Housing advocate calls for creation of Homeless Depot

Maybe we can get a grant to clean up a site for this.

The turn toward winter has sparked the usual discussion locally of the need for a(nother) homeless shelter. Here’s our thought: Why don’t we build one with all the tax revenue we’re generating by turning away legitimate businesses?



15 Responses

  1. Awesome. Is that Tad Robinson?

  2. I bet you wouldn’t have any trouble getting this bum magnet approved.

  3. Do you think it will ever, ever occur to the left that taxes fund social services, and when you kill off the source of tax funding all you have left is the generosity of the marijuana-cultivating public? And we’ve all seen how gracious that is. Not.

  4. MJ growers are all about community giving, aren’t they? You can see that in all the civic projects they’ve participated in, such as, uh, well, hmm, such as, I don’t know. There must be something. Unless all their civic mindedness is devoted to making sure people who don’t need medicine get a whole bunch of pot instead.

  5. Why would we build something that generates money when we could flush a whole bunch more of it down the drain instead? This is Humboldt, people. Think about it.

  6. The front lawn of Arcata City Hall seems to be working out well……

  7. Wow, how to separate those with justifiable situtations (those who are called bums) but whom are or were actually victims of their own greeds or even that of any number of societal abuses and useries and deceptions, etc…. as compared to those who are gaming the system – it works on all sides of any fences on this issue……

    Anyhow, jobs are better served if the individual creates it for themself rather than put full trust, faith and dependency in another person or government processes and interactions to provide something for you. Yes, jobs are a form of entitlement/subsidy too since no person has a right to be employed, but every person has a right to work or that which is necessary to survive appropriately without being a burden upon another. For those who can’t be self-employed, the world is an unfair place to say the least, isn’t it?

    A Thought – High societal costs and its relationship to living on the streets. It used to be societal costs were soooooo low, jobs were not as necessary cuz one could survive on their land or in public areas much easier without a laundry list of excessively high costs to live. Fast forward through early industrialization days, corporate frauds and government created debts, and it is no wonder economic slavery is the slavery of the 21st century, for yesteryears did not allow enough room for market share profits or volume oriented tax collections and scams……..typical constructionsims of pyramid schemers (Ponzi schemers) for which everyday, common people (not homeless bums) continue to vote for the bum elected officials and bum bureacrats and bum policy makers and bum policy implementers and just plain bum public employees who continue to allow this issue to be re-visited because of their intentional frauds and deceptions to say it nicely.

    Lastly – as if any buildings do not exist that could be maintained into a shelter…….not talkin’ new construction either. Yet, the old saying, if you build it, they will come. Now, how to control an epidemic from spreading or being isolated to certain areas or geographies is a huge concern because if all jurisdictions do not create shelters, certain communities will be inundated by those who will ride the systems coat-tails all the way to subsidy, just like government currently allows for unwed mothers with children, teenagers who can’t keep it in their pants, victims of domestic abuses, etc… Gravy train. So, why not the bums again? It is clear why arguments on subsidies are so uneven – not everyone is a benefactor, by government design and agendas that favor bias, discrimination, and constitutional breaches…………

    Ya know, if you fold a certain American dollar bill a certain way, it is as if Americans were told BY THE FED RESERVE that America was going to crash and burn.

  8. Hummm…..I think somebody has gone off their meds again. Of course we need another shelter! Occupy Whatever needs a safe, warm, dry place to protest or whatever it is they are doing. What they are NOT doing is working, paying taxes or contributing to the general good.

    Oops, just described the so very evolved Mr. Robinson, and the equally erudite Ms. Starr.

  9. Thank God Jeff is here to clear things up. Thanks. Really.

  10. If anyone tells you that drugs don’t do permanent damage, refer to 8:47; it’s so much better than those eggs in a frying pan commercials.

    Did the bugs write the header for the cover of the NCJ this week?

  11. Uh, well never mind. I think you get the point.

  12. Ah yes Ms Starr !? Now there is a real rational person!

  13. ms starr —- proves the old saying ” you can dround the baby but the after birth might still live”——- where’s the damn pitch fork when you need it ?

  14. Newsflash. Yeti is spotted at home depot. Bugs graphics stumbles onto this now too common sighting and snaps photo. Priceless.

  15. Freddie Mac and Fannie May news bit – Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate have expressed chagrin that the two companies, which have been propped up by about $169 billion in federal aid, were paying out $12.79 million in bonuses for 10 executives.

    The government took control of the firms, the two largest sources of funding for U.S. mortgages, as mounting losses threatened their solvency in 2008. The government has managed them since then.

    A bill to block the pay packages was approved by the House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday on a lop-sided 52-4 vote. The full House must vote on the measure. A similar bill has been introduced in the Senate.

    Williams said that without legislative direction from Congress on the future of the two government-sponsored enterprises, it was “difficult to attract and retain employees with highly specialized skills, expertise and experience.”

    My Response: it is never difficult in the financial sector/industry to attract and retain employees with highly specialized skills, expertise and experience…….. as the market schemes and scams prove otherwise. Now, had Americans voted for regular folks and not elitest wannabe types who think they are so very sophisticated and educated, America would not be in the crunch now that it is! Rather, the industry looks for those who will “just do it” without a care or any forthought.

    Time to employ a janitor to sign here. here and here before sending the completed financial refi’s back to the mother ship for satellite processing that equates into paychecks for the scammers, pay packages for the scammers, pay-offs for the scammers, even pay increases and bonuses for the scammers.

    On the flip, if the argument is that “NOT ENOUGH” qualified potential employees exist for the financial sector, then why hire janitors to do anything…..ah, the schemes and scams for greed of wealth that many people, who are uneducated with regard to economics, are so easy to succumb too. It is not as if a bank hires a former janitor to be a teller…..nah, higher younger females and males for “that sexy counter look” to attract like kind customers and their business while the wretched, ugly black hearted types sit in the back or elsewhere behind a desk on padded seats doing their dirty launderings of other peoples wealth…….Banks act as a middle man when a middle man is not needed. All banks do is take Fed Money Supply deposits and dole it out as they see fit for their profits after covering for debt interest accrued…..Hmmmm, I believe that taxpayers’ dollars are not to be used by banks for their own profit.

    So, why again does the Fed not act as the loan consultant to all those individuals and public officials who take out loans….ya cut the middle man (Banks) outta the loop…..except that the Oligarchial wealthy few connected to the Fed Reserve could not scheme that Money Supply for themself through the banks existence.and position in the trail of money (notes) and issued bonds (to be re-exchanged at a later date, hopefully). Fear of perishable money, versus gold, is why banks exist too. When people decide that putting their money in jars and other storage devices is just as safe as depositing it into a bank, then what will banks be needed for, really (dating site)? Besides, a bank only insures up to a total of $xxxxxx (FDIC), so, if you are really wealthy, banks don’t offer enough protections; thus, to be on the safe side, continue building wealth as much as possible to cover for the lack of financial protections that widdle wealth away for anyone who is above the insured pay-out threshold. Of course, poor people need no financial protections since they have really no finances to protect.


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