T-S launches new and improved Local News online section

It's local somewhere, right?

24 Responses

  1. Great local news section. Who cares if it’s local in Utah, right?

  2. McKinleyville?????

  3. well we have a rather large utah group here

  4. @Anonymous (Thing 2): Large contingent. ;D

  5. Hopefully, The Humboldt Association Of Reality is not as inaccurate as Realtors are Nationally….especially based on false impressions and misrepresented data collection (parts of the rigging of the housing market where valuations are way too high)…but the consumer goes gobble gobble until that fateful thanks For Giving Day So, are homeowners tastier when baked, oven roasted or grilled …..a pot of oil seems too archaic and not with the greenier times. Anyhow, shame on those who signed on the dotted line without using common sense and better judgement….especially when all the information back-checking is through those who are tied to the market for profit (now, that ought to strike curiosity and wonderment for the consumer, no less)

    The “new” news update about (The Free Market Fall in housing….as opposed to Speculative Rise) below:

    **********”The MLS database only includes home sales listed by realtors, and excludes homes listed by owners, providing a very narrow view of the market. And because more people are using realtors to list their homes instead of selling them independently, realtor-listed sales numbers have become artificially inflated, said Yun.

    In addition, some of the assumptions NAR used in calculating its data have become outdated, since they were based on 2000 Census data.

    The MLS has also been expanding its geographic coverage, so it may have appeared that there were more home sales simply because data from new areas were starting to show up. Also because of this geographic expansion, the system has been double-counting sales of some homes that can be considered part of multiple regions”**********

    My Sarcasm in response:

    1st paragraph- so, NAR fudges numbers upward for sales having “NOTHING TO DO” with them or any known MLS system….no data, no data base, no methodologies to include both because how can you include non-realtor sales with realtor sales…..is there some magic powder being sniffed that allows insights into all non-realtor sales not part of the MLS system…..someone from NAR going to every county courthouse in America all-the-time, or just “speculating figures for data”???

    Paragraph 2 – How can ya outdate data that don’t exist ????

    Paragraph 3 – yet, another sophisticated system where some peabrain type was overly intelligient and somehow forgot to “seperate” these “duplicative false figures of sales by double dipping the trough”.

    So convenient to “STALL” negative finanacial market related news…… in order to keep prices and costs “propped-up”……..in any market – delay the facts……!

    Gobble, gobble,; Ho, ho, ho……Green Giant (remember those can of peas)!


  6. Big surprise. After all, they wouldn’t keep the man who put out REAL local news Franklin Stover.

  7. So, you can win a Wal-Mart gift card on this ‘new, improved’ TS site? Is that a subtle jab, or a prophetic bit, as News Channel 3 is all over the confirmation by some source from “City of Eureka”, that, indeed, Wal-Mart is coming to the area.

    The massive, gooey melt-down is not yet in process over at Heraldo, but rumors are rife….spill it Bugs!

  8. Just read the “Most Viewed” in the picture above. Hilarious.

  9. If you go to the T-S homepage these days all you see are regional and national stories rehashed from their corporate owner’s other papers. First they make you pay to read the meager scraps of local online content, now they are just giving up on local coverage completely.

  10. It is official! Announced by Wal-Mart, they are coming! Gear up, the weeping, wailing, rending of garments is just getting started!

    What was that about the ‘end of the world?’ Oh, the proggie melt-down will be funny as hell!

  11. Humbug, do you personally release each comment before it posts to your blog? Everytime I comment, it says waiting in moderation.

  12. Its funny as hell. All the gashing of teeth, yada-yada crap from PJ and the rest of the progs. Walmart is here within a year plus or minus a few months.

    Merry Christmas. Funny part is I will not shop there much. I don’t go into Eureka much for Costco or Target. I actually shop locally so I don’t have much use for large stores. I haven’t been to the mall in 4-5 years.

    But the fact is they have a right to do business. You idiots have no right to decide for other people where they can shop or their choices. Just don’t shop there. But the truth is that you still will, just like Costco. Prog’s are the most 2 faced political group that ever existed.

  13. well, some scholars say when the end of the world happeths, a brand new beginning shall commence……anyone have prophetic stories to spread around rumor mill to keep the little worker bees in line buzzing along in GDP harmony ……..Roman Gods, 20th Century big bang theories, Adam and Eve gardens, etc…?

    Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart time to get a shopping cart…..nanner, nanner, naneeeer (~sarcasm).

    What is beginning pay and benefits for such Humboldt County style employment? Ya want jobs, ya got jobs says the politicians…….don’t know about living arrangements though since many folks NEED 2 or more “Pork and Beans” jobs just to pay basic needs costs like housing, food, etc…. hmmm, maybe Wal-Mart allows double-shifts?


  14. and…here we go! Duck and cover because the 4th horseman of the Apocolapyse has arrived! Eureka and then the rest of Humboldt County will soon sink into a quicksand-like morass of easily accessable, resonably priced shopping!!!! Locally owned business will cease to exist, gone, forever!!!

    Oh, the humanity!

  15. I have been mistaken. I used to think PJ was the stupidest prog that ever lived. I was wrong, Bill aka highbolt is even more ignorant than PJ. I love that they are shitting their pants over Wal-mart. What a Christmas present. God is good.

  16. Amen is spot on….let the customer so choose their shopping, constitutionally…… Simple, when the consumers (what % are Occupiers?) decide enough is enough, they will stop shopping at the businesses in question. Yet, don’t let this business or any other business skimp on development mitigations or conditions blah, blah, blah….

