Yeah. Because throwing explosives at cops will teach those awful bankers a valuable lesson.

3 arrested with mortars after leaving Occupy Portland

Three people who claimed to be with Occupy Portland protesters were arrested Sunday morning after police said they found explosives, drugs and gas masks in their car near Salem. …

Police said the three told them they had spent the night at Occupy Portland and had brought commercial mortar fireworks in glass jars in preparation for a confrontation with police.

Deputies also found marijuana, two gas masks, protective eye goggles, and a safety helmet. The men denied being involved in throwing the fireworks at an officer who was hurt Saturday night.

Read the news brief here.

48 Responses

  1. Way to stay on message, guys.

  2. It’s all part of their commitment to non-violence, Anonymous.

  3. It’s as if there are a bunch of wannabe anarchist douches just impatiently waiting for any protests to hang their gas masks/ski masks on.

  4. Yeah, guns are ok but fireworks? What are these terrorists thinking?

  5. Tommy boy you are such an ass!!!

    Guns are OK! Cops EVERYWEHRE in the world carry guns, for good reason ! Are you sooo f’ng stupid that you think cops should not carry guns? Or should they just not carry guns when they might possibly have contact with these people associated with this occupy (bowel) movement, cause these people are sooooo special?!

    Tommy boy should get a haircut and get a life.

  6. Tom, maybe you ought to go downtown and spend the night with the occupiers since you are such a true believer.

  7. Ask PJ or Joel. Its a right wing group trying to make the Occupy folks look bad. Krugman said so just this week. Or maybe it was in one of PJ;s socialist blogs.

    Cause you both can hide at Hblog don’t mean I can be censored.

    Tom, I am truly disappointed in you. My thought is you lacked friends when you were young and just want to be one of the gang.

  8. I do so whole-heartedly agree with Anon @ 6:16! In fact, Tom-the-Tool, Linda BrayingAsskins, Tenacious Tad, Smelly Verbena and the rest of those like-(empty)minded all need to be spending the night, every night in damp, cold, cardboard festooned glory!

    No internet access, no toilet, no tent, nothing except the iron-clad convictions that burn in your heart to keep you safe and warm. Let’s go, Tom, you true believer, show us the purity of your ‘movement’ and it’s aims. Teach those horrendous bankers a real lesson!

  9. Cold water from a fire hose at high pressure ought to do it.

  10. Even trustaferrians like Verbana(Kim Starr) have a right to protest. They don’t have a right to impede biz at the court house or destroy the grounds. They don’t have a right to free food, health care,student loans,my earnings or happiness. What they have is the right to the persuit of happiness. Quite a diff.

  11. This thread looks like fun.
    Anonymous commentators telling people what they should look like, what they should do with their lives, and what they should think.
    The only thing missing is someone with the balls to use their real name when demeaning and insulting people for their beliefs.

  12. I don’t know why my comment above doesn’t show my name and just used my email address.
    Anyway, it’s Dave Stancliff and I’m not afraid to let people know who I am when commentating.

  13. Aww Portland. What kind of new silly stuff will you come up with next? My hometown’s motto is “Keep Portland weird”. It all makes sense now.

  14. Good thing Dave showed up to make us all realize how very, very, VERY serious this is…he uses his real name, *GASP* he is so much better, more noble, more honest then the rest of us.

    Oops, forget to mention that he is brave too! So very brave, and steadfast and true….hey, let’s all see if we can find the secret location where Dave turns into Super-duper man! I bet somebody knows and is too busy ‘occupooping’ to disclose this vital information!

  15. Really, Dave Standcliff. If your looking for that stuff go right to Hblog Far as balls, well there are various reasons to use anon. Look at H itself. Who by the way changes frequently. How about Tra, Nan, Pj, Jd and Joel, all anon’s who post there and who say all those underhanded things. None who served, all who believe that they should be in control. In fact all day long. Difference is that blog is censored. Content and writers. this one not so much.

