Guest post: What I saw at the revolution

Since my only experience has been with the Occupy Eureka protestors, my remarks are directed at them.

Under the guise of First Amendment rights and purporting to speak for 99 percent of the people, all you have achieved with your so called protest is to make life harder for the working middle class struggling to stay out of poverty and even worse for the poor.

So you wanted to get attention for your message? Has this been achieved by the “professional activists” that are leading the rest of you for the cause du jour? When you see the same people at all these protests, the credibility of this being the voice of the people wears thin.

Your group has various activists and different groups latching on and riding the 15 minutes of fame. What exactly are you trying to get across as your basic message besides the usual “blame corporations, the man, it’s someone else’s fault”?

Your trashing the courthouse lawn will require funds to fix the damage. This money will come at the cost of services and programs for the most needy. And it comes from people working legitimate jobs to pay taxes. But that does not matter to you does it? You feel entitled to stop people who work and conduct business at the courthouse; you feel entitled to trash public property that also belongs to the rest of us, not just a few of you.

How environmentally friendly are you? The destruction you have done to the lawn and your illegal camping says you don’t care.

You can use your First Amendment rights to “protest” by writing letters, making documentaries, voting in elections and using the resources you have to help out someone homeless, needy. That is action that makes a difference, signs and empty talk do not.

You can send a message to the banks and corporations by using credit unions or shopping local. And that is your choice. In a free country, I have the choice to bank where I want and shop where I want and work at a corporation. Here’s a novel concept. Take responsibility for your life situation and ask for any help you need respectfully. You might be surprised that people will reach out and assist.

The message of 99% is a very valid one. However don’t just single out corporations and banks; if you truly feel for the masses, let’s also talk about the greed in government, and all institutions and bureaucracy.

One of your “leaders” took down the flag on Veteran’s Day. Those vets fought for your right to speak freely. I have watched how the police calmly speak to you while many of you antagonize them and snub those of us who don’t buy into and support your unorganized, ineffectual selfish protest.

If you had been respectful, I would listen to your message.

You want change. Try using the same time you have standing outside the courthouse to volunteer in a soup kitchen, to clean up the parks, to reach out to a mentally ill or homeless person. Change and hope do not come from holding a sign; they come from one person struggling to stay strong and providing encouragement to another in a difficult economy and a broken system.

John Chiv


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  1. Linda Adkins should resign as a public “official” and just do her “activism” full time. She has brought shame and mistrust to her position in office.
    No one in the world can trust that woman again, she gives nothing to go on. Actions do speak louder than words don’t they.
    If she doesn’t resign, there should be a recall to remove her.

  2. Well said, John. The occupy protesters would do well to determine who is and is not their oppressor. Right now their methods are turning off lots of people who otherwise agree with them.

  3. First, John doesn’t know the volunteer history of any of the protestors, so that point fails because it’s arguing from igorance. Second, most Occupy protestors are not protesting a need for help (which I infer means welfare or other public assistance). I think it’s funny how far apart the Tea Party and Occupy protestors feel even though they’re protesting many of the same issues.

  4. You don’t know what John does and doesn’t know, so that point fails because it’s arguing from ignorance.


  5. This is not the first clear, thoughtful, percise and excelllent op-ed from Mr. Chiv. He brings common sense and rational thought to this issue, as he has to other issues previously. Well done Mr. Chiv. My sincere compliments and I hope we have not heard the last from you.

  6. What she said.

  7. Bugs
    Is the Graphics Dept. not quite as lazy as they let on? Are they supplementing their ample wages at the Mirror with outside work for Comedy Central? At first I thought the crude humor was just a coincidence. Then the caricatures and pointing out the stupidity of well known people seemed to bear an uncanny resemblance to their work here. The most telling clue of all came from first few minutes of the episode below.
    (a little help with the link please, I can’t get it to show as active)

  8. Are you sure you people aren’t smoking something? I have repeatedly heard that the OWS protestors took down the American flag on Veteran’s Day….just the opposite occurred. Guess you have to make up a bunch of lies to prove your silly point…..

