Tears of joy?

The Times-Standard’s Megan Hansen reports that the county staffers who recommended keeping Kirk Girard as director of one small piece of the former Community Development Disservices Department and continuing to pay him the same fat salary for a fraction of the work were in for a bit of a surprise yesterday at the Board of Supervisors meeting. Turns out District 5 Supervisor Ryan Sundberg didn’t see the brilliance of those proposals. Spoilsport!

Anyhoo, for now it looks like Girard will have to apply for a position–or at least pretend to. Because according to CAO Phillip Smith-Hanes, we may have to keep paying the guy whether or not we have anything for him to do. If Girard were not given the position, Smith-Hanes said,

We’d have an interesting quandary of what to do with that person. Just because a position goes away, doesn’t mean the person in that position goes away.

Interesting indeed, and a statement that beautifully captures the essence of government employment.

So here’s a thought: We could make “that person” the county’s first $9,000-a-month dogcatcher, and please understand that I mean no disrespect to dogs.

Any other ideas?


24 Responses

  1. Come on, Humbug. You know and I know the only that would happen if Kirk were the dogcatcher is that within a couple of weeks the dogs would run out of food, contract preventable illnesses, breed at will, attack schoolchildren, and die in large numbers, while those that managed to survive would queue up for the microphone every Tuesday for open comment with tears in their eyes and heartbreaking photos of their loved ones lying dead on the side of the road. There is nothing on this earth Kirk Girard could do without fucking it up. The board needs to accept that reality and move on.

  2. Phillip Smith Hanes needs to go away.

    Where’s Loretta when we need her?

  3. What’s the matter with Sundberg? This is all we need—a board that pays attention to issues. Next thing you know they’ll be, like, solving problems and shit. I don’t know if I’m emotionally prepared for that.

  4. Actually,

    Loretta Nicholas taught PH-S quite well…he does a great job having to deal with derelict board members making maneuvering attempts to save their insider allies/associated fundings/associated political careers…., even now during election season – hence the July 1st date given in the issue….Lovelace don’t want to be bothered by representing the citizens while he is bothering himself for re-election purposes….that is what Supe Lovelace was really saying about “bureaucratically”. Not to diminish the idea that more than one supe rides the bandwagons as well when it suits their benefit in power and control. Easy issues like this is a no brainer that any elected official should grasp, but for not the monied interests during election season…..Lucky 2 supes already went through election debunkeries 1.5 years ago, otherwise, more denomination type would be up in arms with hands up in the air singing Kumbaya my Lord, Kumbaya…….


  5. The earth is shaking because the quiet giant is mooving!

  6. Girlie (#2 for today Humbug),

    Past boards payed attention too – which is why sinister actions opposite the truth were taken…they were not stupid, but intellectually SHREWD! So many people PLAY DUMB TODAY knowing that laws establishing “processes” are tools to be circumvented and disguised……Ryan had no choice in the matter but to call a spade a spade when the 5th District has so many politically aware citizens……


  7. Dogcatcher? I’d say let him set his sights on the #Occupy encampment. By God, they are building structures! He knows what to do with that! Shut ’em down, delay, deny, obstruct – finally a decent use of his skills.

  8. Do I really need to state the obvious?

    FIRE HIS ASS!!!!!!

  9. HOJ @ 7:48,

    Loretta was the smiling attractive front person for the whole game; Bonnie took her to New Orleans and “told” her how things were gonna be when she first got the CAO job. Anyone that thinks a pretty snake is not still a snake has been smoking too much rope.

  10. Keep Kirk as a grant writer. Cut his money to fit the job and move on down the road. Next cycle get Jimmy one nut out and bring in Rex. Lets get this county working.

  11. He could go work at the airport……………

  12. Sam,

    Loretta did a good job at her work – CAO. As far as Bonnie’s influence on any employee, I will agree. Yet, in essentially training PH-S, she did a good job too. The CAO is an accountant that does books, not control processes. Now, the one thing I can think of off the top of my list that seemed more than odd was the fact that money for the courthouse security system was delayed and forgotten….when the funds sat there in an account for so long. I felt as if money was being shelled from here, over to there, etc….then, Henchman blogged on the T-S blogsite that ended-up in Bonnie getting called on the security system money that was already in the possession of the county. As far as being a snake, I agree looks does not negate snakeishnesses. At least I can say that all the injurious abuses and damages that county officials have caused upon myself, I can’t find any connections to Loretta. So, I’ll keep an open mind in case you decide to name some examples of stuff…besides the money laundering accusations because that is what CAO’s do for government enough times….find ways to finangle finances. I will agree that dubious finanglings are snakeish and the position is too much salary based and not quality based. PH-S is earning his salary very much so imho.

    And, if you speak with Loretta, I bet you’ll find she had deeper thoughts on who the internal snakes really were.


  13. Good idea sending him to the airport. However, remember a few weeks ago that they can’t fire the incompetent, current head person up there either because to paraphrase that article; “a government job is that persons property”, which was decided by the state Supreme Court in the 1970’s.
    Gee, why are most if not all government entities in financial trouble?

  14. You can fire the incompetent, you simply must document your process and keep your evaluations on schedule, since his evaluations have not been regular, he is “protected”.

  15. Sam, I tend to agree with you on most things but must differ here. As someone who watched this shindig from the other side, I can assure you Loretta was no one’s bitch. No one’s.

  16. We miss Her Hotness!

  17. The little voince in my head says “this post makes no fucking sense” and I suddenly realize I have been reading HOJ.

    Nap time.

  18. Wow when Donna gets one wrong, she really gets it wrong, doesn’t she?

  19. Don’t be hating on Loretta. She was often the lone voice of reason in a sea of overwhelming bullshit. It’s unfortunate, but she was tasked with cleaning up a lot crap caused by the supervisors over many years.

  20. Why would we want to screw up a functioning dog catching department? Assign him to the jail as a conjugal visitor, then he would receive the same treatment as he saw fit for people who have had to deal with the planning department.

  21. 6:23: LMAO!!!!!!

  22. HEY!!! HANDJOB! I apologize, I don’t know your politics. I have to admit everytime I see your name I skip over the comment knowing it will be idiotic, rambling and irrelavent. I think we should get our troops out of every country in the world and quit giving foriegn aid. We can’t afford it, the rest of the world hates us (for good reason). Why don’t we end this police state and take care of the people in this country that need it?

  23. Some guy in MacTown named Lytle has a help wanted sign out for Chief Monkeyspank and Douchwiper. Seems like Girard would be qualified for this.

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