Merry Christmas, Eureka

It's official: 200 new jobs, affordable shopping and additional sales tax revenue to fund local services. Welcome, Walmart.


32 Responses

  1. Look out, bugs. There’s a stampede of job-haters right behind me.

  2. How dare someone create jobs the progs have not officially sanctioned. Don’t you know it’s better to not work at all than work in an entry-level position?

  3. So does this mean that the bugs will finally get employment?

  4. Less workers, lower paid, cheaper goods, = lower tax collections. The only result from the same size economic pie. Are you dumb?

  5. Now all we need is a federal penitentiary,
    and we will be on to the classic Crescent City Plan.

    Equals jobs at any cost, moral, grace or
    humanity. What legacy ! Eureka’s got to be proud.

  6. anon#1, you are one dumb prog. The trick is to get off your whinning ass and create a larger pie. Prog’s are so stupid. Jobs aplenty, go get them. Its up to you. Anything is possible, but not if you just sit on your ass and whine like a little bitch.

  7. Jobs at any cost? What the fuck is wrong with you, Dan? It’s a store in a fucking shopping mall. There is nothing immoral or inhuman about it. You are the worst kind of hater, the kind that thinks God or right or imperative is on your side. You’re just another sanctimonious fuck who values his fashionable beliefs over other people’s lives. Go fuck off.

  8. Tom, maybe you could even get a job? I think Walmart drug tests it’s applicants, don’t know if that would be a problem?

  9. If I didn’t have a job, Tom, I wouldn’t hesitate to get one at Walmart.

  10. “Pity Eureka in the wake of WalMart?” I can’t believe the doom and gloom over a retail store going into a retail mall.

    The end is here. God help us all…

  11. Comparably,

    Wal-Mart is an off-set of the creation of jobs through business swappings when considering Gottshalks used to be there….at least soil on a different situs is not spoiled, yes! Anyhow, does the starting wage do better than compete with locally owned businesses’ starter wages? What about benefits? Back to market share power arguments?

    Anyhow, as cheap(inexpensive) as the prices can become, so too does the cheapness in quality. When American consumers finally figure out “real value” when acting upon their freedom to spend their wealth, they’ll actually save more money and retain more wealth, but products today by many businesses are easily made to look all “eye candy” for transactional purposes. As an example, look at a typical human being – looks healthy on the outside, but on the inside, cancer strickened……..many products are flawed and consumer protections don’t do JACK cuz the conspiracy is the economic cash flows from entity to entity….why else does government finally bust the crooks, but the government pays itself first and foremost prior to the victims being taken care of 100%; why else does BOA defraud its customers only to be told by the court that they DON’T have to pay 100% of it back, but get too keep between 70-90% of the stolen and laundered wealths of private citizens who are only getting older and need their retirement security……as if Banks care about that stuff unless it is their direct and affiliated peers…..

    In ending, don’t be an Occupier if your a consumer of cheaply manufactured market share products only to bang on drums on the grass in a park complaining why you are giving your socio-economic foes money and wealth!!! The stupidity that shines on within America is a light gone black – people attempting stuff they can’t see. Where the frack did Occupiers purchase their tents and other belongings, Yard Sales or Sals? I think not! The worst protester is the hypocrit!


  12. And an extra Merry Christmas to Dog.

  13. Roger that Graphics Dept.

    You have to admit that the palm trees add a modicum of benign reason and grace to these otherwise troubled zealotry.

    So about the Patty Berg thong illustration? I know the mental pictures are a bit disturbing but, it will after all make the world a more peaceful place. Perhaps by contrast………all those women who are insecure about their bodily shapes (and that is all of them with the exception of Josephine) will feel better about themselves. There will be a globally renewed sense of self confidence and in time all of the cranky bloggers will be overwhelmed by an upwelling of feminine goodwill.

    Ultimately all of the trolls will be overcome by a maternal, devine beneficience and even the Henchman will go back to his crossword puzzles. Life on the blogs will be serene, nobody pissed off – nobody needing to resort to character assignation because, we will all understand that the nature of the universe is consumed by the simple notion that we are, after all…….in this together.

    No haters, no angst just universal love and world peace.

    Naaaaa nevermind.

    If that should occur, Bugs and Heralda would be taking accordian lessons together. Now that’s really disturbing mental picture.

    Forget the whole thing….well except the palm trees part of course.

    And a merry Christmas to you too.


  14. Justass Henchman wuvs crossword puzzles – oh, the neurological euphoria that synapses inside the brain rebuilding the broken pieces of imagery used to shape and mold the building blocks of learning….


  15. Hey,
    Any chance we can delve into the issue of girls who like girls who look like boys who go to jail. I’m thinking Humboldlt Co. reality show. Just watched “Humboldt County” on TV last night. I’m embarassed again. That movie SUCKS!