  9. Well said John. Thank you.

  10. Good letter,

    Clarification: damage is done to public property during non-protests too (any events without permits), but this never gets argued about when tax dollars are spent for it’s repair because the damage is either mediai-zed as a political impact or not media-ized at all (like when those groups part of the local groupee insider social community political agendas cause the damage).

    Rather, lets keep damage arguments to illegal camping, for legitimate protesters can stand 24/7 on every square inch of the lawn which is public property. If other members of the public care not to use the space legally, then there effectiveness to complain of damage is diminished when concluding that damage is only damage when something illegal is occuring that causes that damage. Any other damage caused by unpermitted legitimate uses is acceptible through willful blindnesses. Hypocrisy.


  11. Out of curiosity, prajna, what might the opposite of taking down the flag be, when the flag was already up?


    If 99% of the people in this country really are like you, we, as a nation, are fucked.

  12. They put it up-up, Bob. Don’t you know anything?

  13. Since Veterans Day is a legal holiday in California, what makes any of you think that someone was paid holiday pay to come down to the court and put the flag up in the first place? The county AG building didn’t have a flag up as they weren’t working. John has no proof of what he says. I am disappointed that the bugs didn’t catch that before giving this statement so much publicity. They usually don’t make such mistakes but in fairness they didn’t make it up themselves.

    Just because the people that protest war, lack of health care, banks that lie to steal peoples property, and bad prison treatment are some of the same people that are occupying Eureka, doesn’t mean the movement isn’t legitimate.

    I would guess that the author of this post is more concerned with blades of grass than people.

  14. To be fair tom, the people who got their houses repo’d lied too. Should they not have some blame in this game?

    Not saying the banks are innocent, but when you apply for a “liar loan” the bells and whistles should go off. Also, when there is no way in hell you can make the payments…”ding ding ding!”

  15. And you point is Tom? Oh, Occupy Eureka has no point? Every on of the great unwashed has a different point? You forgot about those who want free pot for all. Free houses. Free food. A free car. Free gas. Free everything.

    Or is Tom the self anointed spokesperson for the great unwashed who are out there?

    And Tom, I don’t give a damn that you are disappointed with the Hummer posting John’s letter. If you like censorship then go back to HH with all those nasty close minded progs who are obsessed with themselves.

  16. Maybe I should have said self “appointed” instead of “anointed”. Nah. St Tom, patron saint of those with no message. Works for me.

  17. TS, what is bad prison treatment? Are we supposed to bow down to the criminals, feed them cavier & champagne, give them all the luxuries of fine living while law abiding citizens are struggling.
    Who The F**k cares how the criminals are being treated if they have a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, tv to watch, & free medical/dental. If you cant do the time, dont do the crime.
    They are not in a concentration camp. They are in prison for a reason. There is nothing to fight there.

  18. Mr. Mirror, do you know why John Chiv changed his name?

  19. Yes I do. I also know it’s not my business and it’s not yours either. More power to you, John.

  20. John’s letter is well-written and his points are well-taken.

    He just needs to do a little fact checking. Protestors didn’t bring down the flag.

    Throwing that rumor in looks like a blatant attempt to deceive the reader and make the protestors look un-patriotic. Good propaganda, but not reality.

  21. To Bob and weave at 8:49 The opposite of taking down the flag is not taking down the flag, but putting up the flag. The problem with this country is with people like you who are so willing and eager to believe every lie told to them…and then repeat that lie ad infinitum….

  22. Bugs, Thanks for the early Christmas gift! And to all those encouraging comments, thank you.

    To Anonymous on Nov 20 at 10 AM, Dave Stancliff, Tom Sebourn, I am not going get into a debate with any of you you because neither of you know me and I don’t do personal attacks and I have better use of my time. I would prefer to spend my time reading what someone intelligent and witty like Josephine or George have to say.

