Garr Nielsen: The gift that keeps on giving

Another in the string of lawsuits spawned by the brief but eventful tenure of former Eureka Police Chief Garr Nielsen as been settled. EPD staffer Suzie Owsley has agreed to drop her harassment suit against the city in exchange for $150,000 cash plus an estimated $50,000 in leave accruals she used during the year she was out on stress leave. The cash portion of the settlement will be paid by the city’s insurer. As the Times-Standard article notes, Nielsen’s suit against the city is still pending. Awesome!

30 Responses

  1. Nielsen’s a douche, whatever, we knew that. But I take issue with Owsley’s lawyer’s remark that Suzie is very pleased with everything. I know Suzie. I’ve known her for years, and she has never been very pleased with anything. Just sayin.

  2. Thanks, Nielsen. Hey how’s the job search coming? You better hope you score big off the city, because your career options at this point aren’t looking good.

  3. Garr was an idiot, but no one looks good in this story. They were like a bunch of six year olds bickering over who got to do what and who got to ride in which car, and it was just stupid. Protecting and serving were not the focus of the place for a long time, and I hope that finally changes.

  4. The City of Eureka has had so many of these settlements. Cry harassment, get a nice supplement to your retirement. Hmmm, where do I get a job like that? Oh yeah, the City!

  5. Garr Nielsen was a mistake, a BIG one. Garr never should have been hired as the C.O.P. in the forst place. Had the city council/manager put out a few bucks for a simple background investigation there was a lot that could have been discovered.

    Eurekan, you don’t have a clue about the “rest of the story”. Nielsen was a bully. Once he had the job he aligned himself with Larry Glass and Linda what’s her name. They protected him, supported him, and enabled him. Of course he (Garr) was in their pocket and danced to their fiddle.

    Garr encouraged (and rewarded) personnel to rat off others that may have had a difference of opinion or negative comments about Garr (and his small circle of “friends”). And of course Garr, being the person that he was, retaliated whenever possible as a true tyrant would.

    All that aside I do hope Garr finds some meaningful employment that suits his talent and ability, like hosing down an animal shelter or being a dishwasher at a homeless shelter.

    Garr was the Bad Seed !

  6. Larry Glass is still crying in his soup over the loss of his own personal police chief.

    Is Council person Atkins still in mourning?

  7. Let’s not forget Officer Daniel Jason Kalis. Another one of Garr Nielsen screw ups……..

  8. bpc9mm, if you only knew ………………..

  9. Suzie, Yes, Take the money and run! The City writes too many checks for ‘aggrieved’ employees and former officials, Nielsen got a nice check too,, what do we get? The bill…something has got to give here or we will be a bankrupt city…Hello, Mr. Tyson? Time to retire? Bye! Where is Harvey Rose when we need him?

  10. Humbilly how much money do you think it takes to hire an attorney and fight city hall for a year or two ? Lots! Tens of thousands.

    It is unfortunate that the City can’t sue Garr Neilsen for all he has done, or contributed to. And Larry deserves his credit too ! Both a couple self serving pricks.

    I would imagine Owsley will only pocket 1/2 of the $150 K. She was wronged and the city allowed some of it to happen by not putting GN in check. It would have been interesting if this had gone to court! Garr would be the City’s main witness!

    As the world turns

  11. Garr is and will always be an harasser to many employees at EPD…

    There were only a few who chose to stand up to him. A few other employees were more than happy to do his dirty work and were in turn rewarded with “promotions.”

    Garr was unethical and dishonest. He and his records supervisor, Erin McBride got everything they deserve.

    If the tax payers of Eueka are unhappy with the decision recently rendered, perhaps they should look up the city council meambers from April 2007 and ask them why they chose to give a long term contract to someone that so many people got up and expressed major concerns about.

    Good job Susie for sticking with it and exposing Garrs’ harrassment, while others looked the other way.

  12. Garr Neilsen lacked any real leadership skills. He was appointed Chief of Police but that didn’t make him a leader. He used his position and power to be a tyrant, a dictator, a commisar. He is not a good person and he deserves more than he got for how he treated people and bilked the city for money any way he could.

  13. “Eventful,” sure, but “brief?” Nielsen’s misrule dragged on like one of Larry Glass’s rambling monologues, and with about as much direction and clarity.

  14. Well, here’s one for us to all file away, after sifting through a multitude of her posts, the shoe fits, and Heraldo’s deletion of a post outing her is pretty much proof in the pudding.

    Frequent Heralo poster and Garr lover Down the Road was on Heraldo today dismissing out of hand the Susie Owsley claim.

    Someone came on shortly thereafter calling her sweetie, and outing her as Sue Brandenburg.

    What say ye? I think its her.!

  15. Love the outfit for apple boy bugs — LMAO thanks!

  16. Well this here Eureka resident is glad he’s gone.

  17. Gee whiz,

    it appears when connecting the dots, the problem is those who hire, not whom get fired or leave! Eureka is as fracked-up as ever if not more!!!

