HumCo Mile-High Club Kicks Off

Unlike his Bronco's ball-juggling Heisman-Trophy-winning buddy, Mark Lovelace never met a sack he didn't like.

16 Responses

  1. Brings a smile my face, the thought of Mark enjoying a … sack

  2. From the looks of her website, you’d figure Karen
    brooks to be the pothead

  3. I dropped to my knee and put my fist to my head (oh wait it was a gun).
    You guys are pretty funny for a bunch of drunks.

  4. This is funny?
    What a waste, so much to expose-
    and you go at it as a bunch of
    grade-school children.
    No wonder the third word is barking
    at our heels.

  5. Dear Dan,

    Yes, this is funny. And going at it like a bunch of grade-school children is what we do well. We’re going to rest on our laurels a bit longer.

    And as far as the “third word barking at our heels?” That’s some seriously deep shit your laying on us dude.

  6. Too funny! What a marvelous effort for our New Year. The year in which the voters tell Marky-poo to suck it!

    So, Dan (or should I call you by your real name, Tom) just what is panting to be exposed? The DA is actually a pot lobbyist? Know that…Mark Lovelace is an incompetent, disingenious boob and appears to be incapable of original thought? Know that….Linda Atkins endorsement of a candidate is the kiss-of-death? Knew that too…..

    Don’t be a tease, out with it! Oh, and the only reason the ‘third world’ is barking at us….they want some dope.

  7. The midget believes it is “healthy” in humboldt to smoke tons of dope and that his “HEALTHY HUMBOLDT” buddies are truly sick and need their “medicine.” And he and his “HEALTHY HUMBOLDT” buddies leave a very healthy carbon foot print with their indoor grows at thousands of dollars each month in CARE subsidized electricity.

    What a asshat he is. But what else can we expect from a district where the asshats outnumber the normal
    folk 4 to 1. (Which is also the numer of grow houses to nongrow houses. Hmmm.

  8. Where can I click to get to your blog Dan? I would like to see your sophisticated and mature approach.

  9. Come on now…No piling on the prog. He’s just a brain dead moron.
    I got your back Dan! Hee…hee…

  10. Dan is Dan, not Tom. And the brain damage he suffers is not prog induced. It is anti-humanism (excluding himself, of course).

    I’ll be the first to hand him the pill, but only when he is ready.

  11. How do we know Dan is Dan and not Tom? Not that I care.

  12. b/c Dan is afraid to move his uber grow to non dune parcels.

  13. It’s totally cool for Dan. There is a new Nonprofit called “Friends of the Indoor Growing Habitat” that he can get some funding, advice and chance to resell his harvest. Shhhhhh.

  14. Dudes, you got more replies on your Lovelace article than Heraldo did. Way to go! More PBR for everyone!

  15. We have enough PBR already.


  16. There is no such thing as too much PBR!

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