This week in stupid

On this gray Easter morning, we review the week that was.


16 Responses

  1. Bugs, even for the staunchest believer that is highly unlikely.

  2. The only thing rising from the dead is Jesus, and to use him in the same sentance as enviros and intelligence is a serious disservice to our lord and savior.

    Just to add to the second item, this latest ‘transaction’ or ‘dispensing of medication’, take your pick, occured in Pennsylvania…..hummm, now why, just why do you need to sell ‘local medicine’ for ‘local patients’ on the other side of the continental United States?

    Oh wait, selling that much locally might, just might jeopordize your lofty Non-profit status, not to mention interfering with your electrical subsidy. Maybe it is one of those ‘precious resources’ that belong to us all….what say you Patty the Pure One?

  3. Lets not forget the postings of Joel Mielke and Mitch Trachtenberg. Humboldts own Dumb and Dumber………

  4. Oh fuck me! I don’t knnow what’s more funny. The bug’s post or the last 2 comments. Jo. Pot is down to 800 a lb here IF you can sell it. The criminal from the myrtletown front (AHEM dispensary) went to make bucks. Hope he is off to prison.

  5. Patty Clary is another enviro-whore living off Prop 65 and not needing to care whether she fucks our economy along the way. She’s getting paid, as are her friends, so it’s all good.

  6. patty and doucebag bill just need to bilke. If.they donated their money. Well ..
    But no
    It’s how they can skam the rest of us.
    Patty you are a piece of retarded crap. And a leech. Bite me a hole

  7. Too much brew-haha today I think, bugs

    Yeah, I know it’s a bit convoluted out there and that is a legacy that we have created for ourselves. Not as individuals but as walking labels in the blog wars.

    the world needs the Salzmans, Clarys, and Draytons of the world to keep things lively. They are depending on the ultra-sensory-overload that this strange business and sound bite mentalities bring to the table.

    Do you wonder about my fascination with Palm trees? They endure seasons of hurricanes and droughts without benefit of fresh water. They (ahem) grow their own. The godhead of palm trees is a metaphor for four principles (like that?) Survival on thier own terms, survival oporitnities for other species, survival in that they have no concern about the elaborate solutions and excentricities of the dull and ignorant and, survival in the trick of faith; one must undertand their virtue before it is unseful. They are inherently isolated from all these curious ideological beach heads all festooned with…..palm trees.

    These protesters and lifeless bloggers with all their tedious princiiples hanging out, bring nothng in the way of solutions. “As if dude” there were any. There are none.

    Like the old palm tree tender once said It’s just a bunch of people doing the best they could and they did it pretty up and walkin’ good”

    But then after all, there are no palm tree tenders. With the possible exception of you and me and the lovely Josephine.

    Jesus bugs, arise to the notion that we can be resurrected to a point of reason.

    Hoping your basket was filled with colorful egg-citement.

    My dear Josephine, did you know that Ukiah is Haiku spelled backwards? That knowledge might be useful in stressful moments.

  8. I’m betting it’s not “film” at 11…tv news hasn’t used “film” since the very early 1980s. Footage at 11?

  9. Wow. I need more coffee. Those links seem a little screwed up, but maybe I’m just dense.

  10. Jen, your right, links seem screwed-up – maybe it is a late April Fools from Bugs.

    For the religious snobs – God (symbolism for an ultra alien?) or Jesus (the son of a mortal human female and ultra alien ET male?) won’t fix what ailes this forsaken planet……only people can do that…by way of acknowledging our errs, healing and moving forward; or, lie all-the-way-toward………absolute destruction, as is more likely the case because human greed has hit the point of no return, especially by government and big business. Even smaller businesses are delving into poor economic and business decisions because of the need for greed (money, cash flows, subsidies, donation gimmicks, plastic coupon card pilot programs to offset intentionally price-fixed high costs on products and servcies, etc…)…..

    Local, State or Feds, they don’t really care about the common citizen, but for the sheeple tools the common citizen can represent IF the common citizen loses all respect for himself or herself.and wavers to the dark side as only siths do…children are too unaware to know any better (which makes using children as political tools such a success when the very parents are naive failures). Children are ruined when they are brainwashed by adults!


  11. HOJ PLEASE, go crawl back under your rock!

  12. HOJ, sorry that the adults washed your brain. You must have been a real mess prior. Not sure even Jesus can save you now “Dude” Perhaps Patti Cleary could start a support group. Adults without wash rags.

  13. Who’s that Wrascally Wabbit in Ralph Faust’s bunny suit?

  14. Please, don’t anyone mention poking an eye out, or it may be perceived as some great terrorist threat and Ralphie will go into hiding.

  15. HOJ, 9:59
    ……………………………………………..! Get It?

  16. Well, I am distressed about the bottom falling out of the pot market, deeply distressed. I am sure that there is some sort of Haiku hiding in there, but I have thus far been unable to ferret it out.

    Speaking of Ferret(face), the next time Jeffery gets snarky with a County Mountie, maybe they will wack him harder with a mag-lite and shut him up for a while, or perhaps knock some sense into him (probably not, but hope springs eternal) just like palm trees!

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