Lovelace’s GPU assessment just doesn’t measure up

Warning: Objects in The Mirror may appear larger than they actually are.

Third District Supervisor Marky Mark Lovelace was in damage control mode in a recent T-S article and quoted trying to diminish the most recent bungle discovered in the General Plan Update process.

The massive decade-long debacle overseen by the now departed Planning Director Kirk Girard has been mired in delays, controversy, more delays, staff infighting, yet more delays, and a shocking amount of wasted time by the county’s planning commissioners who have been stuck with sorting out the mess before it goes to the Board of Supervisors for approval.

And now community concerns over a paragraph linking unplanned pregnancies to global warming that was cut and pasted into the GPU’s environmental supporting document are “overblown,” according to Lovelace.

He also noted that it’s not surprising there would be “typos” because the EIR’s appendices were 10-inches thick. We’re left seriously doubting whether Mark even knows what 10 inches looks like.


16 Responses

  1. Lay off Bugs. . . the water is cold.

  2. Other “typos” include 1,400+ buildable parcels that don’t actually exist.

  3. You tell ’em R A

  4. Whence the obsession with Mark’s penis, Bugs?

  5. You gotta ask?

  6. Mr. Burns, the status of Mark’s member seems to interest no one but yourself….that aside, I would bet Kirk’s ridiculous salary that the ponderous document contains many points of:
    Community Resource Assessment Points….oh wait, that spells CRAP!

    In other news, living here in the People’s Republic of Arcata, I have counted how many known grow houses have a Lovelace sign in the front/side yard….a truly depressing number and it is triple digits. When that new tax bill arrives……

  7. Olivia estetter. Wonder what she donated to the Lovelace campaign?

  8. Thanks Bugs…LMAO…. The pic of lil’ Justin B. with Love-less’s head on it cracks me up…. As to the paragraph; over sight? How the hell? When did we go to sleep and wake up in CHINA???

  9. As noted yesterday on KG’s post/thread, if all taxpayers are doing is paying public employees to copy and paste CRAP from other geograpgically political jurisdictions, then gee whiz, How much MORE OUTTA TOUCH are elected officials and their hiring practices???


    PS Hank, witness how paragraphs work on a better blog site with up-to-date political information…..pwitty pweeze with cream whip and a cherry to pick.

  10. Well after all, they have to pass the update first so they can see what’s in it.

  11. Ryan, what’s with your obsession and idolization of Lovelace? He can do no wrong in your teary eyes, huh?

  12. B. Family Planning

    Big Brother/The County should support the notion that every woman and every couple should have the resources and the power to control their own reproductive lives. By ensuring that every child in the County is planned, the County will make significant progress toward solving unnecessary increases in local contributions to global warming impacts. The County Public Health Department should implement a program to address the potential of unplanned pregnancies which unnecessarily add to future population increases, which in turn add to further greenhouse gas emissions due to addition consumption.

    TOTALITARIAN FREAKS. Unf*ckingbelievable.

  13. That’s no typo. That is DELIBERATE. Don’t pretend it’s not.

  14. Rose, near everything you say and do is deliberate, which is why your admired when your right and when your wrong. Anyhow, don’t act all surprised because HOJ wrote about the population problem and how Humboldt was gonna be affected. Why it took the sophisticated GPU paraders so long to discover this is beyond comprehension as the definitions, indexes and appendices were put on notice by HOJ several years ago on the blogs as a matter of fact. Saying, “I told ya so” would not be very effective with those “LOCAL” types who claim the “I told ya so’s” so often. – HOJ

  15. Well, might not be the best place to mention this, but….this afternoon, Mr. Blowe, the Blowettes and I attended a fund-raiser for a Fire Battalion Chief from Blue Lake who is facing a catastrophic illness. It was a relaxed afternoon dedicated to an individual who has quietly served the public for many years, in the capacity of VOLUNTEER Fire Fighter.

    Now, who should show up to shamelessly politick….Mr. Lovelace. Glad-handing, passing out brouchures (extolling his non-existant vitures) and wearing the obligatory ‘Elect Me’ button. He was ‘working the room’, at the Mad River Brewery! This at a benefit function for a constitutent facing a medical crisis……standing, running, jumping and pole-vaulting gall!

    Is there no level the Magic Midget will not sink to? Bad grammer I know, but I found this to be the epitome of bad taste and shameless pandering.

  16. Why does Ryan Burns write nothing but anti-Walmart bullshit and fake stories?

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