Times-Standard announces it will suck one day less each week

As part of its ongoing effort to run itself into the ground, the Times-Standard announced that after the first of the year it will cease publication of its Monday edition.

Media News Group, the Times-Standard’s parent company, will additionally shutter the Humboldt Beacon, a weekly that managed to serve the Eel River valley just fine for more than 100 years before MNG took it over in 2005.

In a Monday memo, Publisher Dave Kuta wrote, “None of these decisions were made easily, and had I routed this announcement through copy editing instead of going it alone so I could spring it on staff, someone would have caught the subject-object disagreement at the beginning of this sentence.”

Okay, okay, we made that last part up.

This news comes on the heels of a reported blow-out between Times-Standard Managing Editor Kim Wear and City Editor Dave Rosso, who had returned to the daily after its previous city editor came down with a heroin addiction. Following the fight with Wear, Rosso is said to have stormed out and returned the next day to tender his resignation.

So what does all of this mean for Humboldt County? As much as we enjoy making sport of the Times-Standard’s sometimes glorious fails, we don’t wish job loss on anyone, and losing another community newspaper can’t be good news for any of us.

Read the longer second-day article here.

44 Responses

  1. Maybe this is what Judy Hodgson meant by hybrid journalism: The TS will now incorporate elements of both publishing and not-publishing. It’s very zen. I can almost hear one hand clapping.

  2. It’s hard not to gloat, but along with the Bugs I don’t want people to lose their jobs and I hate to see the end of the Beacon. Really sad.

  3. What’s the correct response to the announcement that they’ll print one day less each week? Thank you?

  4. So are you saying that James Faulk will be returning to fill Rosso’s position?

  5. Neverless, the T-S always made a better fishwrap than the Eureka Reporter

  6. This PISSES me off!!!! The Humboldt Beacon is MY paper!!! My kids have been IN that paper.
    They’ll be getting a call from me. Stupid corporate drones.

  7. In addition they axed their lead Photojournalist Josh Jackson.
    Their reporter Karen Wilkinson, reporter Allison White, City Editor Dave Rosso and now their photographer, all have been lost directly due to Wear.
    You’d have to be blind to not see a pattern…

  8. Sorry to hear about this but at least the Monday T-S doesn’t usually have much in it to miss. I can’t help but think the whole paper is going to fold one of these days, although from the number of inserts in the paper they still seem to be bringing in advertising dollars.

  9. Call me cold but I think the TS sucks, their reporters suck and good riddance Rosso (the most arrogant suck-tard) is gone. The TS staff (ever lazy-ass one of them) has brought this on themselves.

  10. The thing is that I hate the TS. It always seemed to have a political agenda with a slant I couldn’t get behind. The Beacon was all about the people here, the NEWS you know. In a NEWSPAPER without the effing bias.
    Why doesn’t the TS go to one day a week like the Beacon? That would save tons of money and keep the best paper open.+-

  11. Rosso and Wear have been at each other for a long time. It’s been almost like a contest to see which of them could be the most useless, and whenever one pulls ahead, the other is pissed.

  12. I’m with you on this one, Huh. I can’t tell if my readership experience just got better or worse.

  13. Yep Jen. I agree about the Beacon, but the handwriting was on the wal when MMG bought them. That call was made to shut that paper down.

    Disagree with the bug here because the TS is not a community newspaper. Its an MMG rag that recycled AP articles with a spattering here and there of something local that was often wrong, poorly written and always biased toward the progs (another big reason good riddance Rosso is gone). Poor Wear was over her head when she was elevated from a newbee reporter (who was good) to voila the editor. Then she let the idiots loose (like the fat boys, Rosso and Greenson) infect us all with slanted bullshit for way too long. I cancelled my subscription some time ago and haven’t read that rag for sometime now. In a vacuum I am sorry for anyone to lose a job in this economy but hell. “Let them grow dope” since that’s what that rag pushes daily.

    I am sorry about Josh who is a really swell guy.

