that no lawsuit could effectually solve a private sector AND “grandfathered-in infrastructure” theme park/business if no process for permits for improvements are pulled. Maybe, enviros are still upset that they missed this opportunity to sue during Disneylands last remodel/new construction process….then the amazing part of it – it is only this little section or area of the theme park under construction – a theme park which is like a small city……………………….

    I wonder how many of those involved in suing have lead in their homes or elsewhere??? Without money, power, greed and control, ;lawsuits would never happen, period! What would happen instead is …… what has always happened…….individual justice, no matter how one slices it

    Scary to think groups like this are less a worry than government at all levels which has fostered the environment for litigation, damn straight.

    Just like enviro groups, government is directed by PEOPLE!


  31. Patty Clary has morphed into the Grinch. What a shame.

    You worry about lead because it’s a money maker for you. How about all the goddam dope around here?

    Not a peep.

    Predatory litigants with a cash cow, you and Verrick – getting your extortion demands in. Worthless necromongers. Killing businesses and communities for big bucks.

  32. Mothers who don’t care about lead poison must be victims of it themselves.

  33. Or twist it like this~

    Mothers (and fathers) who don’t care about appropriately raising their children to be straightforward, respectful, peaceful human beings or, who would otherwise choose money or greed or consumption over their primary humane responsibilities, are not much better either. In fact, there are many flaws with today’s parents, not least of which is responsibility….or lack thereof. It can be proven in many ways as well – (sarcasm) one way may just be the voluminous amounts of people who attend the theme park (they must all agree they are present at the park to enjoy themself regardless of any unclear or clear and present dangers).

    I will say this though – any discovery of a toxin or contaminant SHOULD be verified to the consumer via an onsite kiosk or other desk/station which has important documents for review (like material information at the Supervisors’ office for the agenda) a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). The park is still an operating business. If, at minimum, this is not done, then a future suit could have a wee bit of merit. Maybe there is more information yet to be media-ized?

    Anyhow, must not be enough “easy money” these days in suing certain types of industrial businesses (local farmers even) along many of the waterways whose historic discharges of chemicals while operating a business over the years has tainted the interconnected fresh water supplies for which has forced the consumer to spend more money for clean water it should have never had to spend on clean-up in the first place…….just another style of lobbying (legal issue lobbying) for which the taxpayer is getting screwed in order to re-subsidize any business community messes through individual rate increases that spread the wealth (err economic pain and suffering). So, if and when the park is monetarily damaged, ticket/gate prices shall increase.


  34. ETR (that’s Eat the Rich) the troll has made it over to the Mirror. Aren’t we lucky.

  35. What is going on here people is Patty is saying BRASS will harm you because it contains small amounts of lead. In the world of absolutes where she lives this is true, but in the world most of us live we consider relative risk. As a kid I opened the door of the closet my older brother stuffed me in with its brass knob risking a little low solubility lead rather than suffocating among the coats and shoes.

  36. I don’t see Patty doing anything about the drug scourge – which afflicts far more children, and far more seriously – but maybe I have missed it…

    Maybe she can enlighten us.


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