Woman’s claim not to have slept with Herman Cain unravels

Eek! Hold the sausage.

Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, who briefly led as the Republican presidential hopeful, announced this weekend that he suspended his rapidly failing campaign amid a flurry of new and ongoing sexual scandal allegations.

A 91-year-old woman and resident at the Sunrise Senior Living facility in Atlanta vehemently denied accusations on Sunday that she too had slept with Cain last month. Despite her claims of innocence, she and Cain were unable to account for a suspicious 15-minute window of opportunity when his motorcade arrived late for a fundraiser approximately .2 miles away from her retirement home.

On Saturday Cain vowed “not to go away,” which prompted women and senior living officials across several states in the South to step up security measures in and around their homes.


11 Responses

  1. Snore….

  2. I LOVE IT !!!!

  3. I wonder if Cain is trying to beat Wilt the Stilt’s 20,000 number…or if he already has. I’d vote for a president that could nail that many women. Hell, he’d get more respect from European countries that way too.

  4. It really is going to be snail mail (Nice Graphic). I mailed (2) Flat Rate “Priority” boxes today (waited in line 10 minutes in Fortuna) advertised at 2-3 days, to Alaska and no where near worth what I paid ($25.00) and they told me well they actually truck south and there is nothing priority about them. Nothing ships out of here by air. No Santa Suit for the Christmas Party Friday night – damn…Where is Bell,CA?

  5. He has yet to knock up a documentary film-maker, pay her off with campaign funds, lie about it to his terminally ill wife (and everyone else!) and still claim a moral high ground…he is bush-league, just ask young Mr. Kerrigan.

  6. Oh no, not that John Edwards sinister Democrat dude that so many two-party type voters put false faith and trust into…..like Jesus would do, turn the face the other way! Yet, after turning the other way, the the reflection becomes that of a republican that so many two-party type voters put false faith and trust into…..like Jesus would do, turn the face the other way. Darned rubber-necking, it is painful to bare witness to voters torturing themselves.

    Aside from the sarcasm, could anyone else see the b-s Cain was pulling…….pullin’ stuff outta thin air at times…..classic. Anyhow, too bad voters got duped by his propaganda and b-s which seemed to be create as you go……Enjoyed his enthusiasm very much….; and yet, if he is a spousal cheater, karma got him…….and people wonder why the American family unit is in shambles!

  7. Hench Man, you’re reverting to your old ways.

  8. Oh please. We all know that the media goes after all candidates. Why would anyone make a bid for office these days?
    I’m going to rent “Primary Colors” again and be grateful I’m one of the voters.
    After all, you can’t even run for office without your facial hair becoming a “Bohn of contention”. http://humboldtherald.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/bohn-moves-house-in-prep-for-2012-election/
    I have to say that Rex Bohn AND Cliff Clendenan have been people who give/participate/care about our community. Yet, both are trashed by their detractors. *shrugs* I’m going to continue to vote according to what I see a politician do rather than what he (or anyone else) says.

  9. HOJ is only able to act in the way he is wired. He would explode but again his wiring is faulty.

  10. Jen. Clif is worthless and clueless. He doesn’t even return phone calls or emails. He votes with Lovelace to the harm of his own constituents from Fortuna. I refuse to give him my vote.

  11. And what is Mr. Kerrigan up to these days? Kind of off the radar. Or under a rock?

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