    Blame that on the city voters who are too naive to understand that they can’t trust anyone in Eureka City Government to not create damages and injuries that result in legal claims and payouts. Voters elect the reps that hire the city manager, appoint supervisors, etc….Apparantly, there is a rift in the respondet superior structure – not surprising though.

    Same old stories day after day after day. Eureka’s political institutions are troubled no doubt. Ironic that Eureka politics and County politics are soooo very similar. Wonder why?


  18. Anonymous, on April 16, 2012 at 7:48 pm said:

    Well, here’s one for us to all file away, after sifting through a multitude of her posts, the shoe fits, and Heraldo’s deletion of a post outing her is pretty much proof in the pudding.

    Frequent Heralo poster and Garr lover Down the Road was on Heraldo today dismissing out of hand the Susie Owsley claim.

    Someone came on shortly thereafter calling her sweetie, and outing her as Sue Brandenburg.

    What say ye? I think its her.!

    Response: Heraldo’s deletion of certain posts for years is evidence that the blog is ran by scared individuals who don’t like transparency – that is for sure. Too know that certain people in the community associated with The Humboldt Herald turn and look away when the presence of another blogger appears in the same room is also evidence of denial and shame. SO many things to go by to know who does what.

    Anyhow, what is your name so you can be recognized? Ah, transparency catch the cats tongue?


  19. HOJ

    Can you really be that F’ng stupid ?! Is it possible ?

  20. Hey Anonymous above who is really upset …..

    I may be f’ing stupid as sin, but the stupid meter level still points out that enough radioactivity exists to understand that good quality people with good quality intentions generally try to hire like-minded individuals. Probem Eureka has is partly a “quality control issue” which starts from the top and works its way down…..has not changed in decades AND appears that voters are too naive to their own local demises. How else to explain the various opportunities that voters in Eureka have given to “public employees or elected official trouble makers” by way of ballot box faith AND trust???

    Eureka and community unity are on two different beaten paths………headed to “Nowhere Land”.


  21. HOJ, you are too much. You do realize that the Chief of Police is an apppointed position, not elected?

    “radioactivity” ?!!!! “voters are too naive to their own local demises” ? WTF are you trying to say ?

  22. ….and I do realise that hired help that is appointed is appointed by the “supposed” democratic decisons made by elected officials through some hiring process. Again, those who hire are just as involved in this game as the hired one!

    As far as voters, I am saying the truth – too many private sector local voters are naive. Voters who are public employees usually don’t view their votes in the same way as a non-public employee vote. Private sector citizens vote to protect their lifestyle liberties, generally. Public sector employees vote to retain their socio-economic opportunities (tax subsidized jobs, tax subsidized benefits, tax subsidized lifestyle pedigrees, etc.) that private sector citizens MOSTLY pay for. Public sector employees don’t pay 1 penny for private sector taxpayer lifestyles….just sayin’. Voters are pitted against each other based upon whether they are a public employee or not. Then, when the In-House cat fight gets all meow, meow, private sector voters and taxpayers will be on the hook to pay even MORE subsidized benefits to the public sector employee whom already knew of the opportunities that “special treatment” will CREATE…….almost as if a pre-meditated and pre-manufactured snow-job by local public employees to take even more tax dollars…..create a soap opera incident every time a public employee well-connected wants to retire early under the guise of some other legal claim……why not just liquidate the assets of the criminal instead of making the taxpayers pay for the criminal. Something tells me that enough Eureka public employees would never had been hired IF these same employees who trouble-make COULD NOT depend on taxpayers’ monies if they knew their own assets were at risk of forfeiture……and we wonder why it is so USUAL to sue the government?

    Better government CAN ONLY BE smaller government. Bigger government means more problem makers and not solution creators.

    Stupid as sin signing-off.



  23. Everbody is naive but you?!

  24. Anent the HOJ phenomenon, there was a saying we had in the Army:
    Arguing with an infantryman is like wrestling with a pig.
    You both get covered in shit.
    But the pig loves it.

  25. Funny? I was in the Army and I never heard that saying! You must have been in the WAC!

  26. go hear and search for

  27. Re: everlasting gifts…Linda Atkins

    Does not support funding for the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center due to …”polictical nature of The Chamber of Commerce.” So, what Eureka can so proudly say they do have is; an elected official who does not support tourism dollars for the city. An elected offical directly working against the fiscal health of the city. Priceless!

  28. The “Gift” is testing for the Chief of Police job at Lebanon, Oregon. Notice the reason he gives for leaving EPD.

    Garr Nielsen

    Nielsen, of Beaverton, worked for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office for 21 years, ending his time there at the rank of captain.

    His most recent job was as chief of police in Eureka, Calif., a city of 25,000 residents. He worked there from 2007 to 2011, leaving because he wanted a change, and he and his family wanted to return to Oregon.

    Nielsen said he applied for the position in Lebanon because he is looking for a community to provide livability for the long term. He appreciates that the city and LPD are forward-looking.

    Read more:

  29. Good ole Garr! This is funny. I wonder if he’ll get a letter of recommendation from Larry Glass and Linda Atkins?

  30. If he gets hired maybe he can get Sgt Laird a job there too ?

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