  14. Sorry to see Beacon go. Would be nice if someone local picked it up.

    The TS has become a worthless slated piece of shit. Cut it back to Sunday and a couple of mystery days to keep it interesting. Because its a habit I like to read a morning paper, how about bringing back the Reporter..

  15. The community newspaper I was referring to is the Beacon, not the TS. I agree the TS is not a community newspaper. It is a resource-starved outpost on the frontier of corporate schlock that can be characterized in equal parts by its underfunding, its mismanagement and its wasted talent. IMHO, anyway.

  16. There are many venues competing for ad funds today and the TS editorial policy of focusing on MJ and liberal causes encouraged dollars to go elsewhere.

  17. Well it certainly did encourage my dollars to go elsewhere. Used to use the Beacon. Refuse to use the TS or NCJ. I have an eat shit and die attitude when it comes to those rags.

    It does make me sick about the Beacon, but i agree that as soon as MMG bought it, it was over. Was just a matter of time.

    Hey, but I am dying to know more about the”Following the fight with Wear, Rosso is said to have stormed out and returned the next day to tender his resignation.”

    I hope Kimberly told him to shove his resignation up his proggie ass. That guy is such a clueless pompous windbag.

  18. I’d be looking for another job ASAP if I were still collecting a paycheck at the ol’ T-S. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. It’ll be just a matter of time before they pull the plug for good.

  19. what a bunch of idiots

  20. Beacon = more local stuff, blended the heart and soul of So. Humboldt imo. Shucks.

    T-S = acts like is local, but really not….just part of a larger network owned by same parent company. Months ago, a ;lady was giving out free promo Sunday papers at Rays in Macktown. Said no thanks, already get it online. She says but it is only a portion of the paper. Said, yep, its the portion without most of the garbage and it is also “free”. Then, oh, about 2 months later, Facebook, online design change and yes, prices for online users……funny how the ball rolls really fast when money is on the line……..err online.

    The worst part of the T-S is the local political slants and non-stories because there exists insider connections between Eureka city and Hum county officials with T-S media brass where sinister media twists and turns tend to skew political understandings for its readership. Basically, propagandized agendas. Sad really that a community becomes divided because of a minor number of media/elected official coordinations that render unethical practices.


  21. *Sigh*, now what do I do about avaliable news print for guinea pig cages, starting the fire and rolling one up to threaten the dog? I must be really old-fashioned, I like to sit with coffee and the paper to complete that ‘waking up’ process. The trick with the TS, is you have to accept that they only print proggie-approved crap, and MJ industry propaganda, as long as you accept those basic tenets, you go immediately to the sports and the comics and you are all set!

    Another thought, makes running off the Eureka Reporter, a rather pyrrhic victory, one does wonder…….

    LOved the Midget @ the Occupoopers, getting some campagin tips, no doubt

  22. Sounds like a great opportunity for a local entreprenuer.

  23. HOJ, I completely agree with you.
    It must be the apocolypse……..(I’m kidding. Very succinctly put, sir)

  24. HOJ, I completely agree with you.
    It must be the apocolypse….(I’m kidding. Very succinctly put, sir)

  25. Good Morning Jen,

    Thank You, and ditto to your response as well.


  26. The TS reaps what it sows. The lazy shites like Rosso let turds like Salzman and pals (lovelace, Glass, nielsen, atkins,, neely etc) direct what was written and we normal folks got disgusted by it. They cater to the great unwashed that don’t even buy their paper.. I hope the TS goes under because they are worthless. I read the press democrat and read the Beacon. Now it will just be the press-dem. (And I get the SRPD in paper form and not online) Hope they all enjoy unemployment since they worked so hard to get there.

  27. ditto 8:47a.m.

  28. Say what you will about the Beacon and who reads it……but it was THE ONLY paper that covered their community in the Eel river valley. There will be a void. and alas, the time honored tradition of uhm how shall I say this…..SHITTING ON and then IGNORING THE SHAT UPON in SOHUM will continue. Arcata will continue to make the headlines and they will be continuing to set the agenda and tone for where Humboldt County is headed…….downward spiral weeeeee

  29. It’s worth pointing out that papers which support the job-killers are supporting their own demise.

    Newspapers depend on a healthy business sector to BUY ADS. And people who are buying ads are not just buying physical space, they are buying access to people with some money to spend.

