Latest study finds…

One percent of Occupy Humboldt protesters are responsible for 99 percent of the poop at local financial institutions.


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  1. What a lovely assortment of human beings the “Occupy Humboldt ” are!! Kind of reminds me of the picture of the guy taking a dump on a police car in NY or the guy taking a dump on an Amercan flag as other “Occupiers” stand by laughing, also NY.

    I do hope these Occupiers enjoy the coming of winter! A little rain and cold will do them good.

    Why not more ourtrage about Linda A.’s addressing the “general assembly” or congress of the illegal campers. Outrageous behavior for someone in her position.

  2. So 99 percent of the shit pooped at US Bank came from 1 percent of the idiots camped at the courthouse? Now that’s funny. Where do you come up with this crap (pun intended). Maybe someone can donate some colorado melons to the great unwashed. That could get interesting.

  3. They’ve now got women segregated into tents to cut down on the rapes at #OccupyWallStreet. Next thing ya know they’ll have to wear burkhas.

    And – did you know you have fans?

  4. Hillbuzz is calling them the #Occupoopers.

  5. I wonder why Linda Asskins doesn’t join the occupiers?

  6. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  7. Occupoopers? Now that’s grand! The progs and occupoopers are melting down and its rather funny. No message. No brain cells. No hygiene. No manners.

    I particularly liked the video of one occupooper/anti capitalist who was angry about her student debt for her classical studies/latin degree. She believed she deserved a govt paid for job in latin for 200k per year AND her student loans forgiven. Still trying to figure out what the hell her message was. She should demand a refund from that college as she evidently didn’t learn squat.

    They need a new major at these institutions. It can be the “knowing shit from shinola” BA. Or would that be a BS?

  8. When I want more money, I put in for overtime, or do odd jobs, or get a part-time job. I’ve had to do all three at times raising kids. But not once did I think the answer was to make a sign and run around in the middle of the road screaming at people who were working and creating jobs for others that they owed me a living. That never occurred to me, and watching it now makes me sick.

  9. Hey. How’s the smell this morning at the courthouse? Has anyone done a drive-by?

    Body odor mixed with pachouli (sp?) enhanced with a lot of rain. Are they going for the wet dog smell? No, my bad. Wet dogs smell better.

  10. Occupiers are both transparent and not transparent – it is hard to hear a message when so many “protestors” got lost in their own mind games about what is going on economically, socially and politically. These protests are generally nothing more than a bunch of Johnies and Jennies come lately. Most of these people have been far too misguided over the years to even have a clue what it is they are protesting with accuracy.

    Feel good protesting versus protesting with a genuine purpose are two different calamities for which palpable cloudiness sets-in upon understanding actual logical and common sensible arguments.IOW, leave it to socio-political dummies to kill the message……..Rose is correct again – rapes, gender groupings in tents, etc….familiar human activities within any society when no one is in charge and many are disgruntled cohorts in futile stupidity that leads to aggressive survival instincts………more people, more problems, more stupidity, more crimes. What has Citizen Brown done for You?

    The Bank and the media – was there a meeting between officials to retain/attain any surveillance video of the front door foyer welcoming mat bio-material? Seems as if the reporters coulda started there first with a plastic bag, then walked around in the protest with the evidence in hand searching for its host depositor………..if they really wanted a news story worthy of interest.

  11. I can envision forgiving student loans. With one or two minor requirments; like 4 years honorable service in th US Army or Marines (Infantry, or some combat arms off course).

  12. Plain Jane has gone off the deep end……..

  13. Interesting choice of words, Brian. “Deep” is not a term one normally associates with Plain Jane, except in the sense of “deep despair,” “deep psychosis,” or your usage.

  14. Agreed. PJ is one nasty ass angry gal. She refers to other women as fat, ugly bitches or tells folks to STFU. I’d say she’s meaner than cat piss but cat piss is less toxic.

    Heard she is taking credit for crapping at the bank. This isn’t hard to believe after reading her hysterical and angry rants.

  15. Shit runs down hill. I guess that means the banksters are at the bottom of the pile.

  16. Tom, how can you act so stupid. Do you really believe the dumbshit you spout. No one should be that stupid.

    Years ago PJ used to use Jane Doe. Name change did not make any difference. Still dumb as shit. Puts in 40 plus hours a week on the blogs. Spouting pure stupidity. Ugly, fat and dumb, only thing I can figure would make her that angry. Crazy crap about the reporter is off the chart. I’m thinking the reporter must be the opposite and PJ is pissed off about that shit.

    The good thing about the Occupy situation is it exposes Hblog, Pj, Mitch and the rest as socialist party soldiers. This is not new. Just read what they write to see how they think.

    Go to U-Tube, Arrests at Occupy Arcata. See what kind of stuff occupiers are doing. They were told they would not be bothered, but they could not put up tents as that was camping. Someone put up a tent right away and off they go. Guy with camera has been trained, just listen to him. He is agitating, has nothing to do with a cause. Just trying to cause trouble. How many of the plaza bums are part of whats going on.

