Two words for Santa Clara County

Wait a sec. Is “You’re fucked” two words or three? That whole contraction thing is so confusing.

Anyhoo. Bye, Kirk! Remember: douchebaggage knows no geographic boundaries.

Stay classy, Kirk. We’ll never forget you, no matter how hard we try.


21 Responses

  1. DING…DONG…THE WITCH IS DEAD! He’ll be in way over his head in Santa Clara. Oh wait…he was way in over his head here!

  2. Oh, I was going to say not to let….but what the hell, HOPE THE DOOR HITS YOUR FLAT ASS ON THE WAY OUT!

  3. One more thing….wonder what Jill Geist Duffy has to say about the smarmy lil one claiming the Klamath Dam work he did NOT do as his own on the new TV ads? And Stillman, Chesbro and Stewart as his supporters? Hags needing bags if ya ask me….
    Maybe he should be looking for work too, ya think? ‘Just sayin….

  4. Hey Sam,

    saw the commercial….the comment about saving the Sunnybrae forrest was odd in that opposite of saving is allowing to be developed…, Mr. Lovelace’s and KG’s support of developing stumphouses within Streamside Management Areas within SUNNYBRAE becomes noticeable for those who believe in equal protections and equal applications of the laws within SMA’s.

    Then, the whole internet broadband claim saying that customers now don’t have to worry about losing service…..but that is far from fact and truth too.

    Last, a favored campaign criticism – internal insider officials openly swaying votes to the incumbent or preferred insider up-and-comer…..personally, I believe voters fail this couny when they allow active politicians to openly endorse votes on commercials, etc…. which pulls a woolen fleece over the voters eyes…..but hey, corporate television for politics is ok for those who align themselves with all things anti-corporation prior to becoming an elected officials and flip-flopping on whatever principles existed previously……when running public scams and ruses, keeping the closest people at and by your side is the norm……why else openly support incumbents as a political manipulator…to save the ruses and scams from faltering…


  5. Maybe he can take Humboldt County Airport Manger Jacquelyn Hulsey with him! She can help with the Asbestso removal at the Santa Clara airport…………………..

  6. Free at last, free at last!!!

  7. Nothing about the lawsuit against the DA? Are you drunk, lazy, or have a job?

  8. It might be that the only thing Gag’s did wrong was to hire this gal to begin with or not to have taken action against her sooner.

    She’s being investigated so now she files a lawsuit! Hummmm ! Funny how that happens.

    This is the first time i’ve ever been on Gag’s side !

  9. “Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinte jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a thousand times, and now how abhorr’d in my imagination it is!
    My gorge rises at it.”

    Some of The Bard to speed the good lad on his way! The only possible addition, a palm tree.

  10. Oh and bpc9mm, how did you know that she excels at that? I mean, the Gods have blessed Ms. Hulsey…a genius with the airport(s) and toxic waste management as well…,..gee, maybe the Feds should be calling on her regularily.

  11. We lost talent. He worked in the most hostile environment, fed by greedy developers used to getting their way. Then there are the fake ones crying about preserving our rural lifestyle when all they want is a house on every parcel, grading on every hill, and a profit at every turn. Good luck, Kirk, you deserve it.

  12. Ms. Blowe, are you saluting KIrk, or the former DDA Ben?

  13. Mack Praire – you speak of pro-environmentalism and anti-development. Good, then you should not have a problem with the below informative thoughts:

    What about a development that proves the Planning Department is covering-up environmental damage within a Streamside Management Area? Yes, another SMA issue exists other than Sunnybrae and Mark Lovelace’s flip-floppings on environmental issues for campaign guinea pigging of community citizens. Sad to say, so many suckers in the community who just can’t see the forrest through the trees because the Planning Department is allowing the forrest to be destroyed by non-developers (HOME-OWNERS = TAX REVENUE) and can’t figure out how to explain the situation to the State or the Feds, let alone the local environmentalists.

    Local environmentalists would serve their purpose better if they were open-minded and would investigate land abuses that the Planning Department is covering-up through their STRUCTURED complaint processes…..FACT!


  14. How come developers are always greedy? Do you live in a house? Then you are a developer. Dumb ass.

  15. Aveatque, I believe Ms. Blowe is proudly saluting Girard, but in this instance the salute is one finger straight up. (No, it’s not her thumb, index, ring or pinky finger)

  16. When is government gonna be treated like an industry that damages society…..Regulators, where are you?


  17. Mack Prairie. Dumb as a rock. take your head out of your ass. Just that same progressive bullshit. Worse part is it is not true. Just garbage fed to the feeble minded followers, who don’t have the ability to do critical thinking. Not one of your points is valid, yet on you spout.

    Kirk was and is a liar. Did it all the time. Humboldt will be better off without him.

    Little man will be taking credit for the internet, etc. Greg Foster was the lead man on the airport and the internet 2nd line. HOJ is right. You have to sigh up for both sides to have backup. It is not a loop.Not an automatic deal. Notice how well loved he is, does all his own talking.

    My favorite is Wes and Patty backing up Cheryl with radio ads. Just keep voting in the worthless ones. No experience, no ability, she is perfect as a progressive candidate. Oh and how can a college that is not able to grant Doctor level degrees give our honorable Doctorate
    degrees. Ah, Humboldt County.

  18. We lost talent? Really? Your bar is set pretty low…

  19. Quick, Hblog is going down the tube with Mitch at the helm. How quick it has sank.

  20. Humboldt County 49er Season Ticket Holders: You now have a repreive! Those $300 to $400 per game tickets to the new stadium will never become a reality now that Girard is in charge of Planning in Santa Clara. Long Live the Stick!

  21. “General Plan appendix draws fire; planning department error causes some to question process
    Thadeus Greenson/The
    Posted: 05/22/2012 02:21:02 AM PDT”

    Hmmm, could not Kinko’s operated Planning at a less expensive cost to taxpayers? Afterall, if it is just copy and paste, no need for all the positions and support staff. Then, the Planing Commission would not have to waste time on the back and forths of political flips and flops. HOJ mentioned years ago the flaws of the GPU process and the indexings, appendixes and definitons and how over-population is a world concern that political insiders in Humboldt are gonna try to use for power and control….hmmm, this article tends to support the claim based upon facts indicated within the article.

    Question is now: How much copy and pasting DO county planning department employees engage in AND IS IT REFERENCED AS SUCH; and, how many employees will “tweek”, “twist” or flat-out lie after KG is gone because KG may not answer for himself as to his former duties, what went on and who done what AFTER he is gone?

    Now that it is known KG is leaving, it’ll be interesting to see which way the “Whistlers Of Dixie” sing their tunes……..


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