    The Times-Standard, and “others” are thus doomed. But they can go happily, knowing they contributed to EPIC and Baykeeper’s wealth.

    The Beacon and The Tri-City’s days were numbered the day they were purchased by the TS parent company.

    The wide-open niche in this market is a business-supporting, conservative point-of-view. Even a balanced tone would be welcomed. I know a lot of people who refuse to spend money due to the tone and political stance.

    But take a look at your smaller community papers, the ones that aren’t owned by a conglomerate. The Ferndale Enterprise, The Arcata Eye, The Independent and the McKinleyville Press are well worth considering. And maybe poised to assume a dominant position in this area.

  30. Oh dang. I’m in moderation.

  31. Great words Rose,

    One tidbit, our “both of us” local paper,,,,Mck Press…is not always balanced and does stir-up trouble, maybe not like Lambert and May’s media agitation, but through the words…and you must admit, honestly, that during election coverages over the past several years and other high profile issues, it was tactics turned headline stories by the papers own employees (IC’s or direct affiliation – it don’t matter),

    The Mck. Press has engaged in a dis-service to the community many times by printing innaccurate diatribe by its politically slanted writers…..You know me Rose, I have no problem pointing out the facts.If the Pope were before me, I’d let him have it too without a second guess. Citizens should not be afraid to name names of the sinister types in their own community. Fact is, The Mck. Press uses beat writers that also fill space for the Arcata Eye and other media outlets….so to be blind about political and social connectivities with local media as not being effective or complicit in both the positive and negatives of any community would be a miscarriage of the truth. Media has power because people believe almost anything cuz their too lazy to research it themself….kinda like always eating out instead of cooking in-house…..the pampering effect for so many. Guess what, pampering days are over, unless your a newborne ready to take on a world of schit!

    Local media taints just as much as mass media cuz all media is in the game for the same…..reasons….to manufacture rubbish and chaos, otherwise news media jobs would not exist. Aside from the comics, sports, obituaries and related citizen write-ups, the media on the northcoast is stale, but for the few obvious local supporters. Sure Mck. Press ain’t no T-S, but it ain’t no peace accord either. Papers are in business to make money……..just like why most anyone is in business it seems….to make money. Now, how an entity makes its money is a separate discussion. When wealth is achieved through sinister means, that wealth is undeserving. Their ain’t no capitalism in sinister IF this is a country ruled by laws……..many local and non-local businesses break laws to make a buck, even retail media.

    Local elected officials – have helped the demise of the T-S by and through their sinister involvements to control the news too for political non-transparency!


  32. Anyone read the Ornelas story and the description of how he was hurt?

    Then, the diatribe by his wife who is current Arcata mayor. Gee whiz. will more national debt be created because a grown adult could not do what our grandparents invented – how to ride a bike where road pavement or trails don’t exist.

    Notice how the T-S headline taints the story in favor to Bob – who is at fault for falling down through is own admission…; or, will Bob and Susan sue Humboldt County for lack of road maintenance?

    Biking PR will occur sure as heck though! Hey Bikers, if ya support trails, then ya don’t support bike lanes clean swept. Just sayin’, why complain about a muddy mess when trails are nothing but muddy messes once traveled upon one too many times. Why complain at all when the biker is at fault. Time for Biker insurance policies. Bob should consider speaking-up to the County as one of the Supes is involved in insurance…he may be able to help ya out.

    All in all, I hope he fully recovers…and purchases a set of training wheels!

  33. I say the T/S has been a lousy paper for YEARS, the Beacon was a good paper ………………………….

  34. HOJ actually made some sense for a change. Hope commie Bob gets well and eats his own crow. Bet he will cry a river about the damn roads and cars and lack of bike freeways.

  35. TS true to form on Sunday. Headlines about how pot brings 400+ million annually. Greenson displays his laziness and
    obsessions again. What an f’ing waste.

