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  1. Hahahahaha! Now I am glad I clicked that SUBSCRIBE/Follow Button!


  2. Hey, I visited your site at least 400 times this year. I think your hits is probably in the high 600s at least.

  3. The Herald folks are quite proud of their record Louvre mumbers.

  4. It is a classical conflict of content over volume …….quality over quantity.

    For example if you have 14 Heraldas posting 15 times each day, factoring in a correction algorhythum that accellerates the Plain Jane (She should be a pilot and then she could be called plane jane and have somewhat more in the way of credence) influence on an annualized weighted gross posts. Accounting for sick, vacation and holiday time and in application of the unique user configuration, the self actualized redundancy that is Heralda ism in toto = 18.

    Further, if you consider the legions of palm tree worshipers world wide who once image-satisfied, without need to post, account for a conservative net participation performance of something in the neighborhood of 14,843,209 unique users.

    The 40,000 Winco bathroom users is at best, speculative because, it would likely be the same seven people who have the courage to use the Winco bathroom 5700 times each an an anualized basis.

    Don’t you think Bugs, that Disraeli was right?

    Happy new year


  5. Folks, for a hint as to what the Bugger is up to, go peek at Heraldo’s giant backslappery.

  6. Wow, we REALLY were busy last year. I resolve this year to suck just a little bit less and let’s see if we can skyrocket those blog hit numbers above 1,000. What do you say friends?

  7. I SOOOOO love Dog’s comments. Bring em on!!! Bugs–that was a severely lame posting over at the Raldos…and wayyyy to much PJ for the toke board (NPI). Happy New Years and major hugs.

  8. I SOOOOO love Dog’s comments. Bring em on!!! Bugs–that was a severely lame posting over at the Raldos…and wayyyy to much PJ for the toke board (NPI). Happy New Years and major hugs.

  9. Still… Jane’s numbers ARE impressive. But the real surprise is HOJ, given that a substantial number of his must have been blocked or deleted.

  10. I think the difference between Jane and normal people is that normal people do stuff. Jane rants. And normal people are normal.

  11. I love the little image of Mayor MacCheese. Classic.

  12. Don’t try to suck too much more Bugs, you might end up like the other blogs. Happy New Year!

  13. Rose,

    hardly anything gets past you (which is why I admire your political inputs).

    Anyhow, the fact of the matter is that the chumps that moderate the Herald kept losing their arguments and could not handle being second fiddle to factual truths. Apparantly, provocation is lying and manipulation – which, btw, seems to be more inherent in today’s societal members regarding plenty of stuff. Political threats must be silenced by insiders…….The cool thing though is that people do really read and learn. Take this guy below for example – ya’ll know that many more like him exist and have much to say about Californian politicians!

    Rick Santorums Nephew Endorses Ron Paul

    If you want another big-government politician who supports the status quo to run our country, you should vote for my uncle, Rick Santorum. America is based on a strong belief in individual liberty. My uncle’s interventionist policies, both domestic and foreign, stem from his irrational fear of freedom not working.

    It is not the government’s job to dictate to individuals how they must live. The Constitution was designed to protect individual liberty. My Uncle Rick cannot fathom a society in which people cooperate and work with each other freely. When Republicans were spending so much money under President Bush, my uncle was right there along with them as a senator. The reason we have so much debt is not only because of Democrats, but also because of big-spending Republicans like my Uncle Rick.

    It is because of this inability of status quo politicians to recognize the importance of our individual liberties that I have been drawn to Ron Paul. Unlike my uncle, he does not believe that the American people are incapable of forming decisions. He believes that an individual is more powerful than any group (a notion our founding fathers also believed in).

    Another important reason I support Ron Paul is his position on foreign policy. He is the only candidate willing to bring our troops home, not only from the Middle East, but from around the world.

    Ron Paul seems to be the only candidate trying to win the election for a reason other than simply winning the election.

    This year, I’ll vote for an honest change in our government. I’ll vote for real hope. I’ll vote for a real leader. This year, I will vote for Ron Paul.

    John Garver is a 19-year-old student at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. John is a strong supporter of Ron Paul despite his love for family member Rick Santorum.

    My Response: even politicians can get back-stabbed by family members, gotta endorse that amazing highlite!


  14. Rose also knows alittle something about blocking and deleting posts on her blog

  15. Hey Anon 8:08:

    Rose knows how to run a great blog focused on shining light on a douche DA who 1) doesn’t have a firm grasp on the basics of the law 2) would sell out his office to the weed growers to stay in office and 3) surrounds himself with advisers and confidants who are the dumbest, shadiest and most dirty SOBs in Humboldt County.

    Deleting or blocking trolls and their constant chatter is all part of the business of running a high-profile blog.

    Nice try to slime a nice lady. Go back to Heraldoville douche!

  16. FUNNY how those who know stuff, tell the truth, and give facts are labeled as trolls by those other types who don’t want their names exposed as “community de-organizers”. As far as the justice system in Humboldt – no need to look any further than the local attorney club (they decide who gets justice and who does not by way of zero representation when covering for political insiders and institutional structures).

