We promised ourselves we wouldn’t cry–with update!

The Community Development Disservices Director is no more. But be proud, Kirk Girard! Not everyone can fuck up a job so badly that your employer has to eliminate the position when you’re done with it.

From the February 28 Board of Supervisors agenda:

Job Descriptions for Director of Planning & Building and Director of Economic & Resource Development

RECOMMENDATION: That the Board of Supervisors adopt the new department head class of Director of Planning & Building (class 0832, $9,024 monthly, unit 10) into the classification plan, effective immediately; allocate one full-time equivalent (1.0 FTE) Director of Planning & Building position (class 0832, $9,024 monthly) in budget unit 277, effective April 1, 2012; adopt the new department head class of Director of Economic & Resource Development (class 0820, $8,629 monthly, unit 10) into the classification plan, effective immediately; approve the reallocation of the Director of Community Development Services position (class 0820, $9,611 monthly, position #01) in budget unit 277, currently occupied by Kirk Girard, to Director of Economic & Resource Development (class 0820, $8,629 monthly) in budget unit 275, effective April 1, 2012; and delete the classification of Director of Community Development Services (class 0820, $9,611 monthly, unit 10) from the classification plan, effective April 1, 2012.

Maybe they should allocate a full-time equivalent Director of Just Making Shit Up position to explain why it is Girard is relieved of about three-fourths of his duties but less than ten percent of his pay. Is this a demotion or a nut-scrub?

Oh, and yeah. We did mention a little somethin’-somethin’ about this a while back.

Totally not shocking update: The Times-Standard reports Sunday morning that although Kirk Girard’s current position will pay less in the future, the staff recommendation is to let him go ahead and keep one hundred percent of his salary for twenty-five or thirty percent of his job. With sound decision-making like this, how is possible we’re in a budget crisis?

26 Responses

  1. So will all the asshats that said you are a liar liar pants on fire be the first to come forward and say “oops, looks like we where wrong, sorry about that.”

    Naw, this is Humboldt County, they’ll bitch about your lack of, or too many commas.

  2. We’ve always sucked at commas…

  3. This is just corrupt elected officials who are too much classless and principleless themself – merely shifting line item costs by renaming positiions (making-up circumventory worded positions and such)….just eye candy for those who help as insiders to continue to cover-up past and current abuses…..it is called internal protectionism….same thing happened last closed-door session, albeit with a different twist.

    Voters in Humboldt deserve what they get so often it amazes me.

    Maybe it is better pay too because of situations like Occupy StumpHouse where maneuvering the laws is a goal for election season and insider incumbents who toe the same corrupt game of cover-ups. Don’t hate on the messengers, hate on the voters…..


  4. Buffett says he was ‘dead wrong’ on housing market.

    Response: Henchman told ya the truth about the corruption and damage to the housing market, but so many financial sector types decided to pull the Buffet rule to deceive, only to come back to say they were wrong……pweeze! Of course, those selling their homes would not disclose this honesty either!


  5. I say delete the first 2 nonsensical posts and let the games begin.

  6. The whole General Plan house of cards is beginning to collapse. This action and watching Mary Gearheart tell Denver Nelson the shut up and vote without any discussion are examples of how this mulit-million dollar decade long project is doomed for failure. Whenever the whole document is printed, there will have to be an EIR on the printing since it will destroy half of Humboldt’s forests to print this thing!
    The Planning Commission has down zoned a significant number of parcels to Agricultural Exclusive because of the opinion of an unqualified local farmer! This is either the greatest tragedy or joke played on Humboldt County.

  7. Scared people post scared! Laughable loserville types……..


  8. HOJ: Sometimes less really is more. Hugs!!

  9. Donna Tam… Your village is calling.

  10. Donna, Donna?

  11. Don’t hate on Donna Tam, she is a good person!


  12. Oh,

    forgot to lament this too – I guess The Director used “De Minimus” once to many when applying the “cover-up classification” on the ole’ StumpHouse issue in Sunnybrae where director and supervisor Lovelace were looking to gain political brownie points by schmoozing over the guinea pig family unit for campaign season politicizing……even Rose concluded this back in October (check the link above in the thread hedline build-up)…….so, anyone here heard about an actual appeal date?


  13. Where is the henchman’s OFF BUTTON? If anybody finds it please for god sakes turn it off.

  14. Donna. DONNA. Please write another story about how none of this is true. Please. You go, girl. We’re waiting.

  15. Henchman is a man of principle…

  16. HOJ: Listen up, friend. Some of your comments are stuck in the spam can, and we’re going to leave them there because you are DOMINATING THE CONVERSATION. Please consider consolidating your thoughts and expressing them in a more efficient manner. Probably two or three comments a day should be enough for anyone, yes?

  17. HELLO, Donna?

  18. Dooonnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaa Taaaaaaaaammmmm. We’re waiting.

  19. Nutscrub? Nice one.

  20. Humbug,

    Got woken-up here again early am….I agree and disagree. Sometimes, not all thoughts are simultaneous….as other posters’ comments bring out more thoughts…..I’ll do a better job at “consolodating”…..but after-the-fact thoughts relative to other commenters is gonna be a doozy effort.


  21. Fair enough, Henchman. Do your best.

  22. Wow, if this wasn’t so tragic I’d laugh. For years the County has been telling the public about its financial woes. Phillip Smith-Hanes gives a presentation to the Board almost monthly on state and federal issues that impact the budget. Now the Board is going to pay a man $120k to do half his job AND hire another person at $100k to do the other half! No matter how you feel about the General Plan, as a tax payer you should be outraged. I know I am stating the obvious here, so what is wrong with these Board members?

  23. Am watching the live feed from the Suprvisors…and it’s a total nutscrub. Disturbing stuff.

  24. As much as I hate to say it, I think HOJ would make a better decision than this board did to keep Kirk on the payroll for so much money with less duties.

  25. Jimmy,we all love you dude but since you got no balls and won’t grow a pair, you can’t go quick enough dude. Bon Voya geeeee and wecome aboard Rex! Virginia, bat your eye lashes less and get the damn job done or you can go too!

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