  36. HOJ finally making some sense! Holy cow, it’s truet ! What next?

  37. Wow and today’s TS lead off topping yesterdays typical pot obsession is?……yep the scrabble club is looking for new members. How does one play scrabble while stoned? Or how does the scrabble club aid the pot industry? Or ?

  38. Another day and another pot article today from the pot obsessed Greenson. This time heralding dunce attorneys Peter Martin and Jeffrey Schwatrz filing a lawsuit alleging that 215 makes it “legal” to grow dope just by having a bought and paid for recommendation no matter how much weed or how bogus.

    Thad, quit smoking the herb…this obsession isn’t healthy. Or are you scouting out new employment for after the TS folds?

  39. Actually – I disagree – the McKinleyville Press is one of the best papers going – and far from clamping down on opinions, Jack prints all sides, unedited for the most part. No one can claim not to have had their say. (It’s a rarity, btw, to run letters unedited.)

  40. Rose, you are correct, who else would give David Elesebusch all that copy! Talk about a nut case.

  41. Umm,

    The McK Press does “misprint” sides too Rose, as descriptional analyses would have it. In fact, we both have had this discussion in the past with other McKinleyvillians who can testify to the fact. Is the press the best that the northcoast has???Well, it is nearer to the top of the list than the bottom, imo….but it still shares its media manipulations with the community through its individual “beat writers”. Media is no different when it comes to type of media – either ya do or don’t intend to provide accuracy in publishing 100% time. The McK Press “has not” provided accuracy 100% – and, still has many public corrections on mis-reportiung to clarify to the community……if honesty and accuracy are both one of the same.

    I still get the Press….and am still concerned and provoked as a community member when I see the manipulations in print form. Touche’.

  42. The Greenson article was appropriate in that it enlightens it’s readership that “law enforcement” should not be allowed to pick and choose “on the fly” the criteria that will be used to kick in your front door, proceed to soil and stain the residences floors with boots on the ground…..scratch and ding up the walls and baseboard trims…..make a mess……and the government says its the homeowner’s fault, so no lawsuit for property damages on an over-valuated residence that the tax collector is raking-in dough on to justify the “local tax roll”.

    What is worse is………….THE JUDGE…….who signed the order. Back in the business law book days, there was a direct statement that “judges always prejudice and bias in favor of government,”. So, I knew at a young age, that justice, in part, was not about pure peace……when it should be.

    This article sheds light on the structure of law and the manipulations engaged to further increase that structure….ala what has been occuring at the national level – expansionisms of federal governent. The structure of law does it through illegal incarcerations, set-ups, pre and post manufacturings of the scene in a myriad of ways, unequal applications of their duties (note Gallegos statement regarding OWS Eureka EPD), filing false reports, bullying, on and on and on……ya think the conservative base would moan and groan as much about the size of the prison complex as they do about the size and cost of structure at the federal government level, but I assume there exists an alterior aspect to the opposite reaction…..that there exists a large group of citizens who favor “The Police State” so as to achieve their ultimate lifestyle goals……a reality where their idealisms, philosophies, way-of-life, etc….become the favored norm of prejudisms and bias of government power/control/taxing implementations….a sorta “more perfect and refined do as we say” society that is predicated by religious beliefs and living the good life, undeniable.

    Of course, instilling “fear” into the community never hurts either to accomplish a “police state” (Homeland Security and Fast and Furious – hypocritical twins).


  43. the Times-Standard has an a total scam going with this e-edition crap! 1) it is almost impossible to actually log in, even with the numbers that they send 2) you get charged seperately from the already paid subscription for the print edition! What a complete and utter scam! Not content with being the mouthpiece for the marijuana industry, now, a full court press to fleece their readers!

    I pay for an internet connection and I pay for the newspaper to show up in my driveway, I will not pay twice for the drivel we are doled out as news! Not to mention that the delivery person (who is dependable and timely) is now done out of a days wages! Way to go TS!

  44. I worked for the Humboldt Beacon for 6 years and went down with the ship. Still sad about it.

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