I Sucking is latest craze to hit local journalism scene

While staffing cutbacks continue to plague the Times-Standard’s skeleton crew that is apparently already overburdened with reporting vital news for a roughly 3.5 thousand-square-mile county, the beleaguered braintrust at the area’s last almost daily newspaper has decided to enlisted the help of a very powerful ally.

Yeah, that’s right: you. The T-S is asking for your to help fill its sleeker, more svelte paper the only way it can. Because for God’s sake, if it’s that important, you should be there, right? Thanks T-S, we couldn’t have come up with a better solution to be informed about area events while we are at work or sleeping. And we’ll still continue to pay for it too. Brilliant!

And what exactly do you get with “I Journalism?” How about a gripping photo of a  grisly four-car collision near Ferndale. Not. Even the assistant fire chief of the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department called this incident that made its way on to the T-S Website a “minor fender bender.” One of the vehicles involved was so badly damaged from the collision that it apparently drove out of this crime scene before this photo was taken.

30 Responses

  1. OH SHIT! HOJ with a daily column?

  2. Oh yeah? They’ll probably be asking for I Copy Editing and I Headline Writing too if they lose any more staff.

  3. I am looking hard in that photo of the four car pileup and it looks like there isn’t any damage. I’ve seen worse fender benders involving Rascals at the mall.

  4. Ha…ha… I didn’t realize there was a “Handjob of Justice” too funny!
    Thanks, Bilvis

  5. I say Henchman suffers from capitilized interjection disorder.
    Let us give thanks that we are spared his smiley faced emoticons.

  6. Well, maybe this could improve the paper. After seeing this morning’s front page, I’m sure they could get a third grader to proof the paper. “…Myrtletown hoome..”. Really? Home is not a hard word! Here’s a clue–the little red line that appears under the word in most word processing programs means the word is spelled wrong.

  7. It seems like a lot of work, but one who spends enough time and effort recycling left-wing talking points, press releases, and agitprop as news will become known as the I-Thad, which is, in itself, reward enough.

  8. I don’t want an I-Thad, I-Wear, or any other overhyped, underdelivering piece of regurgitated crap. Time to export the labor to China because they can cut and paste, and at least do a half assed spell check in the process. Will they post the feeds real time? It could be called I-Spy, where people drop tips on who’s growin’ and who’s blowin’ so we really reach down to the tabloid level.

  9. Speaking of the T-S paper,

    another silly comment by a deceptive and untrustworthy county supervisor…..,

    “”No matter what we do, it seems like we get sued,” Smith said. ” – with regard to the county housing element and the GPU process.

    * For the name callers—> Obviously, HOJ is in your thoughts with effect! Sorry boys and girls, HOJ and goin’ away…….to your disgrunt.

    I am worried though for the poster who uses “handjob” as a reference…..it seems that poster is familaiar with handjobs as if sexually lacking the stroking of a man or woman……Sicko…..


  10. Come bugs, get rid of this troll of trolls.

  11. Give the troll a new name. I think Handjob of Justice is tied for first with the Brokeback of Justice offered up a few months back.

  12. HOJ laughs at the name choices – still not one that hurts yet, but i do feel sad for those who hide as anonymouses who call me names but deny they are trolls….too funny.

    Bugs knows I am a good person and an open-minded thinking blogger – far from being a troll, but hey, when HOJ is raking-up the muckrackers, HOJ becomes a political target locally……..c’mon manipulaters, can’t you do better than that? HOJ means what he writes because it is truth and fact, the only way to be in life….

    Thank You critics for your attention span to what is important in your lives.


  13. I am truly honored. Thank you. It’s nice to be at the top of the list of anything.

  14. A note to Jimmy Smith (…8:30: “”No matter what we do, it seems like we get sued,” Smith said. ” – with regard to the county housing element and the GPU process.):

    Here’s a novel idea: Follow the law, and maybe the County taxpayers would not get sued because of your actions.