    Now as I remember you are a vet. Thank you. I disagree with your columns often but fine insight and sincerity in much of what you write. RobAsh141 also is a vet. I thank him for his service. I find none of those thing in his writing.

    My hope on this occupy crap is that it stops before some people on all sides are seriously injured. Of course none of those listed earlier has anything to worry about, cause none of them will be in the streets. Arm chair quarterbacks all.

  16. Dave, you don’t have balls. You have raisins. You tell People all the time what they should look like, what they should do with their lives, and what they should think.

    The drivel you put in the TS is just that…drivel. I believe in working for a living and not lazy shits who sponge on everything free that can be stolen from law abiding tax payers. Condemning the filth and destruction of property whether it be at the courthouse or at different parks and plazas is just telling the truth to the idiots who have plunked their sorry asses there and who have no message and no point.

    You are just as lost and sound just as stupid. Good luck with that.

  17. And one last thing Dave, go read my “Farewell Address” to Congress. Pay attention to points 20 through 25 and 30. That’s if you can pull your head out of your butt long enough. Ah, the demise of education, no history, just polarizing partisan crap and insane borrowing for the freeloaders.

  18. Oh and Dave, just because I know how “thick” you can be, that address is 52 paragraphs. P 20-25 discusses the dangers of polarizing politics and parties. P 30 deals with The Importance of Credit, and The Sparing Use of Government Borrowing.

    Read it and learn from your elders you dense turd burger. .

  19. Hey G.W., the Fed Reserve Bank Of S.F. is coming to H.S.U. to mind game the economics students through the educational oversight of Professor Maynard. Anyone who would like to understand how higher education sabotages the economy, well, here is your opportunity to listen to hoaxers, aiders and abeters at the federal level. These banksters definately don’t deserve their job or wealth as they are tools for the financial fraud schemes. I wonder if old man Maynard is gonna push Keynesian principles to the student body………Too bad the elitest federal reserve bank employees and the elitest institutional employee shield themselves from the bombardments of ctrical analyses by those who know the banking scams……..Sadly, HSU has no business teaching economics as its professors have openly been soooo wrong on the economy and its pieces………

    Maybe the institutions and the feds realize they are losing the propaganda war they created decades ago with regard to the economy. Maybe they realize they must go “all-in” to bamboozle the young up and comers to attempt to continue the fraudulant monetary policies and banking industry scams of Keynesian economic theory that ONLY steals wealth for redistribution, but calls it be taxed…….Funny how the stock market goes upward whenever the money supply is increased…..what that is is this – the shrewd market traders extracting that money by capitalizing it into wealth opportunities which means that the influx of that quantitative easing never hit the pockets of normal, everyday people. It is as if the Federal Reserve banking system increases money supply because it knows the real wealthy will take most of that new money supply for themselves. Anyhow, what other reason to bail out any bank, especially when asset losses are hidden on the books, yet not destroyed……..a country which hides critical information from itself is a country on the road to RUIN!

    As far as cops and guns – good thing Americans understand why guns are not just for the cops…………and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, ……….

    As far as a helmet and a gas mask – cops make these items symbols of violence so that the courts get to entertain you if the DA is amused enough to file charges. Essentially, law enforcement is great at wasting taxpayers money too, just like those who damage public property rendering that public property unuseable by those who don’t intend to damage public property. Anyhow, the damage claims are kinda lameoid when you factor in that the grass would be damaged whenever huge collections of people locate upon it…..Farmers Market on the Plaza, election gatherings and other communtiy outreach events, Arts alive night, etc….never hear any municipalities whining about their lawns after these events and get togethers…… must be that the OWS message is not a community event, that’s what it is………….No special events permit, no equal protections of the law………trespassing on public property, too funny.


  20. A coward hiding behind the name of George Washington. What irony! To bad you don’t have any balls you chicken shit!

    You go ahead and lead your sorry ass hidden life belittling people with more brains than you. Obvisiously it’s your only mission in life.

