Eureka store exchanges one retail behemoth for another

Sandy Powell, owner of the Toy Barn at the Bayshore Mall, announced yesterday that she’s closing her storefront due to her concerns about Walmart moving in to the mall.

Whatever ideological drama progs are trying to wring from this has been somewhat complicated by Powell’s other announcement: That she’s setting up shop with instead.

In today’s Times-Standard, J Hockaday said he has heard concerns about Walmart from some business owners.

But, local businesses are always having to adjust to the market, he said.

”The market changes every day. … businesses that survive, they have done so because they knew how to adapt to changing conditions,” Hockaday said.

We predict that Walmart will be blamed for much more before we’re through. We already know Humboldt’s crap economy is their fault, as is the global mortgage crisis, the overproduction of marijuana, erectile dysfunction, the epidemic of childhood obesity, Mariano Rivera’s torn ACL, darkness at night, and a short-lived chorizo shortage at the new Live From New York pizza storefront at 6th and F in Eureka.

So are massive retailers killing local business, or are digital malls like Amazon’s Marketplace the savior of small retail outlets? Only time will tell.

Powell said that moving her store to Amazon will allow her to sell a broader range of items and reach more people. “I can take what people loved about all the stores I have had and sell it in one convenient place,” she said.

We wish her every success.


19 Responses

  1. It always bugs me when the first sentence of a news story includes the word “may,” which almost always indicates the reporter is pulling things from their ass. Or progs’ asses. Or just the thin air.

  2. It seems to me that the owner of the Toy Barn probably had plans for quite some time to make the switch to Amazon and is using Walmart as a big giant excuse to cover the fact she’s ditching her most local customers’ business. It’s ironic that people will have to pay for shipping for toys they purchase from the Toy Barn across town that will probably be shipped to Medford and back to Eureka due to the imminent closure of Eureka’s mail sorting facility.

  3. Run! Run screaming from the horrible behmoth! Hide your children and your money, the Fourth Horseman of the Apopcalypse is loose!
    Oh, the humanity, we are doomed, doomed I tell you!

    Sorry, not singing “…another one bites the dust” on this one either. It has previously been pointed out that most ‘local’ people cannot afford to shop local, those quaint little boutique’s are for the tourists to browse and buy…oh wait, the tourist. Gee, have to have a vibrant Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center for that and well, you know, their politics and all…,.,I mean, Councilperson Atkins was really most specific about that….

    Counting the days to Wally-World!

  4. “All hope abandon ye who enter here.”

    As the sweet Josephine opines, the end of days are near.

    The dreaded Walmart has arrived and life as we have known it, is now past and the heraldas have their ultimate triumph. An eternal blog topic, rife with a neverending supply of new material from big box hell and as Dante observed….

    “Through me you pass into the city of woe:
    Through me you pass into eternal pain in the ass realm of twisted rhetoric and
    Through me an unending chorus of Verbena verse and the greatest hits of the dull and ignorant ranting
    within the illusion of
    supremest (supremist?) wisdom
    and primeval love”

    And ahh yes the politics of the small minded. Might as well call it the vibrant Chamber of Horrors.

    It is only the sweet Josephine and I, blissfully skipping from Alighieri to Kipling and …….

    “Into the Valley of death rode the two.”

    You coming Bugs?

  5. Well, you know what they say Dog: Three’s a crowd. It sounds like a lot of fun, but all of this Pabst isn’t going to drink itself. And we have a lot of it laying around. Cheers. And watch out for the palm trees.

  6. Well as I’ve always said…..don’t cry over spilt milk.

    It could’a been beer.

  7. Errrrr,,,,just how much Pabst are we talkling about here? I might be able to help

  8. after the many years of this generation’s lifestyles and adult travels for so many travelers, not often is any Chamber of Commerce utilized as a resource (but for the elderly).


    It was never needed as much as people thought it would as a travel resource outlet or information kiosk….and today with the internet and mapquest and other search engine benefits, COC’s are less effective and overly a waste of time and resources for the snobbish hoydy doydy types……who just wuv popularity for the wrong reasons…in fact, take away the title “Chamber Of Commerce”….and nothing disallows the participants to continue participating as information giving volunteers, but then what is the fun in that when a hoydy doydy organizational name can’t be attached to the volunteer base…so, volunteering is becoming about popularity even more as compared to just doing the right thing quietly?