    You personally have not been sued; YET. Maybe that’s the solution! Mr. Smith et al should open their own purses and wallets and pay off the suit awards in the name of their consituents. It’s called culpability and it is a train rolling right at the Supervisors.

  15. http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/opinions/nonpub/A123526.PDF

    Click on this, I double dog dare you. I assure you that you will not regret so doing.

  16. Hey HOJ,
    Seeing assyou have a daily (would bi-daily be incensitive) column at both Laraldo and LOCO any chance you could stay there? Just asking, freedom of speech and all.

  17. double dog dare you?

  18. Mr. Bill is infatuated with HOJ, apparantly (anyone with eyeballs can see that). Now, what else infatuates Mr. Bill?

    Anyhow, is Mr. Bill from Garberville who likes rock and roll radio stations??? No harm in asking, but your questionesque lay-out shows some infatuation to follow certain bloggers whom effectually get your panties all-caught in a bunch. Ok then, I laugh along with ya….laughing is healthy.


  19. humph, Wow, just WOW! So, the final chapter of the Gundersen Strum und Drang plays out, and Gallegos is ONCE AGAIN reversed on appeal.

    I am sure that the TS will be as mute on this, as on any other item which might make the electorate of our District Asshole look bad.

  20. So long friends and foes. HOJ has creeped me out and I’m going to take a break. He seems to dominate most of the local blogs and now has targeted me. I honestly don’t even know what his beliefs are because I can never read more than a couple sentences of his posts.
    Good luck with that. Free speach and all. I will miss the sarcasim and humor of this sight. Hugs Bugs

  21. Oh faithful and hallowed Bugs….why hath thou forsaken me?

    The justass henchman issues a margin call on the delicate intellectual mercies to defile a path of high humor and turns it into a toll road of tedious babble. And so we all have to pay for the passage. Shards of detritus and scree, littering an otherwise righteous trail of reason. Well shit bugs, even lampoons need a point of perspective and not unlike the manufactured foil that this High Finance portrays among the heraldas, so then Justass becomes a sad distraction.

    But, I concede I could be wrong about this. From this view among the palm fronds there is a certain appreciation for nuts. Let’s assume for a moment that a self described henchman of any damn thing really does know it all. We may safely conclude that the rest of us are in terrible trouble. Without unfair reference to certain public officials, I again resort to the words of the best damn demon poet of the Century. In Gagaku, Steve Richmond wrote “The all knowing are all assholes.”

    My dearest Josephine, what then of the Gunderson Strum?

  22. Dog Darling…since Dave and Darcy have ‘relocated’, one assumes that little notice will be payed to this locally. But, one does wonder if this rather large nose-thumbing will be pointed out to his DA-ness, could be talk around the water pipe for sure…..

    Rose has not weighed in on this matter yet, and I am curious about her point of view

    I have a jury summons onmy desk and am contemplating just how honest I should be on the questionaire…….

  23. Ahhh Josephine

    Be as honest as conscience allows and otherwise, I suggest creative truthtelling.

    Just a thought

  24. could you explain “creative truthteling”

  25. Get a room!

  26. Sorry! I couldn’t help myself. You can visit me and HOJ on TrollsRus.com. Thanks for all the fish.

  27. I guess there’s a reason we call it the “Times Slandard” or the “Sub Standard” here in Humboldt. I guess the Sub Standard must think it sucks that they actually have to do journalistic work now. Damnit.

  28. There’s a message for Sara the – – I mean “Jack Sherman” (IP address: at watchpaul. http://watchpaul.blogspot.com/2012/03/do-you-get-feeling-feds-are-here-to-do.html

  29. Rose, Salzman/sara/jack shit sherman has a small penis along with a small brain. Combined with his penchant to lie and smear are you surprised? Shit the asshat is circling the toilet bowl along with his butt buddy aka dip shit gallegos. I welcome the feds. Word is that gallegos inadvertently copped to being bribed by his growers who paid off his bills. Gotta love this…..i do. Its really funny seeing the implosion.


  30. Just to go way off topic, how is it that the TS has not reported on the fact that a senior deputy DA quit in the middle of a murder trial?

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