    I have no need to defend myself to either of you and I don’t care about your opinion. Having said that, here are a few points I will make for any future Heraldas/proggies who have way too much time on their hands.
    I have a history as credible journalist for 30 years. I am familiar with the history and the background of quite a few of these protesters.

    And Tom and Dave, I did see who took down the flag because I was right there near the courthouse. Where were you? Stop making ass-umptions. I don’t make statements I cannot back up.

    My guest column and all your 3 responses here make my point. You attack, you belittle and you disrespect.

  23. This flag thing has been going round and round. Don’t know if it happened or not in Eureka. Seems to make some sense with the Holiday that the flag would not have been up. I was not there. One says the opposite happened. Did not see that either.

    Johns other points are well made and seem valid. Passed by Eureka group a dozen times since start of occupy and have never been very impressed. More like a mob than any sort of anything. Saw the group in Arcata. Just the crap from the plaza acting stupid. All mixed in with trained trouble makers.

  24. JChiv, you may have seen someone taking down A flag, one he brought from home and put up himself because there wasn’t one flying. He took it back home with him.

  25. Occupy Eureka flew their flag on Veteran’s Day at the Courthouse, since there was no flag at the Courthouse that day. Occupy Eureka was joined that day by many veterans. Occupy Eureka also posted many signs in support of veterans. Occupy Eureka took down the flag to return it to it’s owner. I imagine if the flag was left flying all night, we would have heard more egregious comments. I cannot believe that you would cast such aspersions against veterans and occupiers. You have your mind made up that they are a bunch of nasty bums and nothing can change it. I see citizens protesting the failed economic policies of the Reagan-Bush era.

  26. How many vets. I saw one and know of several others, members of Vets for peace. My DD 214 says I was Honorably discharged, so I guess I might be considered a vet. I also went to jail over protests of the Vietnam War and was involved in many actions with VVAW in 70, 71, 72, I have a little experience with protesting and vet issues. My opinions are based on what I see and hear. Occupy is mostly bullshit. I have seen the folks here locally from the ultra left like Salzman, and gang involved in agitation. Both on the blogs and if you watch any of the clips from stuff that happened in Arcata.

    You give yourself away with that Reagan-Bush era shit. Read your Huffingtonpost today comrade. Lets talk about all the money that has been flowing in and who it is linked to, Mr. Soros, Moveon, etc. Like many movements there are people who think they are following something legitimate, just being led down the path.

  27. Linda Atkins should resign

  28. Where is my comment?

  29. This might explain the problem here:
    Fox News viewers are less informed than people who don’t watch any news, according to a new poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

  30. JChiv –
    I’m sorry to see you doing what you claim others do – showing no respect for an opposing opinion.

    If you really want to get into the flag thing John, then I’ll tell you (you have my email address which is available under my weekly column) who donated the flag and who put it up, and who took it down. I was there wearing a green windbreaker with a hood (by the way I have a beard now unlike the photo in the T-S), when it came down just before dark.

    So don’t you make ass-umptions like you accuse others of doing.

    From your perch (across the street?) you saw someone take down the flag and assumed it was an unpatriotic act. Based upon what?
    I wasn’t there for very long and gave a vet friend a drive home right after the flag came down.

    I said you wrote a good piece, but that there was one inaccuracy. As a journalist, I’m surprised you didn’t get any facts before spreading the rumor that a nasty protestor was dissing the American flag.

    I know you don’t care what other’s think, but if you want other’s to believe you then I advise “getting the rest of the story.”

  31. Dave, thank you. It appears that no one on this site wants to hear what really happened, but would rather believe a lie and spread that lie as if it were gospel.
    I think a letter to the Times-Standard is in order because of this

  32. Dave, How funny is your comment. As I said, I was not there and don’t know what happened. I’m willing to except your version as it is a very plausible answer. John saw and reported what he saw as did many others. Frankly with what I see being reported on all of this it was a minor misconception on his part but does need to be cleared up. Why when the original incident was brought up days ago did you not standup.