    If you ever get the courage to meet me in person, and that can be arranged if you’d like, you can tell me what a dense turd burger I am again and see what the results are.

  21. We only belittle dumbshits here Dave. And you are one big dumbshit! You forget, we scan your op-ed pieces for the sheer fun of laughing our asses off at your moronic rants. Evidently wee Georgie hit a nerve with you. Was it the “raisin” reference or the turdburger remark?

    BTW what “results” were you thinking of Davey-poo? You know, Ghandi wouldn’t be happy with you this morning.

    Now be a good boy and go spank your sorry ass in front of the mirror.

  22. Well, SuperDave comes out swinging!

    Hey Dave, look around your ideal-cluttered space and find your sense of humor….please.

  23. You’re right Josephine Blowe.
    I over-reacted.
    People afraid to stand behind their own words has always been a pet peeve of mine since my editor days.

    I need to lighten up more when I visit this blog.
    My apologies to George Washington.

  24. Now dave if you had been on the Hblog and talked like that about any of the pet monkeys, they would have said you were drunk, a war monger, sexist, homophobic, or god forbid a republican. I understand your reaction, sometimes this form of communication is frustrating.

  25. Dave, if that really is your pet peeve head over to HH and take on Heraldo, Plain Jane, tra, ETR, moviedad et al.

    Never seen a nastier and more unfunny bunch. Here we make fun of EVERYONE. No exceptions.

  26. “Deputies also found…protective eye goggles, and a safety helmet.” You can judge a society by how well it prepares its mortar crews.

  27. WOW ! It would appear that Dave Stancliff is threatening GW with violence because he (GW) exercised his first ammendment right ?! A subtle threat or just Dave puffing up his chest trying to act tough.

    I guess Dave re-thought that and then came the apology.

    No matter what the reason the apology was a good idea, good for you Dave.

  28. Anonymous,
    I go here and over to HH to see what’s happening on both sides. I can tell you without reservations that this website and HH attack anyone that doesn’t agree with them.
    You’re mirror opposites. You hate liberals here. HH hates conservatives there.
    I really don’t see any difference.

    Martha Washington??? Really? Are you that foul mouthed in public or do you just save it for when you can attack someone under a moronic alias?

    It looks like I pushed your button and you exploded. Take a deep breath…now I apologized to your husband…can’t you just let it go too?

    Whoever…thank you for your honesty. Yes, i’m a Vietnam veteran, but that has nothing to do with this thread that I can see. You’re right about this kind of “communicating?” being frustrating at times.


  29. Yes, Dave. I do talk like this in public, at home, in my dreams etc. What set you off? Was it dumbshit? Turdburger? Or the outrageous “ass”? If this is what shocks your manly perception of what is “acceptable” vs “foulmouthed” then I would suggest turning off TV, Radio, and definitely no books, magazines or papers.

    God forbid you watch George Carlin or SNL.

    Go preach to the progs who wing the word cunt at any gal who doesn’t buy their crap. Especially PJ whose favorite past time is telling folks she hates to STFU?

    What’s funny is that you think there are only republicans here. There are dems here, independents here and at least a couple of mentally ill blokes. Don’t forget all the alcoholics that are in the graphics dept slugging PBR’s.

    Ttfn. Gotta make Georgie-kins a cherry pie.

  30. Dave,

    problem with the Herald is that they ban whomever keeps socking it to ’em in the form of fact, truth, evidentiary references, etc…..the moderators at the H.H. don’t like to feel inferior over politics…it is that simple. When certain commenters continue to show how weak the H.H. crew is in their arguments, they get all juvenile delinquient and decide that shutting people out is better than transparency. The funny part is that a commenter who has been banned can back-door futher entry to participate until the moderators shut that route down too. Then, they erase certain comments that are sequential to previous comments, but when erased, the effect of transparency is less valued. It just goes to prove who does not deserve to be looked-up to in the community….the HH certainly qualifies as it is a non-transparent blog that “locks-out” community members as if they were anti-union scab supporters, but somehow can’t seer that people only need to “print screen” to show the HH’s shenanigans to mislead and misrepresent which is actually defamation of character……