    Atkins is gone next election so she does not care. Should be thrown off council. Really does not matter. Bye Linda.

  17. Good one, Bugs. So that rabble at the courthouse is in the one percent after all?

  18. Occupoopers! Love that! Just to satisfy my own curiosity I ‘engaged’ one in conversation ( the Arcata variety that is)
    JB: “What exactly to do you hope to accomplish?”
    Pooper: “Bring down the man!! What the F#*& do you think!?”
    JB: “What man would that be?”
    Pooper: “The man who took out freedom,….. power to the people,….. people need to decide for themselves how they want things to be…”
    JB: “Would you be referring to the Constitution?”
    Pooper: “You’re just on of those war-loving repubes, we don’t want to hear you…!”

    At that point the odor of wet dreads and patchouli was making me dizzy, so I admit, I left without concluding the dialouge, though I am sure that there would have been much more intelluctual discourse from this extremely erudite young man. But if I really want to hear some intelligent discourse I need look no further than Tom the Tool!

    Hey Tom, do you keep your money in the mattress? I am sure that you, Jane and the rest of your buddies have left the major banks en-masse and now only do necessary banking business with the local credit union. Right? I am just as certain, that Ms. Adkins is leading the charge on that one as well!

  19. Hey Tom. If shit runs downhill, PJ, Mitch, tra (who’s anything but) and all the flying Heraldo-trolls are all at the bottom of the pile with their mouths open happily waiting for the “free gravy train”.

  20. So the other 99% crap at the bank only once in a while?

  21. Awesome.

  22. Do you all know that KIEM Ch.3 is “corporate mainstream journalism”……lol

  23. Oh Josephine, I am thunderstruck by your wit you wonderful gal. Martha is jealous but when you write such honest pithy posts, well all I can say is “you had me at ‘Occupoopers! Love that! Just to satisfy my own curiosity I ‘engaged’ one in conversation ( the Arcata variety that is)’.”

    I can only imagine the stench of patchouli combined with the wet sheep smell. You are one strong broad for braving that olfactory felony.

  24. Is henchman the butt child of plain jane and richard salzman? stupid + stupid = OMFG!

  25. Caliboy,

    I believe Tom is expressing the general sentiment in the country right now. Banks are not on everyone’s list as stocking stuffers when they are engaging in gobbly gook(guck?) paper shennanigans.

    Anyhow, some humor is in play here since local banksters no less had to experience the step-over/cross-over basketball move to enter their account holders’ facility. As a constitutionalist, banks are expendible………….to let fail when they should have never been allowed to be created! As an American, each citizen has the power of lending….just like a bank…..if ya don’t get scared by the risk of loaning = default.

    Now, if countries are defaulting because they use a monetary banking system which is deleveraged by insider socio/political schemes and abuses, then those in power sure as heck don’t lead by example, let alone exhibit any signs of intelligience as compared to outright corruption and fraud…….It generally used to be economic stimulus was a result of individual hard work, not dumb and lazy people creating social groups or classes or types being used as political power tools to create societal debts in exchange for higher societal costs which creates taxes for bureacrats and mega profits for the larger and entrenched, subsidized entitleists….including many of those corporate lobbyist buffoons who deflect their involvements too. .

    Let us face it, Banks are not looked upon favorably right now, but same is true for American dummies.

  26. The #Occupoopers are just spouting the BS that’s been trickled down their legs. Planning for this started in February – it was well directed – it takes alotta “community organizing” to get people to think this was their own idea.

    Banks, banks, Billionaires and Millionaires, hate the _______ of the day – whatever your masters tell you, that’s what these worthless culls will spout.

  27. Henchman. Are you on meds? If not……………

  28. Not just Eureka – the #Occupoopers strike everywhere – Staff at St Paul’s have been forced to clear up human waste inside the cathedral, it emerged today. They have made several trips with mops to remove the mess found on a carpet inside the church near the West Steps – just yards from the anti-capitalist protest camp. One cleric furious at the use of the building ‘as a latrine’ said: ‘This is desecration of a very holy place.

  29. Rose,

    I would not find the banks innocent of the many (accusations & charges levied; yet, nor would I find innocence with those who engaged in business related decision-making (consumption counts) with banks for all-the-wrong-reasons. Heck, the $5+ financial threat to bilk accounbt holders for the eneptnesses of a financial banking institution is one of many types of ruses and scams that banks pull (and this example was one of few actually out-in-the-open.

    It is also true that Tea Party types (also groupees) are just spouting-off what other intelligient minds have been saying their whole life.

    It is also true that mass media has been scheduling their economic news stories around what they read on many blogs and the internet, besides human gatherings. In fact, certain bloggers comments not heard ever or not in a long time become the focus of media….. , and viola, mass media all-of-a-sudden reports on the same exact things within days.

    Tea Party participants, like many other groups, are filled with many copy-cat artists, nothing more, whom plagiarize the thoughts of others into their own when they want while twisting words to stave off the political hound-dogs who know better about the truth and who the political messengers really are (it is like wanting credit for a cake, a cake you did not bake).