    The idea that journalists are some kind of elite truth tellers is hysterical . Journalists slant information regularly. Its been a long time since what, where, when, and how. Now they are interpulaters. Nice way of saying storytellers.

    As to prajna, who is the prog that regularly is on blogs with different names spreading the word and is a member/associate of the local Buddhism temple. Always stirring up folks. He is in fact paid to do this, how many guesses.

  33. Dave, opposing opinions are fine. Calling me a liar is another. I was not there 24 hours? Were you? Whether you or someone else brought a flag or not and then took it down, may be the case. I believe you. It does not mean what I saw did not also happen.

    As already pointed out by Whoever, one vet from Vets for Peace does not speak for all veterans.

    Dave except for you and a few others here no one has questioned my fact checking or accuracy as a journalist in 30 years. They didn’t have an agenda. I am not an activist journalist.Many here locally don’t know the line between advocacy and just reporting news.

    Prajna, you and your ilk have threatened me, called me names and written nasty letters to the TS before. Once again you use freedom of speech as a weapon. Go ahead, it will only prove my point to more people.

    What you don’t like is being called on your tactics.

    In the last hour I actually spent time helping 2 out of the 99% in getting past struggling times. What exactly have you done for the masses this morning except spend your time attacking me.?

  34. John, It’s obvious your preception of what you saw was real. I did not call you a liar, nor have I impugned your name by merely pointing out that some assuming was done on your part. I’m sure your an honorable, and well-educated person and I didn’t mean to upset you.

    As for Whoever: I wasn’t eager to get entangled with this whole flag business at first and just observed comments after reading John’s piece. Despite myself, I’ve already said more than I want to about the situtation. The only reason I was there was to give someone a ride back to Ferndale. I don’t get involved with the local progs (as you call them). I do go to different events to observe people, and even write about my observations at times.

    For the record, I don;t belong in either camp – conservatives or progressives.

  35. It’s too bad that the flag issue has sidetracked what was an otherwise thoughtful and insightful perspective by JChiv. Let’s, for God’s sake, move past the flag shit and get back to petty insults about political affiliations, creed, etc

    Thanks friends!

  36. The Douchebag, can you write all my responses from now on? Succinct and to the point.

  37. Mr. Chiv bases his argument against Occupy Eureka on a misinterpretation of an event he witnessed. When the facts are pointed out to Mr. Chiv, he attacks the people who pointed out his error and accuses them of being part of a conspiracy against him. Mr. Chiv, you are the only person using the freedom of speech as a weapon. Mr. Chiv can’t handle the truth.

  38. Concerned must be Pranja again. Another name. Same small brain pan. Begone dull troll! Back to HH. Rant there with the other nut jobs.

  39. Ben, you know who concerned is, same lame dick that’s on blogs all day.

  40. Dick, dick, dick, sara, dick, dick, dick, R.Trent, dick, dick……………small penis, large nasty drunk. Guess he ran out of stickers to post through old town.

  41. Oh the Humanity. Another EPD raid recorded by the Occupy Eureka Movement. Look at the brutality by the EPD Officer!

  42. Wow,after watching that video…confirms what is so apparent about these”occupiers” ….they are really “occupariahs”
    any original legit message that was born from occupy wall street is completely dead. What you have now are just the dregs of HC that do not contribute one thing to their own lives or the greater good, wanting their 15 minutes of fame. Just listen to that one numb nut screaming “follow the law follow the law” really?

  43. 7:44 am,

    No need to stoke the fire, right?

    Anyhow, the peace officer put his wabbit ears down (referee terminology) and acted professionally by all standards in so far as bodily movements and what audio could be deciphered, as insults were projected by multiple protesters. Yet, why would the EPD send any arrogant, agitating and/or provoking type of person acting in the capacity for law enforcement down to pull those signs off in the daylight….especially after the early am swat style paramilitary action to startledly awaken community citizens and its guests from a comatose state while they sleep (illegal camping or not).