    The people behind the Herald are the real community losers because they are so scared to allow transparency, but whine all the time about how transparency is soooo important. Reality is, HH tried to look better, but could not. HH tried to debate better, but can’t. HH acts as if it is a free-thinking persons place to dialogue, but it is not. HH is your classic flip-flopping marlin out of water. HH is bordering upon social treason in its routine to deceive so many……


    P.S. when it comes to “cut-downs”, I enjoy ’em when they are directed toward me because I know instantaneously that the abusive retoric is projected by someone who already knows they are jealous, or are a failure in life. etc……or, on the flip, someone who feels that their schemish way of life is threatened. These commenters are usually just afraid and insecure and are too uneducated to exchange any thing of rational value in any communication attempt to undertsand differently the flaws they live by and through their daily lifestyles.

  31. We’re functioning alcoholics. Geez.

  32. Once again, it appears that Dave is/was threatening George W. for expressing his personal opinion, you know the free speech thing?

    Way to go Dave! I’d like to see you in person, just to see what you look like. I don’t want any type of confrontation with you, or anyone, but I wonder if you’re the billy bad ass you seem to see yourself as.

  33. Hey Dave, try washing down that turdburger with a PBR. It might make it taste better.

  34. Now children….

  35. Anonymous – I apologized to George W. for losing my temper. See post above. So what’s your problem? Haven’t you ever said something you regret? Better yet…have you ever said you were sorry for a stupid remark?

    As far as seeing what I look like…it’s real easy. See the photo next to my comments? That’s right. It’s me. Are you happy?

    I hope I’m not going to fast for you Anonymous. You seem a little slow on the uptake.

  36. I’m disappointed in you Bugs.
    What happened to my last reply?

    Was it that controversial?

    After everything else that has been said in this thread, I’m really surpised you censored my last comment.

    Guess I’ll go check out HH and see how long it takes them to censor me. I could do a study or something. What do say?

  37. Hey Dave, here’s a thought…they only censor at HH, not here. Here you go into moderation purgatory brought to you by our idiot friends at wordpress.
    I have been in moderation purgatory forever at times, at least and until I emailed the bugs and told them I had gone into the spam can. As soon as you do that, your posts normally get out.

    Also, there is no rhyme or reason to how and why wordpress dumps you.

  38. Now this is funny….that last post to explain to Dave how wordpress sucked went directly into moderation purgatory.

    Shit, can you fix this Humbug?

  39. Dave, word press censors me all the time here and it pops up later. Part of the deal. But its not because of content. Hblog has a list of about 25 people that I know of that it always censors. Many who are elected officials, government employee’s, developers, all matters of folks that they disagree with or don’t want people to hear.

    Yet they allow complete fools like PJ, Tra, Salior boy, Robash 141, Highboldt, etc. Making completely stupid statements, insults, and outright bullshit.

    They will probably welcome you with open arms if you are upset with this blog. Just stay with the party line and you will be OK.

  40. Funny thing about PJ and some others – up until about oh, 8-10 months ago, these resident clowns were still manipulating and deceiving their audience by insisting that capitalism has caused all the problems. Now, keep in mind, this occurred for a very long time (years of blogging), even when a certain blogger kept saying no PJ, that is fascism or that is socialistic in trait or that is oligarchial in nature, etc…..Today, it seems establishment complainers have settled upon crony capitalism. The odd twist is that the polar opposites in politics up until 8-10 onths ago have now aligned their arguments around crony capitalism. So, for the duopolists, a role reversal is in play based on verbiose terms that somehow just recently came to pass, at least in so far as “crony capitalism” is concerned when expalianing economic theory and its results. Ya see folks, there exists no such thing as “crony capitalism”. Rather, if it is not “capitalism”, then it is something other than capitalism……a yes versus no situation with no option for adding the word “crony”.