    Personally, I am an infrequent user of big box stores…..Why? Cheap products that fail too quickly, mostly. Yet, aside from electronics and a few other odds and ends items, local businesses get the majority of my dollar. I do note that often, I feel as if local businesses fail to “hit the advertising mark” with its specialty goods and services. An example or few could be……QUALITY kitchen items, QUALITY mens clothing, Quality garden products, etc….

    If a prospective customer can’t get results from an internet “search engine” for something local (that does exist, you would not know it though due to poor internet advertising, or none at all), then the customer is weighing how much “effort” they want to put toward shopping for something local that may exist, but where.

    Too much effort required turns many customers away….not to mention those “sales” or “donations to charity” scams…..tell ya what local businesses lower the product cost and I’ll decide whom and when I donate……..Temp R Pedic blah, blah, blah, ……Safeway card, blah, blah, blah……..or, no Safeway Card and pay double to triple price (non card customers subsidize card customer low prices…….socialists, lol)…… it sux not having more small markets and stores to counter the big business food price schemes………..

  17. Read Heraldo’s version this am (less comments), not that bad. Anyhow, I found this Wal-Mart public relations flaw,

    “Further, in FY 2011 in California, Walmart stores, Sam’s Club and the Walmart Foundation awarded more than $29.1 million in cash and in-kind donations to local organizations in the communities they serve. Through additional funds donated by customers and by Walmart associates throughout the state, the retailer’s contributions in California totaled more than $32.5 million.”

    My Response:

    #1. So, prices would be less if for not the “DONATION SCHEMES” that businesses are running now more and more trying to look like a philanthropist or something….albeit using another persons wealth, but calling themselves as a business “good”. Ya, right versus wrong being hijacked by the wrongs in life trying to look good, but are doing bad (Mirror Headline – mission statement”. Look Out!

    #2. “Additional funds by customers” means when the checkout counter teller asks you to round-up to the nearest dollar. This is additional on top of the overcharges of the product…..so, what % of wealth is too much to earn on any transaction? Free Markets don’t last when greed for wealth returns actually hurt any economy over the mid to long terms…..Just sayin to the customers in America….. don’t get caught with your head up your britches, it is a foul odor that eminates!

    On a lighter, laughable note, Wal-Mart’s PR decided to discuss energy efficiencies……as if making the pitch for why Wal-Mart is good for the community – it is acting energy responsibly…..pweeze, spare the deflections. Again, laughable!

    Lastly, those who are anti-corporation conglomerate should be pleased there is a swap of Wal-Mart for Gottshalks …..as opposed to an additioanl business to lose sleep over.

    Anyhow, big business and small business are becoming like the fed and state governments …….trying to subsidize anyhting for political kick-backs with other peoples money.

    Again, costs are killing Americans…and all business can do is come-up with “feel good” schemes to raise product and service prices in order to launder that money around so as to take credit as a philanthropist…..fricken evil!


  18. Cripes bugs

    I return from assignment and find you have turned into the equivalent of a literary quilting bee. So what’s up with this Justass Henchman? You payin’ him by the word?

    However, as my operatives are everywhere, it has come to my attention that the 12 Bon Bons of Christmas are being reprised so apparently, I am now forced out of retirement.

    Oh and as to the slow and sure diminution that is the TS, there is no cause for celebration. When they’re gone there will be precious little material to work with and of greater moment, the only coverage of local government comedies will be served up by the Heralda’s of the world. Besides, if local media becomes inviable, where will the Verbosa’s get their attention? Kim’s firmament will be sadly bereft of a Starr. Seriously my dear bugs, without the local media and it’s lust for discord over harmony, we would never have reveled over the ‘poop and pee on the bank’ rhapsody. Do you want to be responsible for that lack of that precious and amusing etude? I thought not.

    So let’s get down to it. We’ve got 12 bon Bons to work with here. Time’s a wasting. Graphics dept….break out the pbr! The election cycle is ramping up and we’ve got some profanely sacred material to work with. Did Patti Berg sink the Titanic? Bad to the Rex Bone? On the Atkins diet I lost 20 pounds and 30 IQ points.

    So many opportunities…so few palm trees.

  19. Dog, you precious, darling thing you! Love, Love. Love it! (And you.)

    Juleps all around!

  20. Thank you Dog…. really – Bugs – earth to Bugs, Earth to Bugs is anyone there? Is anyone on board? We miss you and there has been many a trouncing of Girard, and Marky boil-overs to report and we see none here! Is all well? We’re not liking the starvation diet… come back soon! Pretty please?

  21. That’s funny. Times-Slandard redesiging their Local News page as if people from Humboldt County read their crap.

  22. Drop us a line, Sam.


  23. Ahhh what a joy to read your words again sweet Josephine. Perhaps you will join me under Bug’s new palm tree………see it, there at the top? It’s tiny but sufficient.

    And Bugs think thou that I would see the palm tree not? It’s a thing of beauty. An oasis in the chill for me and the lovely Josephine to enjoy a brief repast and a small julep there, resplendent under our canopy of solitude.

    What do you think my dear Ms. Blowe? Shall we occupy the artic?

  24. Now that’s sublime Bugs!

    I once got in a bit of a quandry. I decided to write a childrens book about Christmas. It began…”There were 12 cats hanging from the Christmas tree…..” I just didn’t know where to take it from there.

    So, I switched to palm trees.

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