    Good manuveur by law enforcement to expose protesters acting stupid. It shows that not all protesters are there for the same causes for peaceful protest…… if a law enforcement official onsite is going to cease abatement and/or seizure of any items that the latest instructions by superiors to that onsite official can confirm. If anything political happened that was delayed due to systemic dysfunction between county/city public relations, well that is unfortunately how the apple falls in situations like OWS, because it happens selectively all the time to various folks in the various communities over various local social agendas and/or its political threats, in all honesty. Just got speak to people, and if your a Gingerich Newt, you’ll know the inner scopings of how the government game plays the community chess pieces.


  44. Now,

    as to the policy discussion on advertising and free speech, do local businesses currently possess encroachment permits from the City Of Eureka’s public works department or CAL-Trans (4th, 5th, 6th?, 7th?) for advertising within public rights-of-ways like city sidewalks? Can’t imagine any public sector hypocrisy being practiced locally, nah.

    Further, what about the various ADA sidewalk compliance obstructions because of these signs that businesses put out on the public’s property……property exclusive for free excercise of travel, ingress and egress to and from any place a sidewalk will take any appropriate and legal user…….I know, I know, (as government and business violators so flip-floppingly whine) its about government sales tax generations, as well as, private sector profits for the well-connected, especially those fishy corps, who happen to not have such the business related problems as do their counterpart businessmen and businesswomen, go figure on that, hmmmm. Heck, still see a sign promoting a local CSD program illegally placed for advertising within an area the local CSD says no by ordinaNce/resolution……but, of course, if government gains ADVANTAGE with a private/public quasi interaction, then out the window with its own misrepresenting rules……yet hypocrisy again.

    Ok, since pinching can sting, whomever erected the fence, needs to anchor / tie it down to the ground for Federal and State OSHA standards with locking devices between the base and the sectional pieces… need for the debt to increase more quickly above 15 trillion buckaroos due to injury claims from high winds/gusts, leaning (no sign that says no leaning allowed, or injury may occur, blah, blah), etc……oh, that was for the corporate/consumer world that sinister types have helped to create…..apples don’t fall far from the tree.


  45. “Good manuveur by law enforcement to expose protesters acting stupid”

    The cop was there to remove the unlawful signs HOJ.

  46. HOJ you are such a complete idiot!. You continue to amaze me.

  47. Notice that the camera person does not take pictures of the folks who are causing the problem. Cause he has been trained as a community organizer type. Most of the rest of the folks are just fluff. Officer keeps his cool.

    What really is the frosting is the punk telling him that Supervisor Lovelace. Bullshit, Marky has no juice on this and if he gets involved is outside his insurance protection. If something happens the silly ass can be sued. Of course being what he is, he can’t help but get his face in the paper.

  48. Just drove by the Court House. A protester standing on the Northwest corner of 5th. and I st. was holding a sign that read ” Mark Lovelace called for the police crackdown”……

  49. The writer, John, wrote this:

    “If you had been respectful, I would listen to your message.

    You want change. Try using the same time you have standing outside the courthouse to volunteer in a soup kitchen, to clean up the parks, to reach out to a mentally ill or homeless person. Change and hope do not come from holding a sign; they come from one person struggling to stay strong and providing encouragement to another in a difficult economy and a broken system.”

    Well, John, you do it your way. All the things you list for effecting change and hope already exist and are happening, especially in the bigger cities.
    According to your writing, you are not listening to any message. Apparently you only listen and talk to yourself.

    It is not up to you or to talkShow hosts, or to politicians to tell or suggest to people “how they should proceed” politically, etc.
    People choose their own way. Certainly, most do not follow you.
    And for a reason. What, exactly, do a soup kitchen or cleaning up parks have to do with the issues that concern OccupyWallStreet and others.
    If we want to change police practices in Oakland or Davis, do we make progress on those issues by passing out soup or hanging out on the beach cleaning up other people’s messes in the parks?