    It is like the word vulnerable – once a certain community member used the term on the blog and in other media outlets, the word has become quite often used now in business related commercials……..just like the word family is now being used. These examples disclose how behind the scenes many sinister people in this community are – opposite of transparency and truth.

    Now today, on to the farm subsidies in order to increase societal costs to make-up for the decades delivered devalued dollar bill…….all government can do is create higher costs to sinisterly cover-over the socio-economic treasons committed by so many politicos and countrymen and women who aid and abet as co-conspirators a corruptive financial sector – all for SELFISH personal gains versus doing the right thing…….ah, “the right thing” another mass media copy-cat storyline collected from the blogging community……..and twisted by politicians alike.

  30. Looks like EPD took the trash out. Good for them. Went through there last night about 8;00. Place was a mess with tents and crap all over the place. High asshole is running his mouth on Hblog cause no one posts on his silly blog. What a dip.

    Now Arcata needs to do the same thing. Free speech, bullshit. Just a bunch of worthless losers hanging out.

  31. Henchman for Justice! What kind of person would select a handle like that?!

    Of course Josephine nailed it, as usual.

    Question? Could Plain Jane be Linda Atkins ????

  32. What’s with all the anti-Henchman sentiment? A man’s entitled to his opinion, even when it disagrees with yours or mine. If ideological purity is a requirement for joining the discussion, y’all might as well climb into an echo chamber and listen to yourselves fart. (Although that would at least be entertaining.)

  33. You gotta watch this. ‘Splains a lot. Not sure PJ is Linda. Maybe Susan Fox. Just sayin.

  34. A reason why banks and other shady businesses do what they do for profit is this statement by an attorney,

    “”It’s very easy for people to say on the sidelines, `I could do better,'” Hutt said. “Never is a settlement at 100 percent of what somebody thinks they can receive at trial. It’s always a compromise.”

    Customers will receive a minimum of 9 percent of the fees they paid through the settlement, Hutt added. The bank has already paid the money into an escrow account.

    The lawsuit claimed that Bank of America processed its debit card transactions in the order of highest to lowest dollar amount so it could maximize the overdraft fees customers paid. An overdraft occurs when the account doesn’t have enough money in it to cover a debit card transaction. Similar lawsuits have been filed against more than 30 other banks.

    Despite the settlement, Bank of America insists there was nothing improper about the processing sequence. New regulations enacted following the recent financial crisis prohibit banks from charging overdraft fees on debit cards without first getting customer permission.

    My Response: Ok then, if BOA is innocent, why settle, especially when compromises surely guarantee excessive laundered profits above and beyond any minimally negotiated refund…….reminds me of Maxxam tactics to illegally harvest the forrest for profits knowing the fines are a pittance of the overall extracted values……meaning that those who gained employment or profit off of that 4+ billion laundering of bank profits (extortion) don’t deserve that income/wealth…..and feeding the family does not count as an excuse neither.

  35. That’s just bloody awesome.

  36. that was great !!!!!

  37. As for me, I’ve read lots of stuff from the super hero Henchman over the last year or two. Guess I’m fed up cumlativly (sic).

    Might as well go over to HH and read the rants of tra, bill, mitch, and plain jane.

  38. bugs, it’s not that HOJ is talk’n, it’s what he’s say’n or better yet what the F is he say’n. The man is a complete loon. he is so stupid he would suck markie marks mini winnie if he could get that far down on his knees. Plz! HOJ take your meds. This may sound harsh bugs but have you ever talked to this fool?

  39. I have given some thought to Linda Atkins=Plain Jane. I have dealt with Linda on and off for 3 years, sometimes spending hours attending city council and other types of meetings. About same amount of time reading first Jane Doe then Plain Jane.

    They share many of the same traits. Not to smart and are aware of it. They both put up a front of being thinkers.Make up for lack of intellectual horsepower by being rude and on the attack. Both are true believers, not original thinkers. Both have a sense of being put upon. Either because they are female or gay, hard to tell.

    All I know is both of them are worthless. Atkins should be censored for running to the Occupy group and warning them when the police were intending to break up camp. Information was given her as a city council person briefing. They had to put off removal of the idiots for over a week. Lets not forget that PJ is a complete nut job. She has a fixation on Krugman that is like stalking. Blogs from 7 in the morning until late at night. Poor sad lonely crazy bitch.

    Went through there last night at 9 PM. What a fucking joke. Fools all over the grass and sidewalk.

  40. Two things, #1, has anyone noticed that the “MESSAGE” of the occupy HC has been drowned out by miss Shrill herself,Verbaina from “copwatch”? This woman seems to get a hard on with any hint of the possibility that she might get her arm twisted or hair pulled by the cops. She seems to have a ” cop might beat me.oooohhhhh” fetish.

    and #2, has anyone else noticed that most of the people “encamped” are the same usual suspects that continue to put very little effort into their own lives?

  41. Is there a streetwalker named Verbina, Verbena, Verbous ??


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