  16. Wonder what Larry Glass thinks of this?

  17. Straight to moderation. Sigh.

  18. HOJ you really do need some professional help.

  19. Merry Christmas Bugs!

  20. Carrie Peyton Dahlberg didn’t live in Humboldt county, so how can she write this piece?
    No Carrie, you didn’t say no, and you don’t even understand how this is different. A lump of coal in your stocking!

  21. Why am I always stuck in the mod filter?

  22. I am imagining FIX DIS! that the Bugs are busy doing family stuff and the annoying moderation filter is just being extra obnoxious. Lighten up. What is going on that is soooooo important?

  23. Graphics Dept. you need to get off your lazy assess and do some stuff or no more beer fund. Get it? I thought so. Now let’s see some mediocre photoshop work ASAP!

  24. I know who’s naughty and who’s nice, and the Graphics Dept. has an extraordinarily nice buzz about them this time of year. Don’t expect any more than a fuzzy image of some mistletoe (or maybe a nutsack) dangling over the Bon Bon’s head until at least Jan 5th.

  25. Wow,

    Merry Holidays. A few thoughts:

    Hope and healing for Mr Newell……hurt on Myrtle Avenue roadway by a selfish teenage driver who admits not being able to see through a fogged-up windshield, but nonetheless continue to drive into a construction zone critically injuring a worker……California is really hurting economically for the State DMV to continue issuing driving permits to drivers pre-18 years of age. Talk about public safety, tax dollar greeds for public sector over-spendings and hypocrisy (DMV cares less about unsafe drivers, only care about their government paycheck). Plus, enough parents just wuv to get rid of their kids by the hormone age range if not simply to be less annoyed and bothered by extra humanoid conditional responsibilities (so, why have kids if you get sick and tired of them just to pawn your personal liability and responsibility onto society’s lap?).

    Speaking of over-population and its problems, here is a quote from Karen Brooks (looking to unseat Mark Lovelace as Supervisor),

    “California needs a water policy that does not focus on conservation only,” she said on her campaign website. “Conservation only prolongs the inevitable.”

    My response: What is the inevitable? No water, either by source extraction and/or non-regeneration; or, stolen/renegged water rights? Actually, if ya think about it, conservation will outlast the demand because the way things are now does not bode well for more of a population density. The argument comes down to extraction of natural resources that kills deathly one geographic region’s opportunities in prejudiced favor and bias for some other geographic region(s)…..I’ll never agree to northcoast waters being diverted out of their natural waterway courses under the “guise of public welfare” that currently exists.

    So, did Miss Brooks discuss water issues last election cycle in 2010….and to what depth of intelligience (check website)? Talking points derived from the plagiarized thoughts of the sincere types are meaningless because those “in the know” KNOW – and those who KNOW also have the political power and the means to embarrass one who plagiarizes thoughts of others. Interesting which local crickets crick after hearing the cricks of others……we need original thinkers with ideas, not stealing the political directions and discussions of others……this just means that others are more “PREPARED and KNOWLEDGEABLE” as compared to the elected who often are political idea thieves. We’ll see whether voters again are blindsided to the fact of their inadequate researches for political candidates and their platforms……what is a political platform anymore these days…..meaningless too!

    Good thing for political insiders that faith and trust are still very strong by the duopolist voter (the dumbest of all voter types, not even close). How many hypocrit Dems and Repubs will still deny their dumbnesses? Party Politics currently is the “KISS OF DEATH FOR AMERICA”……..meaning that many vicitms are not really true victims because they agreed by vote to their own demise through a representative…not just one or two times, but again and again and again, like clockwork; so again, who are the dumbest voters whom act like “the greatest minds that think alike”……..Democrat and Republican supporters.

    In ending, the repubs are self-destructing while trying to find a party nominee for president; apparantly, the old boy network of repubs is having a sissy fit over the potential loss of power and control by younger, more forward thinking republican civil servants whom frequently entertain the ideas and thoughts that what we have been taught has been full of lies and shenanigans….In fact, the declining level of faith toward any religion or God is like a monkey wrench in the plans of extremist politicians – ya can’t fight religious wars with other cultures when more people have less faith in any religion…just sayin’. Too bad so many military men and women lost their lives or livlihoods over nothing important but for the misdeeds and mischiefs of a select group of lobbyists and associated domestic and foreign policy wonks who do not honestly or faithfully represent the majority of the American citizenry.


  26. Here is a wonderful statement expressed about the MLPA and it’s connections to the private sector,

    “longwind says:
    December 29, 2011 at 5:46 pm
    tra, the essential problem with MLPA is the Fed’s problem too. It’s a problem we on the left don’t grasp because ‘our’ kind of people helped create the problem.

    MLPA is a private organization, privately funded. It’s unwilling to permit the most basic transparency, yet permitted to make governmental decisions in exchange for not costing the government money. The results are ever more controversial, in part because they can’t be changed or even legally challenged.”