    There are plenty of people advocating respectfully incl. lawyers, politicians, activists, voters, and others: for instance, Tom Ammiano, John Avalos (several other members of various boards of supervisors and political bodies) Union members and leaders, political associations such as nurses, longshore Union, etc. The list goes on and on and on.

    Dig your head into the sand, Mr.
    And keep writing and “telling” other people what to do, and what they should be doing. Mr. Know-It-All was a cartoon character (I think Bullwinkle and Rocky Show), but now we also have a “real” character in our own Humboldt County (but I think more akin to Wily Coyote – think ACME explosives and constant losing).

  50. Sorry so many comments are landing in the spam can. It’s frustrating, but as our filter blocks more than 1,000 spams every day, things would likely be worse without it. Sorry, friends!!

  51. Great post. How much is it costing our community to have to deal with these slugs?

    The only thing they have accomplished is ruining the front of the Courthouse for everyone, getting an ugly cyclone fence put up because they have no sense of manners, limits or responsibility.

    Everyone else who has held protests there have followed the rules. Doing so never affected anyone’s right to free speech.

    The notion that they need to be there 24/7 is ludicrous – as MOST of the time there are only a few there, they took to sticking the signs in the ground and to every pole in sight, then, at peak hours, they have a few more show up, like noon and five o’clock, make a good showing for the rush hour, PRETEND this is a bigger group than it is. they could get rid of all the tents and still do the noon and five c’clock stints.

    Funny that they’re now going after Lovelace who is the only one who was giving them the time of day, from all appearances. He can’t think very highly of them though, as he knows activists have to work IN the system, as he has done all these years. Now, he gets a taste of the activist medicine. That is amusing.

  52. He, the blogster, seems to forget that veterans were not exactly fighting for our right to free speech. That battle was here, right at home, and involved BATTLES and Fights in the courts, the appeals courts, the Supreme Court and in Congress.

    The real heroes were the civil rights lawyers, the very people you would like to disparage.
    And, from the looks of it, the battle for free speech has just again begun.

  53. Mister Preacher Man, what is your life plan? Perhaps you can attend a Occupied General Assembly. There is one this Saturday December 3rd. Perhaps you can present your ideas directly to people who are actually participating. Not only can you present ideas, but if you want to go on a rant that is allowed too. You can get off your high horse, your backside and engage with the world. It is likely that one of the purposes of Occupied is “to engage” with the world, and they are doing exactly that. Enough of the idle chatter while Rome burns.

    You might enjoy living in the so-called great state of Texas. My Texas friends tell me that this sort of thing (Occupied) would “not” be allowed. Of course, they also freak out when they come to California and see labor striking. We ain’t gonna allow that sort of thing in Texas, they say. What do you allow in Texas?, we ask. Executions, they say.

    You, the blogGuy, seem to be very comfortable “imposing” your ideas on people in a movement that you claim to disdain, one that you clearly have no sense of identity with, one that you clearly have no intention of joining. How cool can that be?

    A philosophy that is imposed from without instead of arising organizationally/organically from day-to-day engagement with the people directly involved isn’t worth having. Such interference as yours runs the risk of becoming an ideology, something that only serves to OBSCURE the reality at issue.

    You do a good job “parroting” the views of your fellow objectors. Of course, you must be right, I read it in the conservative rags and in the Enquirer. If city leaders? are quoted in the Times-Standard, well it has to be the truth, doesn’t it?

    Don’t you think that we will assert our right to think and plan for ourselves, to refuse to have our ideas “assigned” to us as though we are intellectual slaves, only because we might have different ideas than you do?

    “Old Man Can’t is Dead” (So says the Constitution) If we can’t stand on our own legs, well, let us fall/fail. Be not afraid, sir.