    Anyone else understand the flaws in the justice system? Speak-up if you do; or, forever have blind faith and trust, your option. I don’t trust the justice system because I understand its corruption….probably why I audio and video sheriff’s deputies and neighbors violating constitutional rights and picking winners and losers by and through manufacturing false police reports. For this, I am despised by many in the Sheriff’s Department and those connected to that department. Nope, I’ll never accept any endorsement from any sheriff either; nor, any other political insider. Ya see, principles are more important than career opportunities on the public’s dime. So, hopefully, people understand the DA is only a wee small bit of the problem…….can’t blame the DA for having a false workload created by rogue sheriff’s deputies named Baum, Bickel, Deimer and a few other self-righteous wannabe control mongors. They will get their day, no doubt about that. Is sheriff deputy Dave Deimer related to Karen Deimer that works for the City of Arcata?


  17. If the HH removed any post referencing Wal Mart, Arkley, and medical marijuana I bet the numbers between them and the Mirror would be quite similar.

  18. Bullshit, HH removes/moderates all the time. Also has a list of people it never puts up. Never allows responses to PJ. Just like Richard Salzman, they put in comments under many different names. HH also outs people that have different political beliefs. Its just a bullshit blog. Over half of the comments a generated by members of the blog team. I believe that Mitch is one of their tech guys. Blog was set up for a very specific reason. Putting out the progressive line.

    My experience with the Mirror is that unless you use certain nasty words they do not moderate.

    Jeff, your lost on the local cops. Many very good guys doing a good job. Including the ones you named.

  19. It seems to me the Herald has turned into a blog that only posts press releases and news stories about pot.

  20. amen,

    maybe you have been snookered with respect to the named ones who frankly are police pricks. People lacking experience with prick police officers usually have zero experience to qualify in the discussion as to why certain police are pricks. It is one thing to shoulder-up all buddy buddy at Sunday mass…..and another thing to experience the experience. Wait for the other names too….interesting to see the stone cold expressions on peoples faces (like yourself) when they can’t believe what they just experienced with respect to the “named ones”.

    Yes, it is true rogue copper toppers make peace officers look bad as a whole. Duly note I never said all peace officers as many of us have friends who honestly serve the public as compared to doing bad things to members of the public. BTW, remember farmer Ghiliarducci @ Humboldt Creamery – were you one of the local yokals who said he was a good guy too???? Anyhow, nothing wrong with pointing out certain cops are crooked (not peace officers, hint). I am not aware that more equal amounts of good and bad must be discussed in comments about public employees.

    Thanks for the update.


  21. Jeff, your full of it and batshit crazy. I am not a yokal, have dealt with noted officers on a regular basis. I also met with Ghilliarducci several times.

  22. Many people where taken in by him. I did not feel much about him either way. People I knew in Fortuna never felt comfortable with him. If you have some real proof of misdeeds by officers, you should show your evidence to the DA. Otherwise you should shut the fuck up. In fact in general that would be a good idea.

  23. Amen,

    Thanks for showing your educated colors. By the way, what name do you use for respect in the community? Is it amen, or does your birth certificate show another namesake? So, whenever you disagree, do we all just assume it is over some batshit crazy faith and trust for public employees and business related schemes. Ok, your really mad now as protectionism guilt and anger is flowing unobstructed like a dam breach on the Klamath – at least the fishing community would be content.

    Subtly, as far as shutting the “F” up – it seems your acting like a mole for the named ones. As far as DA’s office – are you also aware of the elaborate connectivities among the two departments employees? Too bad for the private sector victims, eh? People talk and those who continue to do good should walk. At least a handfull of local cops need to have their knees chopped out from underneath them so they can’t walk any further trampeling upon the constitutional rights of their victims, aside from other negative stuff.

    Lastly, on Ghiliarducci – you state you did not feel much about him either way. Ok then, does your feeling discredit what other folks may have said about him negatively at the time he was caught as a crook and before? Ironically, to think county supervisors were gonna partly bail-out the creamery……. until the scam became public dirty laundry via Times Standard (one of their few good articles reflecting the truth about political connections in Humboldt County).


  24. Humbug, why does every comment go into moderation?

  25. Humbug, why does every comment go into moderation??

  26. Humbug, why does every comment go into moderation???

  27. Humbug, why does every comment go into moderation????

  28. Humbug, why does every comment go into moderation?????

  29. Humbug, why does every comment go into moderation??????

  30. Maybe you’re not clicking “send” enough times!

    Maybe you’re not clicking “send” enough times!!

    Maybe you’re not clicking “send” enough times!!!

    Maybe you’re not clicking “send” enough times!!!!

    Maybe you’re not clicking “send” enough times!!!!!

    Maybe you’re not clicking “send” enough times!!!!!!

  31. Humbug, some of your readers may be interest in the Supervisors meeting tomorrow. Check out M.3 changes to county orginizational structure.

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