Here he comth to thave the day!

Yay it’s Mighty Mouth! He’s taking credit for a Klamath dam agreement he tried to undermine and for practically growing every last tree in the Community Forest so many people worked to create. Whatever the problem, Third District, not to worry. He’s already solved it. Just ask him.

A whale tangled in a net? Look out, Moby Dick. I created whales.


18 Responses

  1. You’re surprised by this? The truth is that there isn’t a politician running or in office that made any of those things happen. When you know the people who do all the real work, the real hustling for donations and volunteers, then you know the politicians don’t do jack diddly.
    I haven’t noticed too much positive movement by anyone who’s made it into office for Humboldt County. I’m sure they think they work hard, but they don’t do the actual “boots on the ground” work and never will.
    I’d have more respect for our local politicians if they pointed out where the credit really lies, made a big deal out of the people who never get their names mentioned but who plant the trees, care for the community and talk to people for donations.
    Lovelace isn’t the only one who is all about himself. It would be nice to see a politician who acknowledges the people who really make things happen in Humboldt County. Behind the scenes, in every “cause”, there’s the hardworking people who get their hands dirty, strain their backs and get little to no sleep for something they believe in.
    They’re the ones who really get the job done. And most of the time, no one knows who they are.

  2. The truth is in the smile!


  3. I like HOJ’s simple-and-to-the-point comments. Unusual, but welcome! There isn’t any substance behind that smile, is there?

  4. “As it will be in the furture, it was at the birth of Man.
    There are only four things certain since Social Progress began:
    That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
    And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger boes wabbling back to the Fire.”

    Some Kipling to go with the picture of one of the bigger fools in this county. Of course, the ‘bigger’ certaintly references his ego, not his stature

  5. You got that right, Jen. And no. We’re actually not surprised. Occasionally, though, we are amused.

  6. all that slime might cause a environmental catastrophe

  7. Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane ……… sorry, my mistake, it’s just Supe-R-tard again. Able to inflate his ego higher than the tallest skyscraper and jump to rediculous conclusions in a single bound. Time to send him back to being the mild mannered midget.

  8. Of sows and social progress

    For Josephine

    As it will be in the future and as it has always has been true
    The sow will attend to her nature
    and keep to the needs of her brood
    The mires’ the palace she’s offered,
    The mire is all she will know
    The judgments of those who condemn her
    Should first see her babies grow

    The burnt fool’s destiny
    the unforgiving flame
    A frequent of the night
    the beast in my coals
    And some fool’s inherent blame

    A perilous venture
    life’s cruel trolley
    The finger was carefully drawn
    like the moth
    consumed in death’s song
    A singed wing consumed in life’s folly
    It makes sense
    but only so loong

    And last the social progress
    Always a dubious affair
    For the thoughtful it’s always been thoughtless
    The values we hope to have shared

    Now the dog and his vomit are worthy of comment
    And for some, the story is true
    But the analogy falls like a comet
    Like the blogs and like me and like you.

    Be sad for the TRex and the Dodo
    they went as far as they could go
    The world is not kind to the simple of mind
    and thus shed a tear for Heraldo.

    A dog is a charm
    a penitentent down on his knees
    Wild and yet seeking to please you
    wagging a tail
    Near the shade of resplendent palm trees

    Tis a doggerel, true
    But the best that I can do
    in this arena of ardor and angst
    Poetry fails when the anger prevails
    and joy is consumed by the sadness
    the felon is gladness
    and all that which we are against.

  9. Mark Lovelace is in total denial. He only speaks with a forked tongue and thinks he is the most powerful and important man alive. Just ask him. Oh, and maybe Hitler.

  10. Looks like stupid man needs to have someone burst his suit with a pin. Oh, maybe not. in that ridiculous outfit (thanks bigs, you rock) he does look like a seal waitin’ to be munched up like an tid bit at beer time by a white shark. Here sharky sharky sharky…..

  11. Not bigs; BUGS

  12. So, a community comment person talks about the little man. He demands the ability to address comments. Instead he turns it into a political ad for himself. Under equal time, Karen Brooks is given the ability to do 3 minutes of community comment on anything she wants, she talks about differences between his douce self and her vision.

  13. Who took the “Photoshop” class? Now I’m intimidated…Good Work Bugs!

  14. I may be small, but doesn’t mean I’m not impotent!

  15. Dislike Lovelace, but he’s certainly helped balance the new board of supervisors…what with AssBass and do nothing Ryan. The rest of us need him. As for Brooks? She’s a blowhard.

  16. Mack Prairie touches upon a great point – having a BOS that is a mixed-bag and not all-the-same. What is worse than any individually elected official?

    Answer: that all 5 individual officials are alike! As for Brooks, she won’t win the forked-tongue contest because she has yet to show a flip-flopping characteristic.


  17. Balance, are crazy. Bass is a bit of a disappointment but I have hope for her. Ryan is getting up to speed nicely. If you need Marky boy, please take him. I’ve dealt with him for 5-6 years and he is all ego.
    You know nothing about Karen as your statement indicates. She is far from a blowhard. She is stable, hardworking and very honest. Mark only gets hardworking because he is driven to be the next Wes Chesbro.
    He was not the point man on high speed internet, nor the airport. Involved yes but so were many other other people.
    HOJ, The ideal 5 would work hard for what is best for the majority of Humboldt. Right now with Jimmy, Mark and Cliff its all one way, progressive agenda.
    Going to change soon and maybe Humboldt will have a chance.

  18. I agree Goatboy, all 5 SHOULD work for the majority; yet, they must also acknowledge and work for those minority victims within any of the districts as the games played even at the supe level at times becomes the antithesis of many county acknowledged “mission statements” no less, not to mention those policy or process schemes that work against the majority or “certain individuals” that fall under different county scrutinies if you will because something politically is MORE DESIREABLE and not at the expense of the local governing bodies.

    Even if you terminated the ALL 5 positions of county elected supervisor, the public would still have to worry and keep in check what the supes can’t already. Why can’t the supes keep in check their subordinates? Answer partly is because they really don’t want to upset the real people in power, apparantly. It has come down to “re-organization to re-organize to re-organize”; a trifecta, rather than the more shaming firing, but thank the public employee unions for making it essentially an employment crime to fire public employees whom really do deserve the banishment.


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