    Your paternalism is dreary, it wears on us. It is hard to tell if you are merely deluded or actually just dishonest. You may think we should simply bow to your superior knowledge, your superior wisdom. Like we don’t know our place, so we have to be put down, like dogs. I guess you really think you know what is best for us.

    You want meek and submissive? Not from us, sir. I sense real hostility in your words, in your writing. Is that what it is?

    If we accept your wisdom, shouldn’t we expect to be treated badly? A Supreme Court justice, who will remain nameless, said “Too many show timidity today, precisely when courage is demanded.”

    Didn’t I see courage when protesters in Davis took the pepperspray faceOn? and in Oakland when protesters took the tear gas and the direct hits from billyclubs and canisters and the finger-breaking and arm twisting?

    Apparently, people “are” serious about following through with this, in spite of your attempts to subvert the aims of Occupied, etc. Occupied is speaking unpopular truths, telling some of the most powerful people in the worlds of government, policing, business and finance precisely WHAT THEY DON”T WANT TO HEAR.

    Old Man Can’t is Dead, WE are burying him. We are tired of seeing America’s elites arrogantly wreaking havoc and chaos on everything our grandparents, parents and we ourselves have worked hard for.(sic)

    In fact, it seems that all many people who object to Occupied care about is their own image among the know-it-all elites. Your hostility, your disdain becomes you, it is you. You want to see a pin-point strategy, probably so it would be easier for you to defeat. We’re on to you, bub. The damn vacation is over. Go ahead, blog away. pick up the phone, bitch&moan to your friends and conspirators/compatriots.

    Encourage the EPD, the OPD, the UCDavisPD and other club-wielding law-breakers to run rampant. Tell them they have your permission to try to beat down anyone who doesn’t follow your righteous path.

    {does all of this look like it came partially from a separate source/writer? Yes, I took bits and pieces from an article out of New York.(paraphrased some, and wrote the rest) Amazing how much good sense comes out of the BigApple and how much bad stuff comes out of WashingtonDC just down the road from NY>

  54. Sounds just like NAN. Protesters took the pepper spray. Poor sob’s were led on by folks like you Ken. Manipulators, the guys behind it didn’t get sprayed. Just the troops. Your full of shit as usual.

    Same old shit. Ya, all the good stuff comes from the east coast. Go back. Good-bye. We don’t want you. No more of your silly ass elitism. Yes it is you with your class garbage that is the outsider. To join your group is to give up, fall in with the mass stupidity. Look at those dumb fucks repeating everything after each speaker in mass. Think about what that represents. Sorry Ken. With all your big talk, You try and take my county,I’ll fight for it. Government already trained me. Just like riding a bike, you don’t ever forget. No threat or hostility, just fact. I don’t say you can’t do whatever you want within the framework of the system that governs our country. Have any idea you want, I seek no power over you. But you will not impose your socialist garbage on me. An that is my way

  55. “Didn’t I see courage when protesters in Davis took the pepperspray faceOn? ”

    No. you saw poor dumb pawns bearing the pain that the “community organizers” won’t take on themselves.

    And now the city is left to clean up 30 tons of trash left behind in LA, 200 pounds of shit in another city, and all the #occupiers have done is ruin it for whoever comes along next.

    What’ve we got now? An ugly cyclone fence and a trashed lawn, ruined it for everyone else, the regular people pay the price for the inconsiderate sheep, who have accomplished nothing.

    Well, maybe not nothing – maybe we will finally see an end to this idiocy. Grow up.

  56. Wow, who is this “Ken”?

    “Encourage the EPD, the OPD, the UCDavisPD and other club-wielding law-breakers to run rampant. Tell them they have your permission to try to beat down anyone who doesn’t follow your righteous path.”

    If you had been paying attention instead of trying to ramp up hate and fear and angst, you would KNOW that the cops across this nation have shown REMARKABLE RESTRAINT in the face of hundreds of activist pawns jonesing for their Kent State moment.