  9. And by Kipling one means, of course, Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

  10. Dog! Old friend. It’s always nice to find you napping in front of our hearth. Hugs! (and palm trees!!)

  11. Holy crap!!! ofgs…..of course you are perfectly correct. I was working on the sequel “The man who would be Bugs” Yet not unlike Lord Raglan, I made a tactical error. The mental pressure of a literary caper with the scourge of Walmart and, in truth, an innocent flirtation with Josephine, got me somewhere outside the parameters of blog jungle law. “If you are going to garble a famous quote, do it with authority. But, for cripes sake, don’t garble the author.”

    So it’s the dog house for me. Let me know if I get this one right. From Robert Service, Song of the Wage Slave

    “Master, I’ve done Thy bidding, wrought in Thy many lands —
    Wrought for the little masters, big-bellied they be, and rich;
    I’ve done their desire for a daily hire, and I die like a dog in a ditch.”

    It seems to further the Heraldo theme anyway as it pertains to retail employees and soon to be departed city managers.

    Apologies Josephine, for I have failed thee.

  12. Bob Service? Is that any relation to that loud-mouthed buffoon Pam Service?

  13. So you really think that Walmart is NOT going to have a negative effect on some of the local small businesses? I thought you guys were smarter than that.

  14. No one doubts there will be an impact. There was an impact when the internal combustion engine was invented. There was an impact when people realized that if you threw some seeds in the ground and waited around long enough, food would grow. Everything has an impact. Adapte or die. It’s the way of the world.

  15. Negative effect? dollars for Humboldt County…hmm…jobs for Humboldt County (And before you start screaming about how little they pay, I will acknowledge. Although most local employers don’t either.) hmm…gas savings for the local people who already traveling to Crescent City to do their shopping..hmm..negative effect, good luck with that.

    There are loud voices out there against Walmart; but I have a feeling that the many quiet voices will be telling the story of whether Walmart is wanted here.

  16. Dog, for you, as I am in the mood for some Tennyson

    “It is inconceivalbe that the whole Universe was merely created for us who live in this third-rate plant of a third-rate sun”

    in other words you holier-than-thou proggies: Get over your selves!

    Consider this to be liberally adorned with palm trees as well!

  17. I’d just like to point out that The Toy Box has pulled a very large “fast one” here. They aren’t just using Amazon as a webstore, they “rent” space in one of their distributions centers. I mean FULFILLMENT centers, and have Amazon do all the lift and carry.

    After they get rid of their local stock, they won’t any anything left in Humboldt County. Other than themselves. I already showed on the NCJ blog that they have pulled in more sales from that than local.

    Pretty cool trick.

  18. I’d just like to point out that The Toy Box has pulled a very large “fast one” here. They aren’t just using Amazon as a webstore, they “rent” space in one of their distributions centers. I mean FULFILLMENT centers, and have Amazon do all the lift and carry.

    After they get rid of their local stock, they won’t any anything left in Humboldt County. Other than themselves. I already showed on the NCJ blog that they have pulled in more sales from that than local.

    Pretty cool trick.

    Is this thing on??

  19. Hark Fair Josephine speaks

    Good quote that. Reminds me of Charles Osgood’s interview with Carl Sagan sometime in the ’80’s. Osgood asked, what Sagan thought the chances were of intelligent life on other planets. Sagan said something like “Do you have any idea how many billions and billions of suns and solar systems and planets are our there in the universe that have that potential?

    “I dunno,” replied Osgood, “How many?”

    Had I been Osgood, I might have asked, “Of those, how many palm trees?”

    Somewhere near that little morsel of context is the purposeful intellectual larceny of independent thought that is after all, petty and not grand. So don’t let it chafe my dear Josephine. Those with the passion of categorical objection enjoy the great luxury of not having to perform the hard labor of doing their own thinking.

    Here’s one of my favorites from Einstein “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

    I’d say the larger issue is how the most vocal, predictable and self-imposed nearsight are able to attain the highest level of attention in this perverse……universe of discourse.

    As to Walmart, I’m no fan. Neither am I in a position to want to deny the opportunity for people who want to work there, and those people who choose to shop there and more importantly, for those who do not.

    That’s why I am so fond of palm trees. They provide shade in the most inhospitable of ideological climates.

    After all a frond in need is a frond indeed.

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