    Crud must be hitting the fan if the media and political types are making-up new “catch-phrases” to hook, line and sinker set the American taxpayers upon a politically false and misrepresented reality………..


  41. Guess the guy on the news from OWS NY who was railing about violence and molotav cocktails to be thrown at Macy’s and burning down NY is just misunderstood? Guess the dude caught here in HumCo with 175k in CASH 500lbs of packaged pot and 500 plants is the 99 percent.


  42. Locally, the “cop-out” deceptions of some protesters has taken the fork in the road that leads certain OWS participants/supporters to imply such ironic things like, “progressives are heading the movement as defacto registered democrats.”

    ex.of an H.H. comment quote – “Progressives/99%-ers may be registered Demos by default, but it will be by default at best and …….”

    Thought: Are Progressive groupies NOW trying to distance themselves from their historical political party promoter, The Democratic Party?

    Such Party Poopers.


  43. Interesting video discussion, this is a follow-up to 11/16/11 6:39 pm

    link below

    Crony Congress Insider Trading

  44. Dave, jeezus. Relax, dude. No one’s censoring your shit. Your comments are all there. Sometimes WordPress sends stuff to the spam can and we have to fish them out. Happens to everyone. Happens to us. What’s with all the persecution complex all of a sudden?

  45. I didn’t know you had problems with WordPress Bugs. Forgive my paranoia.

    It just seemed like bad timing as I was trying to reply to comments.

    I see Whoever had the same problem.

    I think I should have avoided commenting on this thread. It seems I lost one of my regular blog subscribers (Russell Rope) who was probably using an anonymous name in this particular thread. Sorry to see you go Russell.

    One last comment Bugs: I’m seeing less funny stuff and more angry stuff on this blog lately. I hope you aren’t losing your sense of humor because a lot of your commentators seem seriously pissed off at the world.

  46. It’s a strange world out there these days, Dave. Everyone gets mad once in a while. Even you.We had hoped that here at least we can cut each other some slack and find something we can all laugh about. Admittedly, it doesn’t always turn out that way.

  47. “What’s with all the persecution complex all of a sudden?”

    Hey bugs. Was that a rhetorical question? It is Stancliff after all. You’ve read his op-eds. The sky is falling for him daily.

  48. there is a poster, at the Hall of Justice in San Francisco and in LA, and I imagine in other “cities” (which Eureka is not) in the County jails) with images of people striking other people, and the captions read, you do not have to hit other people to prove you are a man, and “Violence is learned, it can be unlearned” and, and and, it does not leave an exception for cops or for soldiers in their own country.

    In the court houses where those poster stand on the wall, the most violent people of all, “Represent The Government”
    And what say you? We beat citizens in Oakland, SF, and especially in Eureka. And the people doing the gassing, the beating, the Billy Clubs (which are some of the most dangerous things around)
    GAS in Oakland, Clubs in Eureka, Billy Clubs everywhere.
    and in SF , (let’s just break heads and arms and fingers)
    So, you 0bjectors to Occupied, whose kids and friends are Occupied, “what say yee”

    Yee, might say we are a country where the people speak, you might say, ” It’s a free country” yee might say the is freedom of speech, yee might say the Constitution is the rule,
    Yee might say a lot…. one thing , have to admit…when the cops come in and thrash people we are only like China, like Stalin/Lenin Russia…and ,. , well, yeah Hitler

    We always accuse other world leaders of “killing their own people” Well, did not Lincoln kill his own people ( and get hundreds of thousand murdered here?

    George Carlin did a routine… he read off, out of his mind, the 100+ killing, military actions we have done as a country..
    Yeah, you are the worst killer in history!

    Are you proud of yourself, do you claim “peace” and “Freedom?”

    Now longer do you rage war against the world, you, as you always have, rage war against (Yep, your own you always have)

    gotta go ( and your conscience is already gone)
    love ya

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