    It’s the #occupiers who got so bad they had to set up “women only” tents to guard against all the rapes, it’s the #occupiers who tried to keep assault victims from going to the authorities and kept them from holding their abuser accountable, it’s the #occupiers who brought shootings and drugs and more – all while claiming high-mindedness.

    If it was an episode of Wayne’s World, it would be funny. But it isn’t.

  57. Dear Mr. Chiv:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. As a second-gen HumCo native, I’m very saddened by the state of the local Occupy Movement. Although after attending a recent meeting at HSU (with the “usual suspects”~ yes), I’m confident the Movement here has good intentions. Therefore, I figure it’s up to regular folks (like me? my parents? my daughter’s pre-school teachers? you?) to spread the word amongst ourselves to support the Occupy Movement as part of the 99%. However, again, I am in full-on sympathy on how dismal and disappointing the local Occupy Movement is.

    I’d be happy to fill you in on some intelligent, thoughtful reasons regarding why the Occupy Movement is happening, and indeed, needed NOW. I was blessed to be able to spend about a week in NYC at Zuccotti Park, where I met hundreds of folks from all walks of life uniting under one cause.

    What is that “one cause”? Well, it’s difficult to boil down. However, I think any citizen who was ever promised the “American Dream,” and worked hard toward it, only to have their dreams dashed in this socio-political economy, could easily answer that question. Get Occupiers and Tea Partiers at the same party, and 99% of them will be in agreement.

    It’s full-on Revolution out there (happening on ALL seven continents now! ;), and I believe I’m truly standing up for Democracy (with a “capital D!”) by stating NOW is the time for people across the globe to have an honest exchange of dialogue and ideas. Cuz, well, let’s face it: We all want the same things, right? (Food, healthcare, shelter, jobs? Wine, women, songs?) So let’s get some intelligent voices into the mix and Occupy Right. (Right. Here. Right. Now.)

    Which is why I’m being a troll commenting on a blog I normally only Occupy for its occasional vitriolic humor.

  58. PS~ HEY! Self-righteous “Conservatives” and “Liberals” of Humboldt! If Bloods and Crips in the South can get o’er it, I’m pretty sure we can too… “They don’t want us to be together. They don’t want us to stand next to each other.”

    (I’m a full-on Utopian Anarchist who will gladly hug any hardcore born-again, GOP, flag-wavin’ conservative, ya know what I’m sayin’? Cuz THAT is what THIS Revolution is all about.)

  59. against “all” the rapes

    (that was a statement in an above post, like 3 posts above, and don’t you just like it when people who absolutely abhor the Occupieds profess to know what is going on in their camp and now, righteously speak out FOR THEM) Thanks, but no.

    Don’t know about “all” the rapes, but do know “you” saw videos of “all” the gassing of people in Oakland, you saw people being “billy clubed” in almost all cities ( including a now “blog-famous” Eureka incident).

    Righteous Path? Yeah, Violence is learned,it can be unlearned.
    We abhor similar government actions in other countries,
    yeah, China, Eygpt, Libya, and a hundred of other places,
    But, but, you apparently think it is ok to beat the crap out of
    American citizens (over camping laws?) .

    Tell me it ain’t so!
    Most modern towns bigger than a village have “citizen
    review boards”, at a minimum. There is a rather well-
    known Shasta County case (even involving Humboldt
    raised citizens) where the opening paragraph in the
    9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision says this:

    “Take me to your magistrate,” Henry insisted, and the battle was on.   It seems that Shasta County has a group of zealous citizens intent on ensuring that they and their associates are at all times afforded the full extent of their legal rights-to the last jot and tittle-and that all laws that affect them are strictly complied with, even in the case of minor vehicle code infractions.   At the same time, according to the record as we must view it, the sheriff and certain other law enforcement officers who work in Shasta County take quite a different view of the
    legal process.
      As they see it, they are the law in Shasta County.1

    And that is the real problem with police actions in Humboldt and many other places, especially small towns and villages,
    “As they see it, they are the law.”

    In the year, 2011, we all should know better than this!

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