    My Response: This is yet another good explanation by a local blogger as to referencing HOW government is usurping the constitution by and through economic shenanigans that use donations through privatized foundations so as to regulate and govern economic activity outside of the mainframe of constitutional procedures and practices, a sorta end-around to take away liberties by those sinister types of people who feel they are elite and everyone else is below them (philanthropy sux when money and power is USED AS philanthropy)…….unions, tempur-pedic mattress ploys and schemes for charitable $100 donations, Safeway food overcharges through customer segregations via membership ruses(back of the bus mentalities) with severence donations packaged into monetary kickbacks to various charities, free hair-cuts for veterans, etc……the point being that private business is no more than honest, straight-up dealings as it is dealing sinisterly to get cash flows by falsely making the customer feel all warm and fuzzy….only to whine and complain as a customer when the customer loses values on their “not-so-well-thought-out purchases” (of course, free is exempt)…like their home, car, clothing, tainted food, toys, etc…..but hey, so many people make shopping their hobby; and, still don’t have a clue as to why they are not better off in their life.

    Lastly, the imposition established through the phrase, “our kind of people” is another form of evidence that people are divided. Divisiveness ain’t good at all.

    SOCIAL greeds destroy societies too…..very counter-productive!


  27. Gee Bugs, your getting lazy like those children over at the NCJ…….

  28. I hear Joel has been eating 99% of the ice cream sold in Humboldt. What gives?

  29. Time to copy and paste posts to show they get erased or banned? Here I thought only the Herald erases comments it disagrees with. Apparantly, the Herald is not a loner in censorship.

    Here is another scam or misprint regarding a Eureka levee,

    “Without accreditation, he said, property owners will be required to obtain flood insurance, and more restrictions will be placed on new construction. He said the ultimate goal is safety and making sure the levee stays in place.

    Hank Seemann, environmental services manager for Humboldt County, said forming a levee district will allow the county to further partner with landowners and help raise some funds for the levee’s maintenance.

    ”The levee district would allow us to raise funds in two ways with a benefit assessment to the properties and allow us to pursue state or federal funds,” Seemann said.

    He said a district needs to be in place in order to oversee any grant funding the levee might receive. The county is hoping to hear whether it will get a grant for the levee in about three to five months.

    ”We submitted a grant application to the Department of Water Resources to fund a portion of the technical studies required,” Seemann said.

    During Tuesday’s meeting, the supervisors will also consider approving the Headwaters Fund board’s grant funding recommendations for the Oct. 1, 2011, round of applicants. The board is suggesting it fund projects put forth by the Humboldt County Resource Conservation District and North Coast Small Business Development Center.

    My Response –

    #1 – a landowner cannot be forced to purchase insurance in this scenario.

    #2 – partnership is not “forcing”

    #3 – If a levee district is created to help “fund” maintenance and its studies”, then the situation becomes better than in the past, opposite reasoning to argue why insurance is unneccessary… the county wants to bend over and give it to the insurance company industry like only back-rubbing prison inmate deviants can do, what is new. Anyhow, this issue goes back to the county/state levee liability issue that was bandied about around 3 years ago at the state level where some quasi agreement was tendered between counties and the state.

    #4 – Does a district need to be formed to “receive” funding as compared to “overseeing that funding”? It reads as if an outside agency can oversee the funding….which could only make upset local officials who like to control almost everything they can grime their fingers into.

    #5. I’d like to listen to the property owners as to why grant funding is needed if they saved money for issues like this. If grant funding is used, then all the benefactors should PAY 100% of the costs through their property taxes; or, sell and move to avoid the tax dollar money laundering schemes used to benefit government and private insurance companies.

    Not enough money? Ok, then why live in a natural disaster prone area that requires landowners to fend for themselves? More restrictions? What, then why did the county let them develop in a natural disaster prone area? Seems to me that human over-population is “forcing” enviros to become hypocrits when comparing historical actions to allow or not allow developments. Government, for tax generation, does not care where a person ultimately resides so long as government gets to dictate and control that decision. Apparantly, safer land to develop is off-limits. Really though, it is like Japan’s Tsunami and economic cycles – plotting for natural disasters to destroy lives so that economic infusions can occur when before those infusions could not. Apparantly, loss of life, wealth and property helps the framers of false economics for the elite to continue to take, take, take.


  30. Oh,

    my message made a ripple about censorship? I do recant my censorship concerns IF moderation is a technical gliche’. Yet, those aaiting moderation post were disappeared merely 15 minutes ago. What giveth can taketh I suppose.


  31. There is a serious outbreak of HOJ. Please, friend, scale it back a few notches, eh? Hugs.

  32. OOH NOOO!!! NO Walmart…NO Road widening…OOPS no medical marijuana dispenseries. That’s gotta suck!

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